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Tiki Central Forums Bilge What does everyone like to read?
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What does everyone like to read?

Joined: Dec 15, 2004
Posts: 10
From: Squaresville
Posted: 2004-12-21 8:56 pm   Permalink

I'm a book nut, and always love to hear what people are reading in the hopes it will turn me on to something new. I'd be especially interested in any fiction anyone has run across that conjures the exotica mood. I'd have no idea where to start with that, but would love to go where it took me.


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Satan's Sin
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 13, 2004
Posts: 729
From: Imperial Beach, CA
Posted: 2004-12-21 10:42 pm   Permalink

Non-fiction:currently reading "The Fabric of the Cosmos" by Brian Greene, far freakier than anything in fiction.

Fiction: have read and abandoned a lot, but the best thing I last read was "Condominium" by John D. MacDonald, fairly old (70s) novel about Florida and hurricanes, but great, just great, can't recommend it highly enough.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 08, 2004
Posts: 332
From: Huntington Beach Ca.
Posted: 2004-12-22 08:46 am   Permalink

Politics, Politics, Politics...I'm obsessed (I won't name authors as to not hurt anyone's feelings)
Also, "alien creationism" books:Zechariah Sitchin, Erich Von Daniken and such.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 24, 2002
Posts: 1799
From: Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Posted: 2004-12-22 10:30 am   Permalink

A must for all "CSI" fans!

Seriously though, I read a LOT of California history.


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 05, 2003
Posts: 579
From: Detroit
Posted: 2004-12-22 12:08 pm   Permalink

Penthouse forum....he, he, he....

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 15, 2003
Posts: 3006
From: San Diego, Ca.
Posted: 2004-12-22 12:16 pm   Permalink

Computer Hardware/Language/OS manuals, lots of SF, Kinky Friedman mysteries, travel books, How-To manuals, comic book collections.
Rev. Dr. Frederick J. Freelance, Ph.D., Th.D., D.F.S

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 31, 2002
Posts: 1528
From: MD
Posted: 2004-12-22 5:51 pm   Permalink

Right now I'm reading the book "Christmas Story," which is in fact a scaled down version of Jean Shepherd's classic, "In God We Trust All Others Pay Cash." They've basically taken all the short stories from the old book and rearranged them to mimic the flow of the movie. I've probably read "In God We Trust.." 20 times so the "Christmas Story" book is quite familiar but oddly refreshing...great light reading!

Most of the other books I read pertain to popular culture throughout the 20th Century. Over the last 10 years I've accumulated a pretty nice sized library of books pertaining to motels, diners, gas stations, Airstreams, tikis, etc. These books may not read like "War and Peace" and they do contain a lot of pretty pictures, illustrations and artwork but they are fun and I get a small thrill every time I flip through them!


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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Oct 10, 2003
Posts: 205
From: Denver, Colorado
Posted: 2004-12-22 9:45 pm   Permalink

Been on a hard-core non-fiction kick the last few years - mainly technical history, mid-century design, music biographies/histories, paleontology.

Fiction-wise, i will buy/read anything by Elmore Leonard, William Gibson, and Tom Wolfe (odd combination of the three).

After seeing 'The Incredibles,' i've been reading Marvel Comics from the Silver Age - Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Avengers - and Ian Fleming's James Bonds.

i'm a newspaper/magazine junkie - i read at least two daily papers, Wired, Blender, the New Musical Express, American History of Invention and Technology, Juxtapoz, Barracuda, Dwell, Metropolis, Metroplolitan Home, Atomic Ranch, National Geographic, and whatever i pick up.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that in 2003 the average American watched TV for 2.5 hours a day and read for 22 minutes.

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Sep 17, 2002
Posts: 122
From: The Enchanted Mitten
Posted: 2004-12-22 10:39 pm   Permalink

Great topic, I'm always looking for something new myself. As long as its bizarre. I'm a big fan of the short story so here are a few of my favorite authors of this format.

T.C. Boyle - "After the plauge" Terrific collection, grusome, bizzare,scary, and very funny.
Stacey Richter - "My Date With Satan" A collection of very funny, strange and odd stories. Dark Humor
Raymond Carver - "Cathedral" What a style. The perfect collection. One of the greatest short story writers of all time.
Flannery O'Connor "A Good Man Is Hard To Find" Wonderfully talented woman. Her stroies of the south are similar to those Faulkner - Fantastic. When modern day authors get boring give O'connor a try.

Poetry Front - Raymond Carver, Charles Bukowski, Emily Dickonson, and Slvia Plath

Oh yes, and the very strange works of Chuck Palahniuk (Yeah the guy who wrote Fight Club) but he has also written so much more. Check out "Monster", charmingly insane.
Till next time, keep the ice cold and the blender warm.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 29, 2002
Posts: 1794
From: San Diego, CA
Posted: 2004-12-23 12:38 am   Permalink

I'm currently reading "Drink As Much As You Want And Live Longer" by Frederick M. Beyerlein (a primer for the holiday season) and Sexplorations by Anka Radakovich (purely entertainment).

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 28, 2003
Posts: 234
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Posted: 2004-12-23 06:28 am   Permalink

George Alec Effinger "When Gravity Fails"; about the tenth time I'm reading it. Great book.

James Branch Cabell. I'm slowly working my way through the History of Manuel. I have all of the books in one or another version. He's a fascinating and extremely underrated American author. I actually cancelled my subscription to Library of America after having an argument with members of the editorial board when they rejected his works as worthy of consideration for the collection.

Other "serious" authors I enjoy are Douglas Adams, Paul Bowles, V.S. Naipaul, Tama Janowitz, and Thomas Pynchon.

I also have a lifelong fascinationwith the American Pulp Fiction era, and enjoy reading old Weird Tales, Doc Savage, The Shadow, etc. Most of those are formula fiction, but some of it is well written; notable among the authors of the era are H.P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, Lester Dent, and Robert Bloch.

Stay on the beach. The natives over there are cannibals.
They eat liars with the same enthusiasm as they eat honest men.


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Slacks Ferret
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 02, 2003
Posts: 1329
From: Calgary
Posted: 2004-12-24 12:00 am   Permalink

Re: Thomas Pynchon...I was about 100 pages into Gravity's Rainbow when I realized I had no clue what the hell was going on...but I still keep it on the bookshelf to appear smart.

David Sedaris is one of my faves right now. Also digging the Harry Potter books.

Cybertiki: Douglas Adams is a Serious Author?


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 28, 2003
Posts: 234
From: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Posted: 2004-12-24 08:04 am   Permalink

Yeah ... Gravity's Rainbow is a tough read, but worth the effort once you start to figure out what's going on. If you want to read Pynchon, start with "V", or "The Crying of Lot 49". Much easier to wade thru.

As for Douglas Adams, yes, he was a serious author - and a better writer than most. If you haven't read it yet, see if you can get a copy of "Last Chance to See" for a look at him that goes beyond H2G2. I was fortunate enough to work with him briefly in the mid-80's on a game, and had spoken with him on several occasions afterwards. He was a wonderful man, and his writings bear comparison with O. Henry, James Thurber, and Mark Twain. He is greatly missed these days.

Stay on the beach. The natives over there are cannibals.
They eat liars with the same enthusiasm as they eat honest men.


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Geeky Tiki
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 15, 2002
Posts: 533
From: Las vegas
Posted: 2004-12-24 09:15 am   Permalink

I confess to a particular fondness for John Irving.

Vacation reading, I have a peculiar taste for Tom Clancy books.

I'll add Milan Kundera, Umberto Eco, Joseph Campbell's "Masks of God" series, Elaine Pagels, Richard Dawkins, Stephen J Gould, Bertrand Russell.

I have to read too much at work, so my recreational pace is a bit off, but those recommendations in the other posts will be duly noted!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 06, 2002
Posts: 464
From: Penna
Posted: 2004-12-26 7:53 pm   Permalink

I just finished Jackie Susann's "The Love Machine" and now Im reading "The Danger" by Dick Francis. When I finish that I'll start "Popism: The Warhol 60's."
Make mine a mai tai!

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