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The Kona Luanii, Denver, CO
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Joined: Mar 04, 2005
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From: Mission (Impossible) Viejo, Ca
Posted: 2006-09-15 7:26 pm   Permalink

WoooHooooo! I love the birds!!! I need them for my Tiki Classroom

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Joined: Jul 14, 2004
Posts: 101
From: Calabasas, CA
Posted: 2006-09-16 11:43 am   Permalink

This place looks great. I love how you utilize inexpensive items to pull off very expensive looking decor. Great creativity - you are inspiring me.

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Joined: Jun 04, 2006
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From: Satellite Beach, FL
Posted: 2006-09-16 9:08 pm   Permalink

Just marvelous...so much creation makes me wanna start something.

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Joined: Oct 17, 2004
Posts: 483
Posted: 2006-09-17 8:02 pm   Permalink

Your bar is so great! I love the birds.

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Mr. Dale
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Joined: Jan 26, 2004
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From: a garage somewhere in Arvada, Colorado
Posted: 2006-09-20 11:25 am   Permalink

Party at Zulus!!!!!!!
I'm gonna get drunk with my wife and your wife and let my tribe of not quite potty trained kids run amok while I act like the bad dad I am and completely ignore them wrecking your house.

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Joined: Jun 26, 2002
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From: Denver, CO
Posted: 2006-11-06 5:13 pm   Permalink

I got a little more work done last weekend. I found this set of shelves at the Goodwill for $10 (heavy as a b#$@tch) but will make a good home for my mugs.

I also got some bamboo poles up on the ceiling. I mounted 1/2 rounds flat against the ceiling and screwed them into the dry wall/bottom of the floor joists. Then I mounted full poles over the 1/2 rounds and screwed them into place.

I painted the ceiling a tan color but it washes out with a flash from the camera. I wish I would have painted it a little darker, but too late now, moving on...

I finished off the ceiling poles with a 1/2 diameter rope wrap.

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Nov 23, 2006
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From: Sun City Lincoln Hills (NorCal)
Posted: 2006-12-03 2:19 pm   Permalink

Wow...this is going to be quite a place when you get done. You are lucky to have such a large area to work with. Very ingenious use of materials. Keep those pictures coming. GREAT JOB!!!

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Joined: Jun 26, 2002
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From: Denver, CO
Posted: 2006-12-28 10:09 pm   Permalink

I have finished some of the nautical elements that I wanted to incorporate into my space, including a sail from the Kona Luanii and a crows nest. I had to build both of these items from scratch, but that was the fun part.

First, the sail. I drew up a quick 15 second concept sketch so I had something to start working with. Then I started hunting for materials.

I found this old army cot a a garage sale this summer for 2 bucks. The heavy cotton canvas was exactly what I was looking for. I took it home and removed the canvas and pitched the rest. I cut the shape of a sail and got out my old friend the blow torch (a great tool I have discovered for aging and distressing all types of materials).

Then I transfered the Kona Luanii name/font onto the canvas and painted it with standard water based acrylic paint (Walmart $0.88 in the craft dept.)

I need some nautical looking hardware for the rigging, which is difficult to find here in Denver, but of course can be very easily home made to look pretty convincing. I picked up several of these little wooden plaques for $0.40 or $0.50 each (I don't remember where, either Walmart or Hobby Lobby).

Screw them together backwards and stain them.

Then I added some paint to distress and age them. I also added gromets to the sail canvas along with various decorative rope.

Now it is ready to hang on the wall.

I added some additional decorative elements. Hooks that I found at garage/estate sales and I got the pulleys at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 each when they were clearing out their summer decor items.

I think this sail only cost me about $12 in materials, BUT, the trade off is the time spent to create it. Worth it I think, I enjoy the creating part.

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Joined: Jun 26, 2002
Posts: 485
From: Denver, CO
Posted: 2006-12-28 10:38 pm   Permalink

The Crow's Nest.

It is mounted to the end of the bar. I picked up two different pieces of landscaping stakes at Lowes and drilled a 2" hole in the larger one and slipped the smaller one thru and set a couple of screws to hold it in place. I added more decorative rope at the junction. For a while, before I got the decorative items on the mast, it looked like I was building a crucifix in my basement.

I cut a hole in a wooden bucket I picked up at Big Lots and slipped it over the top.

To help hold the mast in place, I drilled a hole in the end of the larger timber and installed a dowel, then drilled a hole in the ceiling for the dowel to fit into.

I found these perfect end caps at Home Depot for $0.68 each. They are end caps for metal poles used for chain link fences. I just painted and distressed them and they they are perfect.

More decorative rope and various 'junk' collected from garage/estate sales. Side note, when I hit an estate sale, the garage is always the first place I go, I always find this kind of stuff in there (rope, hooks, pulleys, barrels, etc.)

I got two of these lanterns at Big Lots (can't find the other one%$!!) to hang on the ends. I also found these great flicker candle lights at the dollar store. They are battery operated and last for 60 hours. The flicker looks really great in low light.

Making progress.....

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 22, 2006
Posts: 1886
From: Aotearoa / NZ
Posted: 2006-12-29 12:58 am   Permalink

Tiki DIY at its finest...that sail sign is a masterpiece!

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Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 11605
From: Tiki Island, above the Silverlake
Posted: 2006-12-29 05:48 am   Permalink

Somebody hire this man to do a full-fledged Tiki bar! Mike, if you need any advice in terms of lighting, p.m. me.

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Joined: Jun 26, 2002
Posts: 485
From: Denver, CO
Posted: 2006-12-29 4:05 pm   Permalink

Round II of the 2006 Holiday Blizzard here in Denver has given me some more free time around the house, so I figured I'd put it to good use with a another update.

Big bro - I haven't even touched the lighting yet, it will be one of the last things I work on. For now I want the full light while I work on these projects. I know Humuhumu has made the comments before that lighting and music will make or break your bar and I completely agree.

Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room Display

I decided to dedicate a corner of my space as a tribute to Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland. As you have seen, I created my two birds several months ago, but I wanted some way to display them along with the drummer big fig I purchased from Disney. So I built a frame from 2x4s and screwed on some wooden fence planks to make the base look like a shipping crate. I also built a shelf over the top for the drummer and attached it to the wall for additional support. I didn't want that expensive drummer fig to fall off.

I wanted a water feature in my bar, so I purchased this self contained resin waterfall from Target earlier this summer. It was a little pricey. A rock waterfall on top of a wooden shipping crate does not make a lot of sense, but it works for me.

Then I started putting the parts together.

I remembered a post that Humuhumu made a while back about a tiki room presentation that Kevin, Jody, KK, Humu and Stacia made at the NFFC, so I dug up a picture. I specifically remembered the tiki room sign that was created for the display.

I really wanted one for my space, so of course decided to make one myself. I got some tan 1/4" foam board (hobby store) and spray painted around the edges to give it some color. I painted most of the text on the board. The word 'tiki' was cut from a color xerox page of a vintage aloha shirt pattern. The flowers are enlarged color copies from a Mai Kai drink menu, the 'Dole' is a color print out of the logo I found on-line, and the tikis are color copies from an older Disneyland guide book. I try to make these projects as easy as possible but still look good. I didn't want to paint any of that stuff, so I just decoupaged all of it onto the sign after I finished painted the text. Hot glue some bamboo border and it is ready to go.

I will hang it on the wall next to the display after I finish a few more projects. Last thing I have to do is add the greenery to the display. I have Birds of Paradise, orchids, etc.. to finish it off.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 18, 2006
Posts: 177
From: Mile High City
Posted: 2006-12-29 7:18 pm   Permalink

Looking Good! I like the inside M. Davis joke on the crate!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 26, 2002
Posts: 485
From: Denver, CO
Posted: 2007-01-12 09:58 am   Permalink

I finished the sign with the back story for the bar (mentioned on the first page of this post) and it hangs at the bottom of the stairs at the entrance into the bar.

Amazing what you can do with a piece of plywood, a grinder, a blow torch and some paint. They are great weathering tools. The pulley came from Walmart ($2 for a laundry line). It was stainless steel, but a little copper paint goes a long way.

Ceiling treatments:
I am going with scattered fish nets. No pattern or design, whatever I end up liking. After the nets are finished, then I can start to add the flotsam and jetsam (e.g., glass floats, lamps, etc.)

On the back wall behind the bar I made some rum kegs to hang on the wall (decor only). After I had finished, my wife pointed out the kegs were the main ingredients for a pina colada (coconut milk, pineapple juice and rum). A pina colada is a tropical drink, but not necessarily a tiki drink. I hadn't thought about it while I was making them, but oh well, they still look good on the wall.

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Slacks Ferret
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 02, 2003
Posts: 1336
From: Calgary
Posted: 2007-01-16 7:15 pm   Permalink

You've done so much since I last looked. It's really coming together well! Nice work.

P.S. I love your idea on how to make rigging from the wooden plaques/platforms. I was wondering how to make those from scratch and I took dozens of photos of 'em last time I was at Oceanic Arts. But now, I'm stealing your idea. It's easier and effective. Thanks!

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