Aloha! The Locating Tiki forum is a little different than the other forums here on Tiki Central. Locating Tiki is meant to serve as a member-maintained mix between a reference and a forum.

Before posting, please make sure:

  • You're posting a physical location. "Trader Vic's " is not a location per se, but "Trader Vics in Emeryville, CA" is, and "Trader Vic's in Beverly Hills, CA" is. They're two different locations and each one should have a seperate entry. Make sure you're posting a location and not a franchise name.
  • You're posting a location and not an Event. For example, The Tiki Oasis is not a location, but Caliente Tropics, where the event was held, is.
  • You're posting a location that has an address. If you don't know the address, please don't post the location.
  • Your new topic fits the format of the forum. This is not the forum for questions about locations and other inspecific location-oriented posts. Those belong in the Main Forum. Look at some of the posts in the Locating Tiki forum to get a feel for the format.

And most importantly:

Only post a new topic for a Tiki Location that is not already in the the forum

You should search the Locating Tiki Forum for your location to make sure it is not already entered.

If your location matches the information above, then
click here to post your Tiki Location.



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