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hukilau was fantastic.
Trader Rick
Tiki Centralite

Joined: Jul 04, 2003
Posts: 88
From: St Augustine Beach, FL
Posted: 2005-10-10 10:03 am   Permalink

I would like to add my thanks to all who made this magical weekend possible. It was my first Exotica/Tiki experience with other eager fanatics and it was everything I hoped it would be. the ohana was great and everybody was a pleasure to meet and talk with. I spent waaaaay too much money buying Tiki's, music, shirts, glasses...you name it. I tried to support just about every vendor on the floor. I will be in debt for a few months, but I don't care. Wow! The music was the best! Loved all of it. The live performance of "Voodoo" By Robert Drasnin was at the very least a religious experience and at the most an historic event. I'll be back next year for sure!

All Hail Floyd!! (Mira Mar League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: May 11, 2005
Posts: 30
From: Hollywood, FL
Posted: 2005-10-10 10:29 am   Permalink

The Hukilau was awesome - I'm glad I was able to go to all of the days this year. I've posted some pictures from Friday and Saturday here:


I'll post pictures from the home bar tour later this week.


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 23, 2003
Posts: 2158
From: www.crazedmugs.com
Posted: 2005-10-10 11:04 am   Permalink

Oh yeah, one more mahalo.
The girls.

I mean, come on.

The beauty at this event was off the map.
And the outfits enhanced all of their lovely features.
Except for Monkyzuma, who may very well need an excorcism.

The Mai Kai Mystery Girl left many men speechless. It was funny to watch the reactions of the toungue-tied recipients of that special presentation of the Mystery Bowl. Kern, your girls are as talented as they are beautiful.

My eyes hurt.
And my arm, from Angela punching me as I was talking about it last night.

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Joe V.
Tiki Centralite

Joined: Nov 09, 2003
Posts: 57
From: joevitalestudio.com
Posted: 2005-10-10 12:10 pm   Permalink


Biggest thanks too Christie, James T., and all that were responsible for this weekend.
We had a blast!!! The art, music, and people were too cool. Way too much good times to type into words here.

It was good to see everyone, and we'll see you all at the next........


[ This Message was edited by: Joe V. 2005-10-10 12:11 ]

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 10, 2005
Posts: 116
From: Palm Springs, CA
Posted: 2005-10-10 12:15 pm   Permalink

i've been reading all of the post-hukilau tales with extreme jealousy!

are the dates announced for next year?

i think we're coming to the hukilau for our honeymoon! i can't think of a better honeymoon trip than the 50th Anniversary of the Mai Kai!

but...the wedding date is contingent on the hukilau dates, so i'm waiting on pins-n-needles...

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 09, 2005
Posts: 225
From: Tampa, FL
Posted: 2005-10-10 12:40 pm   Permalink


Here are two videos I shot with my Fuji digicam during the Robery Drasnin set. They are not the best, but for a digital camera, the video is pretty nice:

about 11mb:

about 26mb:

I have a lot more video on my camcorder, but it takes longer to deal with, lol. Enjoy!

- Jason

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Chip and Andy
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 13, 2004
Posts: 2277
From: Corner table, Molokai Lounge, Mai-Kai.
Posted: 2005-10-10 12:59 pm   Permalink

[ This Message was edited by: Chip and Andy 2009-06-05 16:57 ]

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 03, 2005
Posts: 1205
From: Sacramento
Posted: 2005-10-10 2:17 pm   Permalink

All I can say about this past weekend's activities is "MAHALO". Hukilau exceeded my wildest dreams. It was great meeting so many wonderful people and automatically feeling like a part of the Ohana. Can't wait for next year (as a matter of fact may have to get to Oasis now too).

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 02, 2004
Posts: 101
Posted: 2005-10-10 3:26 pm   Permalink

Did anyone buy, or does any one have any pictures of the Hukilau 2005 Scorpion Bowl and Shots? What's your opinion?
Are they cool? Do you have to wait for shipment? Any details. Inquiring minds want to know.
Hey Hey Kids!

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I dream of tiki
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 12, 2004
Posts: 500
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Posted: 2005-10-10 3:38 pm   Permalink

Krustiki, there are two more glasses as merchandise aside from the scorpion bowl and shot glasses set. There is a tom collins and a double old-fashioned. Each glass has its own design with Hukilau 2005 images. Quite the collectible item.

Great job to Tiki Kiliki & Captain Pokie for the design as well as to South Pacific Promotions for cranking them out.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 03, 2002
Posts: 5311
From: Hapa Haole Hideaway, TN
Posted: 2005-10-10 3:59 pm   Permalink


On 2005-10-09 19:15, pappythesailor wrote:
As I first timer, I was impressed by alot of things but two things are going to stay with me forever. First, the Mai Kai was better than my wildest dreams (although, I hope they get the roof put back on for the 50th anniversary). Secondly, the Robert Drasnin show was magical--just one of those times you can't believe you're lucky enough to be there for.

I was also lucky enough to meet Benzart! (Ben, the Wahine has approved the Lono Tiki!)

The thatch roof was a later touch. I don't think it was designed that way and was not that way when it was built. Think of it as going back to their roots!

It was fantastic to finally get to talk to everyone. Everyone's face is familiar to me, but I've always been so busy. Now I had the chance to really meet everyone. It was great to meet some for the first time too. I, Zombie; Bongo Fury; reverb; Poly Pop; Hanford!; Virani who sat with us at the Mai Kai and was totally entranced; the Ohio boys, Hoffa, Ku, Jim; Casey Jones and more. Too many to name.

The Mai Kai is always magical, and even more so when Martin Denny is played live.

But next year, let's not do the humidity thing...

"Mai-Kai: History & Mystery of the Iconic Tiki Restaurant" the book

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 31, 2004
Posts: 416
From: Westminster, CO
Posted: 2005-10-10 4:56 pm   Permalink


I just wanted to add my name to the roster of the very appreciative attendees of the Hukilau this year. Thanks much to James and Tiki Kiliki for all of their hard work to pull of what was a great event (And I sadly was only able to attend on Friday, Saturday must have been amazing).

It was also great to meet so many of the TC Ohana, you all are truly people of distinction.


And as a note, I have pics of Collins glasses added to my Ooga-Mooga collection, and will try to get them put up here very soon (along with the pics I have of the Scorpion Bowl). And my hats off to Holden and the guys at Tiki Farm and to Derek for creating such a beautiful piece. I can't wait for it to get here.

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Kava King
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 20, 2002
Posts: 217
From: Kensington-on-Avondale
Posted: 2005-10-10 5:43 pm   Permalink

Thank you to everyone responsible for this event.
Hukilau 2005 was a blast.
As with past Hukilau events, over-stimulation on all levels is the rule of the day- between accelerated "catch up" visits with the TC Ohana, meeting and supporting the artists, the musicians, and yes, the beverages, there was such a great vibe that every day ended way too soon. Next year I propose we lobby our government to institute (temporarily) the 48 hour day!
Thanks Pablus for the Crazed Mugs CD! It's playing in the background as I write. Basement Kahuna, the fantastic Solomon Island Club is a proud addition to our home, and will hang in a prominent place by the bar!
I think it's safe to say Robert Draisnin's (with Formikahini!) Voodoo set was the highlight of the Hukilau. Can't wait for the alluded-to DVD of this performance.
Thanks Christie, James and everyone for a fantastic event!

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The Sperm Whale
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 23, 2004
Posts: 1553
From: Lakewood California
Posted: 2005-10-10 6:00 pm   Permalink

Can somebody Please post more Pic's!!! I need to live vicariously through those that were lucky enough to be there this year!! Thanx for the Pic's so far!!!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 03, 2002
Posts: 5311
From: Hapa Haole Hideaway, TN
Posted: 2005-10-10 6:26 pm   Permalink

Basement Kahuna worships at the Mai Kai altar.

"Mai-Kai: History & Mystery of the Iconic Tiki Restaurant" the book

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