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Collecting Tikianother fine packaging jobHeath2 days ago; 9:05 pm
Other CraftsTIKISKIP : Is this tiki? How bout now? TIKI before and after. Or making tiki crafts.Heath3 days ago; 09:01 am
Tiki CarvingMuddling alongHeath3 days ago; 08:58 am
BilgeThe Dead ThreadHeath10 days ago; 9:16 pm
Other Craftssophista-tiki orignals Dawn FrasierHeath10 days ago; 6:09 pm
Other CraftsTiki Bar signHeath10 days ago; 5:59 pm
Tiki CarvingPractice Makes Progress (Have A Great Day) LazHeath10 days ago; 5:55 pm
Tiki Drinks and FoodLost cocktails of the Bali Hai, San DiegoHeath16 days ago; 10:55 am
Other CraftsThe Lurid low-brow Tiki-Art of Brad (tiki-shark) ParkerHeath16 days ago; 10:42 am
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2014-02-26 11:25 am
Tiki Carvingmy favourite 4 tikis in tikicentralHeath2014-02-25 5:50 pm
Beyond TikiMichael Rockefeller disappearanceHeath2014-02-23 11:11 am
Other CraftsWendy Cevola 2/6/16 Maori Lamp #4 and the no longer cursed volcano bowl.Heath2014-02-22 10:47 pm
Other CraftsThe Lurid low-brow Tiki-Art of Brad (tiki-shark) ParkerHeath2014-02-22 10:34 pm
BilgeI Am Tired Of...Heath2014-02-13 10:26 pm
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2014-02-01 10:43 am
Bilgefor the bacon lovers out thereHeath2014-01-01 4:39 pm
Collecting Tikichair idHeath2014-01-01 12:56 pm
Home Tiki BarsNew Bar BuildHeath2013-11-24 12:09 pm
Other CraftsFiji Mermaid custom display case / lampHeath2013-11-03 09:25 am
Locating TikiMandarin House, San Diego, CA (restaurant)Heath2013-11-01 10:06 pm
BilgeThe Dead ThreadHeath2013-10-08 9:48 pm
BilgeI Am Tired Of...Heath2013-10-04 07:27 am
BilgeI Am Tired Of...Heath2013-10-02 07:01 am
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2013-09-28 4:34 pm
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2013-09-22 09:19 am
General TikiMid-Century home for sale w/ vintage tropics room, murals Heath2013-09-22 08:59 am
Other Craftssophista-tiki orignals Dawn FrasierHeath2013-09-09 10:54 pm
Tiki Carving4WDtiki - Bill's stuff. - I carved a Tiki - 7/7Heath2013-09-08 4:42 pm
Tiki CarvingConga....Wisconsin stuff!Heath2013-09-08 4:35 pm
Tiki CarvingWatango Productions . tiki's by CampbellHeath2013-09-06 5:41 pm
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2013-09-01 9:23 pm
Tiki CarvingPolynesiac Carving a Tiki for GEICO on SUNDANCE!! Pg 7Heath2013-07-03 9:04 pm
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2013-06-23 6:40 pm
General TikiTiki on TV....Heath2013-06-23 09:22 am
Other CraftsNew shrunkin head board drawn with ballpoint pen!!! Hope ya dig it---Heath2013-06-06 3:10 pm
Bilgefor the bacon lovers out thereHeath2013-05-17 5:08 pm
Other CraftsMadDog Mike's Platterful of Pupule-Merry ChristmasHeath2013-04-30 5:54 pm
Collecting TikiHelp Identify, What Is This, Is This A? ThreadHeath2013-04-26 4:53 pm
BilgeI Am Tired Of...Heath2013-04-26 4:23 pm
BilgePhoto Association....Heath2013-04-12 07:55 am
Beyond TikiUpcoming Movies I want to see!Heath2013-03-15 5:39 pm
Other CraftsUncle Trav's miniature tiki huts....Small Paradise. Diorama-o-ramaHeath2013-03-14 9:43 pm
Tiki CarvingConga....Wisconsin stuff!Heath2013-03-14 9:40 pm
Tiki MarketplaceYojo's Handbill - new screen-print from VanTikiHeath2013-03-14 5:18 pm
Tiki CarvingWatango Productions . tiki's by CampbellHeath2013-03-08 1:51 pm
Tiki MarketplaceYojo's Handbill - new screen-print from VanTikiHeath2013-03-07 5:45 pm
General Tiki"temporary" tiki bar coming to minneapolis Heath2013-03-07 09:32 am
BilgeOfficial Holiday Lamprey ThreadHeath2013-02-27 08:15 am
Beyond TikiBeyond Tiki ArtHeath2013-02-18 2:17 pm
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