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Tiki Event-What do you wanna see?
Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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From: Columbus, OH
Posted: 2006-02-27 2:20 pm   Permalink

I like the idea of the tiki carving demonstrations and the tiki mixology and garnishment instructions.

Maybe do an "Iron Chef" type competition for bartenders and have a mystery ingredient?

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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From: Columbus, OH
Posted: 2006-02-27 2:23 pm   Permalink


On 2006-02-26 23:57, caerthe wrote:
Another question to consider.

What's one thing that would get you to attend a Tiki Event held in a fairly non-tiki city inland? Say MidWest.

What about going for some kind of world record? That might encourage people to come.

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Site Administrator

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From: Redondo Beach, CA
Posted: 2006-02-27 2:29 pm   Permalink


On 2006-02-25 00:53, caerthe wrote:
If you could assemble the ultimate tiki event, both for veterans and those new to tiki, what would you include?

Palm trees and waterfalls.

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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Posted: 2006-02-27 8:47 pm   Permalink

My apologies Lakesurfer,

You bring to light a very fair correction I should make. I guess by most perceptions, I'm talking about the Southwest and not the Midwest. I don't dispute the existence of Tiki in your area at all. I'm talking about the Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico region. I've never felt that Wyoming, Nebraska or Colorado were Southwest and have always felt they deserved more of a Midwest status.

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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Posted: 2006-02-27 9:20 pm   Permalink

Kind of a question for both event hosts and event attendees.

How important is it to have a commemorative tiki mug for an event?

Does a good event-themed tiki mug help motivate you to attend? Does it not matter either way? What if the mug is designed by a recognized artist and only available at the event?

Personally, I think if someone goes to any trouble at all to make it to a tiki event, then the event mug becomes a treasured keepsake. At least that's my impression.

Question for event hosts: Are commemorative mugs really worth all the trouble? I haven't had a tiki mug made and it seems like a considerable amount of time, energy and money to have one created. I'm asking because I'm wondering if a tiki mug is a good source for a secondary revenue to help offset other event expenses.

Personally, I think having a mug created for attendees and collectors is an excellent idea. Not to mention the extra "sparkle" to the overall event. The added advertising bonus is also significant. The event may have been over for six months, but if the mug is worthy of the secondary market, then there's your event name getting extra mention.

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From: The Coast of Kauai
Posted: 2006-02-27 9:24 pm   Permalink

Deleted to keep topic from being derailed.

[ This Message was edited by: Chongolio 2006-02-28 00:42 ]

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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Posted: 2006-02-27 9:47 pm   Permalink

Comment observations:

Regarding competitions, it sounds like there's some interest in a physical contest of some sort. Maybe an iron man style contest?

-Tiki totem toss-just like the Scottish Caber (which I've actually competed in)
-A Coconut shot put for distance
-Hula hoop for endurance? (I don't know exactly, but a good things come in threes and so a third contest seems appropriate)

Though some of these activities may require some form of waiver for the participants, I think they could be fun. Now finding a site that such activities could occur.......could be a little hard to find.

Now about an Iron Mixologist contest, I REALLY like that!

So far, there've been some good responses on the classes.

-Some form of tribal face or body painting
-Mixology and Garnish classes
-Lei Making

Adult Specific Activities:
There seems to be a desire for a little bawdy entertainment, as well. Not sure what would go into including such a facet to a tiki event. Restricted access, of course, but I think there would be a few legal hurdles to cross, as well. Also, I'm not sure if this would something that would appeal to enough event attendees to make it financially feasible.

Finding a location with existing tropical decor or can be decorated appropriately.

Please keep the thoughts flowing folks!

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Apr 08, 2002
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From: The Lounge of the Seven Pleasures!
Posted: 2006-02-27 10:01 pm   Permalink

As an original midwesterner (Ohio) It seems to me even MORE important to have Tiki events in what are otherwise relatively non-Tiki places. These are where Tiki is needed the most, and where Tikiphiles feel the most isolated. Rather than isolated Tikiphiles always having to travel to CA, or FL, etc, it might be really nice to create reasons for places that are Tiki soaked to come to places that are Tiki desolate.

That said, I'm not sure HOW to do it. Having at least one Tiki venue as a focal point, or 'home base' becomes important. And being somewhere with several, or that even USED to have several venues can be good.

Places that perhaps do not have full scale Tiki-vibe, but a little Tiki in the midst of say, other googie architectural gems can create a vibe that while not Tiki per se, can help the mood along a bit.

(Trust me, I've been personally contemplating such both in terms of the Wildwoods in NJ, and here in Maryland which has Vera's white sands and not much else.)

So what do I look for in events? (Oaktiki and I have been to quite a few now, from Exotica in Chicago, to Oasis in Palm Springs, from Hukilau in FL, to Mondo Tiki in Vegas, all this straight on through to our local MD/DC/VA get togethers.

Well, I may be a bit of a freak, but the history, architecture, and and actual 'arts' are some of what attract me-

Things like Sven's slideshows have been real high points for us. Architectural tours in both Palm Springs and Vegas have been some of best of the best (but a big part of that has been the fact that both featured EXACTLY the right guides!)

Events that allow time to explore more- what else is around in the neighborhood and town- drive ins, other architectural goodies, diners, museum exhibits, an evening boat cruise on a Tikified boat (a la Hukilau!) a tie in with a gallery event- best of all a Tiki show! Maybe renting out a local architecturally significant movie theater to run Tiki films in- work with what you've got, and then figure how Tiki can be worked in.

Further, if you're in a town that has specific features set aside some time for them- make open time for things like 'beach time' if you're at a beach, try not to run everything opposite everything else all the time, as people will begin to feel sad for all the things they wanted to do that ran opposite all the other things they wanted to do and did. A less cluttered quality over quantity approach can be good.

Good mixology- there's nothing worse than being in a good & Tiki place with a bad drink- except maybe being in a good and Tiki place with bad/wrong music music!

Demonstrations and hands on fun- carving demos, painting demos, 101 ways to recreate the look of matting on a ceiling, mixology demos, best ways to hang tapa, Uke 101, the list could go on and on.

Allowing time and deliberate spaces for meet and greets- we know so many people on TC from their posts alone, while lucky Tikiphiles that are parts of broader communities like in parts of CA know each other and do things together on an ongoing basis, it can be hard for even long timers from somewhere else to fit in- make social space and time to meet one another and talk a part of the event. I've seen REAL deep friendships come out of Tiki events and while no one can schedule that, making it possible and not getting in the way of it is really important. Anything that facilitates connecting the person you've never seen before to 'oh, yeah, that person on TC who posted that amazing thing!' helps- now I'm not saying TACKY bad nametags like you just came out of the board room, but some ability to recognize each other, get a feel for who all is at the event, and maybe a common (physical) message board where people can leave notes for others saying 'hey- I know you're here, I'd love to meet up! How about... if you can'?

Dedicated space and time for venders- AND making ways for venders to enjoy the event they're at. There's nothing worse than being at THE Tiki event and not get to enjoy it yourself!

Humour, FUN, silliness, and the unexpected! If you don't plan on them being part of the event, it won't work.

ART! This community has an incredible wealth of creativity! (In case everyone hasn't already noticed!) Make ways for it it to happen- watching people transform even the most ordinary of hotel rooms into weekend long art installations is part of the wonder that are the folks from TC. Importantly, however, people flying in are in a different situation, making both people feel at home- those who drive in giant Moai heads and those who perhaps pack a lei and their aloha shirt should feel equally a part!

Kids- deciding what kind of event you're throwing and how kids are going to be both part of it, and at times perhaps a more adult atmosphere can be really important. OakTiki and I are child-free, but many in this community are not only dealing with childcare issues, but are also let's face it, showing the next generation what Tiki is all about. (No, I'm not saying we indoctrinate children! I am saying, memories of luaus and Tiki restaurants last a lifetime!) Our community both feasts in Tiki palaces, and holds wild drunken Tiki debauchery on into the wee hours of the night, errrrr pre-dawn, errrrrr, well for days on end. So perhaps the Tiki Burlesque needs to be specifically set aside for those over 18- then again, perhaps the 'find 10 neat details about the Mai Kai scavenger hunt needs to be specifically set aside for those UNDER 10! Find the balance- mark what's what clearly on the schedule and if time can be set aside for parents to get to enjoy some of the adult times without having to panic over childcare, so much the better.

A final note for now- transport. If the event will be spread over multiple venues in one evening, a bus for shared non inebriated transport can be a lifesaver. Knowing that you'll be able to enjoy an evening's worth of events and the mixology thereof without having to fuss with cabs or who will do the driving can be a REALLY great way to not only make the event run smoothly, but also build friendships and a sense of community among those who are traveling together. Kon Tiki transports from Exotica in Chicago was a good model.

Make it easy, make it realaxing, make a schedule people can plan on, and above all else, make it FUN- a memorable EVENT and well, you could probably throw it in Nebraska (with a lot of work and a good crew of co-hosts!)

I've got a lot more but it's still perkilating.

"You're getting more interesting by the drink!" -Pepe le Tiki

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Apr 08, 2002
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From: The Lounge of the Seven Pleasures!
Posted: 2006-02-27 10:20 pm   Permalink

Also mugs- yeah baby!

A big part of my childhood trips to the Kahiki were the mugs that came home! If you drank from a ceramic Coconut, it went home with you. If you drank a headhunter, the headhunter mug went home with you. They accumulated on many an Ohioan's upper kitchen shelves until we had collections of skulls, headhunters etc which were fond rememberances of many an anniversary, a birthday, an engagement, a special event!

AND it was a restaurant with a souvenir shop! Everything from Moai head necklaces and leis to nice black Tahitian pearl earrings. Closest surviving example I'd really found was Hale Kahiki outside of Chicago.

Point being, our souvenirs, no matter how tacky were reminders of our experiences. My Dad always seemed to have at least one bamboo backscratcher from the Kahiki in the downstairs (guy's) bathroom. And it always made us smile.

So, purely from an attendee perspective, absolutely emphatically YES a custom- and unique to the event mug that in some way has the event name and year worked into the design. I've got a growing collection of 'event specific' mugs, 'field collected mugs' from places we've been to, found in the wild, and then the rest of the more general mug collection. Event specific mugs are unique treasures! They are happy little glazed memories standing watch from their shelves over our Lounge of the Seven Pleasures!

And best of all, drinking from these sacred vessels, brings home memories of wonderful times and fantastic people!

Event specific CDs are great along those lines too!

"You're getting more interesting by the drink!" -Pepe le Tiki

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
Posts: 94
Posted: 2006-02-28 12:04 am   Permalink

Thanks for sharing such a wealth of insight Sabina!

Another topic that nobody has really commented much on.

Musical Entertainment

Ok, keeping in mind that such an event would occur within the region mentioned, what would you expect for music?

Would one major headliner (like Don Tiki) suffice for one evening, would you want a day long music show w/lesser known revolving acts or an afternoon of a smaller number of better known talent?

An act like Don Tiki is significantly larger and more expensive, but logistically easier than a large number of smaller, but less expensive groups. Especially for a first time event what would be your expectations?

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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Posted: 2006-02-28 12:26 am   Permalink

I know, more questions.

Musical Venue

Regarding venue (again keeping in mind the region where the event would occur) would you be adverse to the musical act(s) occuring indoors?

Personally, I'd prefer an outdoor beach party, but that's pretty unrealistic in these areas. At least within distance of an affordable hotel.

A stage within a grand ballroom is more sensible with a controlled enviroment, overhead decor (to get that tiki bar feel) and possible bar service. Cost, since most ballrooms are pre-wired for sound and light, is also less of a factor. The downside of indoors is limited access. If the event is well attended, then it's likely that not everyone will get to see the show. The number of attendees in the music hall would have to be heavily monitored to adhear to fire codes, etc.

Have you been to events with similar challenges and how has this been addressed?

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Joined: Feb 14, 2006
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From: Columbus, OH
Posted: 2006-02-28 3:13 pm   Permalink


On 2006-02-27 22:01, Sabina wrote:

Demonstrations and hands on fun- carving demos, painting demos, 101 ways to recreate the look of matting on a ceiling, mixology demos, best ways to hang tapa, Uke 101, the list could go on and on.

Painting demonstrations? That's a cool idea! Faux-painting is popular, and a demo on how to make your ceiling look like Bamboo would be neat.

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From: westernus
Posted: 2006-02-28 3:31 pm   Permalink


On 2006-02-27 21:47, caerthe wrote:

...There seems to be a desire for a little bawdy entertainment, as well...

...to make it financially feasible...

... now you're barkin' up the right tree, pork chop...

... as far as financially feasible, porn makes billions per year, though it doesn't have to be pornographic (or maybe so)...

... might be something to consider... the alohabros would be there, helping wherever possible, lending expertise in videography, lighting and sound...

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From: La Mesa, California
Posted: 2006-02-28 5:12 pm   Permalink

I'll just throw out a few more opinions and ideas here.

Entertainment: I still don't like the idea of professional shows for such an event, except maybe one show that won't interrupt the continuity and spirit of the gathering. Too bad there's an "us and them" attitude about top entertainment, and that professional performers aren't expected to play, dance, or socialize with their audience, but rather to sit apart, idolized, for a couple hours, then to discretely disappear by limo after sneaking out the back door. Background music groups would fit fine, though.
Event-specific mugs: I don't really collect mugs (yet), so that's not very important to me. I think mugs might be one of those "would-be-nice" things that might take more work than it's worth. If the event's nice, I'd be very happy to settle for a CD-R with good quality photos of the event to remember it by. That would be a lot easier and cheaper, and would be a better capturing of the event.
Bawdiness: I'm all for it, especially wet T-shirts and even topless dancing. But laws are insane now: I heard of one clothing store that was charged with violating adult entertainment laws because some of their models on modeling night wore lingerie. It's also too bad that our society regards any show of breasts as "adult entertainment" unsuitable for kids (compare this to how kids used to grow up in the South Seas, where everyone ran around nude or seminude all the time), but there's not much can be done about that. Maybe such special events, if legally cleared, could be held indoors with restricted access, later at night when the kids have (supposedly) gone to sleep.
Midwest: To me it mostly depends on time and money. As long as the weather is warm and it doesn't require me to take time off of work (assuming I've found a job by then!) or to spend too much to travel there, any unharassed, warm locale is fine with me. The better the events are, the more I'm likely to spend to get there. Mostly I envision an outdoor event rather than indoors, since I expect a lot of fire and torches, knives and grinders, running and dancing, sawdust and spilled drinks, and other things that don't go too well with the indoors. Bars and entertainment might be exceptions, but then you start splitting up the crowd, some inside, some outside. Might be OK, though, if there are enough people. County fairs are like that, with indoor displays, vendors, etc.

More ideas:
1. I happen to like Micronesian stick charts, which are ocean maps made with palm and small cowries. It might be cool to make some modernized versions of those instead of mugs as souvenirs, showing highways and cities instead of currents and islands, say showing the location of the event.
2. Spear throwing contests. Hawaiians used to practice catching or deflecting thrown spears, but even with a helmet that sounds pretty dangerous.
Spear throwing contests with targets might be good, though. Anybody of any age, skill, or gender can compete in something like that.
3. Photo sessions with models. I'm really into photography myself, and I think a lot of other people here would love to have more photos of nice models posing draped over tikis, especially female models wearing grass skirts or swimsuits. Male models are also a possibility, depending on the amount of interest. That could be considered legal "adult" entertainment of sorts and would incidentally provide additional documentation of the event. It could also bring in a significant amount of additional income for models and the event, if there were a fee charged per photographer.
4. Many ideas for classes or lessons: mixology, Hawaiian language (I'd like to master the sound of the glottal stop, myself), making nets, playing ukulele, usage of carving tools, opening coconuts, making floral perfume, making shell necklaces (especially how to drill the shells), and just about anything else that has a skill, art, or science associated with it.
5. Coconut opening contests, to see who can open or dehusk a coconut the fastest. I've seen a demonstration of how fast a skilled person can dehusk a coconut, and it's impressive.
6. Palm tree climbing contests (or lessons). A bit dangerous, though.
7. Rope ladder making. Also a bit dangerous. I can think of two types: ladders strung between two trees, and conventional free-swinging rope ladders.
8. Conventional park/lake entertainment: races, rope swinging, hammocks, maybe coconut croquet?
9. Making of abalone trivets? (Does anybody still make these, or are they pure '60s kitsch by now?) Those would make beautiful souvenirs of the event, actually made at the event. Photographs of the event can also be inserted, or could be mounted on laquered boards with a similar effect.
10. Making of resin grapes? (Uses toxic chemicals, though, per earlier threads.)
11. Carving coconut monkeys?
12. Pig catching with homemade nets?
13. Another great souvenir idea: Record the results of drum circles or ukulele jams there at the event, and make an audio CD (or even DVD) available of the music later, for sale.
14. making doorbeads? (strung bamboo segments, maybe with shells)
15. races/fights on bamboo stilts, stilts made at the event?
16. iguana races?
17. custom-made portraits/busts carved onto coconuts?
18. mudman mask making? All it takes is a little mud and a little creativity. An excuse for adults to play with mud/clay again.
19. land diving? very dangerous but also very thrilling and fun
20. tiki-shaped fortune cookies?
21. lottery with a prize to whosever tiki fortune cookie contains a pair of (edible) pink boots!
22. The Lightbulbeyedtiki Mystery Man Impersonation Contest. See who can come closest to looking like the mustached mystery man of this earlier thread:
Contestant photos to be posted online later.
23. Customized confections: powdered sugar shaped into branches of white coral, cookies with a jelly underside shaped to look like opihi (limpets), ginger or vanilla flavored cookies shaped like tikis
24. didgeridoo making, didgeridoo painting, circular breathing lessons. If somebody has the mathematical formula relating pipe length and width to pitch, a number of these could be made on site and played in harmony.
25. boomerang throwing and/or lessons and/or contests
26. hermit crab races
27. hermit crab beauty pageant
28. pig tattooing
29. blind mudman race. Everybody with a mudman mask is blindfolded, then races 100 yards to the finish line. If your mask cracks open through a collision on the way, you're disqualified.
30. shrunken head making, using shriveled apples. The apples must be prepared at least three weeks in advance.
31. Have a John Frum celebration and parade. Carry red crosses, carry models of 4-propeller cargo planes, chant, drink kava, make a spectacle.

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Posted: 2006-02-28 5:43 pm   Permalink

oh wow...ingenius to say the least. For me i'd want to see a lot of authentic Tiki attire and masks/totems. Maybe while walking down "Vendor's Alley" you can spot the occasional fire-eater perhaps. A Hawaiin War-chanting circle at dusk-through night-time. Oh, and while the chanting is going on there can be a huge roasting pit where you can cook a big ol' pig. Say bye bye to Porky, kids! I just realized...if we were to have a HUGE tiki convention up here in Boston. OmG! We can hold it in the Hynes Convention Center! (gasp...the same location where Anime Boston is held)! InGenius i say!!

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