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Missed the mug? Or want another? Pick one up for just $40!

Tiki Crawl 9 was a smashing success, but we still have a few official Tiki Crawl 9 mugs left over and we're looking to blow these out while supplies last.

Long-time TCers know that Tiki Central does not do a lot of products; especially mugs. In fact, In the nine years Tiki Central has been around, there have only been three other Tiki Central custom mugs produced. This is the forth. Tiki Central mugs are rare and highly collectable.

The mug stands nearly 7 inches tall and is inscribed on the back with:

Tiki Central's Tiki Crawl 9
July 9-12

see photos
This mug was completely designed, sculpted, poured, fired, and finished by Bay Area Tiki Central member Notch specifically for Tiki Central. It is finished in a unique matte brown glaze that photos don't do justice to. It was limited to a run of 95 mugs. Notch did a phenomenal job in pulling this together, and I consider it to be the best crawl mug Tiki Central has ever done.

Traditionally we're very selective about who gets the mug, limiting Crawlers to one mug per person, and requiring buyers to be on-site and part of the Crawl. But now the crawl is over and we have about 30 left, and so we're making a special: making these last few mugs available to all Tiki Central members and crawlers alike, whether or not they were able to make it to the crawl, without an order limit.

The price is just $40 per mug, with a $10 shipping fee. Order soon as quantities are limited.

Mahalo, and thanks for supporting Tiki Central and the Tiki Crawl!

-Hanford Lemoore & Bill "Mai Tai" Graff


Total Crawl 9 Mugs:
1 mug x $40 + $10 shipping =
$50.00 total

via Paypal to Lost Tiki Island
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