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Tiki CarvingA couple big TikisBUFFBAD2010-05-09 12:25 pm
Other CraftsTrying something new...BUFFBAD2010-05-09 12:11 pm
Other CraftsTHOR Shrunken heads ....etc.BUFFBAD2009-08-05 5:25 pm
Tiki CarvingBuff-Fertility GodBUFFBAD2009-08-05 08:59 am
Tiki CarvingNEW Benzart Black Jade Marq 3-6-14BUFFBAD2009-06-22 5:58 pm
Tiki Carvingquestions about palm from a noob...BUFFBAD2009-06-17 12:28 pm
Tiki CarvingTiki 65 carvings Update 04/26/2011 New pics & links Pg 6BUFFBAD2009-06-15 5:41 pm
Tiki Carvinghand carved 12-foot tiki ku - monkey pod woodBUFFBAD2009-06-11 4:41 pm
Tiki Carving2010 Elsass Tiki Carving by AKUAE Spring update....BUFFBAD2009-06-09 10:47 pm
Tiki CarvingBUFF-goes Musical (done)BUFFBAD2009-06-09 7:07 pm
Tiki CarvingNEW Benzart Black Jade Marq 3-6-14BUFFBAD2009-06-03 6:26 pm
Home Tiki BarsPau Hana Hideaway, DenverBUFFBAD2009-06-02 04:00 am
Tiki CarvingBUFFS patio hangout.BUFFBAD2009-05-30 11:52 am
Tiki CarvingCaddy Daddy's CarvingsBUFFBAD2009-05-25 05:34 am
Tiki CarvingNew Tiki's out of TampaBUFFBAD2009-05-06 09:36 am
Tiki CarvingWatango Productions . tiki's by CampbellBUFFBAD2009-04-19 03:30 am
Tiki CarvingMy first Queen Palm carvingBUFFBAD2009-04-17 5:19 pm
Tiki CarvingNew Mermaid FrondBUFFBAD2009-04-13 2:34 pm
Tiki CarvingGrand Poobah's Oasis UpdateBUFFBAD2009-04-12 6:30 pm
Tiki CarvingOne Handed Carving?BUFFBAD2009-04-09 8:27 pm
Tiki CarvingFinished! Lono cypressBUFFBAD2009-04-09 03:26 am
Tiki CarvingBuffbad--Variation on a ThemeBUFFBAD2009-04-08 06:39 am
Tiki CarvingBUFF goes GothBUFFBAD2009-04-08 02:32 am
Tiki CarvingTribal finger pendant #3 done....p. 4BUFFBAD2009-04-07 6:22 pm
Tiki CarvingBuffbad--Variation on a ThemeBUFFBAD2009-04-07 6:13 pm
Tiki CarvingBUFF goes GothBUFFBAD2009-04-05 04:07 am
Tiki CarvingTikimeculas StuffBUFFBAD2009-04-05 03:41 am
Tiki CarvingWonderful world of wpluggerBUFFBAD2009-02-25 03:54 am
Tiki CarvingBuffbad-Bags a Big OneBUFFBAD2009-02-12 10:31 am
Tiki CarvingEllly first carving attempts BUFFBAD2009-02-07 3:02 pm
Tiki CarvingBenZart...MaoriChief, Glass pendant Update Today BUFFBAD2009-01-30 11:02 am
Tiki CarvingBuffbad--Variation on a ThemeBUFFBAD2009-01-29 8:08 pm
Tiki CarvingCoconut WoodBUFFBAD2009-01-19 3:27 pm
Tiki CarvingBuff is BackBUFFBAD2008-12-23 3:55 pm
Other Craftsmy backyard tiki lounge... finally got picsBUFFBAD2008-02-18 04:52 am
Tiki Carvingi love teak oil!!BUFFBAD2008-02-18 04:47 am
Tiki CarvingBUFFBAD-tiki redoBUFFBAD2008-02-15 07:58 am
Tiki CarvingThe French touch !!! ;-)BUFFBAD2008-01-18 4:11 pm
Tiki CarvingTikis from Brighton UK - Page 3 update. ;-) BUFFBAD2007-12-21 03:34 am
Tiki CarvingTiki-Ray's 6 foot Marquesan cannibalBUFFBAD2007-12-18 03:47 am
Tiki Carvingbigt carvingsBUFFBAD2007-12-18 03:35 am
Tiki CarvingNew Mermaid FrondBUFFBAD2007-12-15 7:00 pm
Tiki CarvingBUFFBAD-latest project.BUFFBAD2007-12-15 2:14 pm
Tiki CarvingCalling all Florida tiki artists new and accomplishedBUFFBAD2007-12-15 1:00 pm
Tiki CarvingBUFFBAD- finished tiki'sBUFFBAD2007-12-14 7:09 pm
Tiki CarvingBenZart...MaoriChief, Glass pendant Update Today BUFFBAD2007-11-21 3:35 pm
Tiki Carvingtiki 6 1/2BUFFBAD2007-11-14 3:31 pm
Tiki CarvingTiki #6BUFFBAD2007-11-09 04:34 am
Tiki CarvingTiki #5BUFFBAD2007-10-14 7:42 pm
Tiki Carvingtiki #4BUFFBAD2007-10-12 4:04 pm
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