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Tiki Central Forums Beyond Tiki Van Hoople paintings
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Van Hoople paintings

Joined: Mar 02, 2013
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Posted: 2013-03-02 5:03 pm   Permalink

Hello, I was looking up information about this painting I have.
This painting was thrown out on the curb in the trash. I though it was absolutely beautiful and haunting in a way. I recognized the skill of an artist, and rescued the painting. It is a thick oil paint with designs scrawled into the thick paint to create detail. It is done on what looks like a piece of ceiling tile or drywall. The most interesting part is that there is a huge unfished sketch on the back. It looks like some sort of all over printing technique that I am not familiar with. My guess is that the canvas was turned over and reused by Van Hoople. Maybe he didn't have anything else to paint on? Enjoy the pics, I am in love with this painting

Sketch on the back:

You can see the material it is painted on and the strange printing technique used:

I would love to know more info about this artist!

xx Midnight Eyes xx

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Joined: Mar 11, 2011
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Posted: 2013-03-02 5:48 pm   Permalink


I would love to know more info about this artist!


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Joined: May 08, 2013
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Posted: 2013-05-08 2:11 pm   Permalink

My Van Hoople found at local yard sale.The picture just seems to pull you into the hallway. It is Signed V.Hoople IT is even more interesting now that I know more about the artist.



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Atomic Tiki Punk
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Joined: Jul 19, 2009
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From: Costa Misery
Posted: 2013-05-08 2:31 pm   Permalink

Fixed your images....

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Joined: May 14, 2014
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Posted: 2014-05-14 08:04 am   Permalink

I'm selling two (2) Van Hoople paintings on eBay.
Please click the link to view pictures!


The paintings depict a surrealistic interior design in the modern style of heavy impasto. Each painting has heavy textural marks and full of great color.

Measurements: Each painting is 21 Inches (width) x 37 Inches (height)
Weight: Each painting weighs 11 pounds
Frame: Original wood frame on mason board from Hillside Galleries.
Identifying Marks: As the pictures show, each painting is signed by the artist with "V Hoople". Also, the back of each painting states "Hillside Original" with a corresponding number of "#181p" and "#182p"

Both paintings and frames are in excellent condition.

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Joined: Aug 23, 2015
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Posted: 2015-08-23 12:58 pm   Permalink

Hello all,

What a joy to be here. A friend of mine gave me (yes, "gave" me!) his Van Hoople painting when I discovered he was downsizing his abode. I was ready to pay for it when he said, "It's my gift to you." I've loved it since the first time I saw it about 4 years ago. He was told it was supposed to be Shanghai in the '30's. I sure don't know but it looks like it could be. Regardless, I now have a Van Hoople. I nearly peed my pants when it showed up at work, delivered by Canada Post, and completely unexpected. What a surprise - I had thought I'd be going to retrieve it personally at some point.

It's a good size, too, measuring 32 x 44 inches. It does not have a frame; however, it contains similar markings to others posted here.

If you look to the edges, you'll notice the canvas has pulled back a little where there aren't staples holding it to the under-framing. Doesn't bother me - it's awesome! When I finally frame it, I'll try to find one (or make one) with a bit of a lip on it to hide the blank canvas that has made its way to the front of the picture.

Artifacts like this can be a little difficult to find here on the east coast of Canada so I consider myself very lucky to have it. While not a tiki collector by any means, I'm a huge fan and drool over - and pine for - most all of it. To listen to Martin Denny and Les Baxter and dream of faraway places during a simpler time is a favourite pastime of mine. Now, if only I could do it in my own MCM ranch...


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