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Lounge music forums?
lucas vigor
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2004
Posts: 4095
Posted: 2009-07-03 10:10 am   Permalink

I have searched the net, but can't find any lounge music or bachelor pad talk forums. I love tiki central, the way it is set up, the focus, but I notice that I am not on the same musical wavelength as a large majority of the people here. For example, I post stuff about bossa nova, lounge, Frank, other stuff with very little if any feedback or responses...it's ok, but I don't like wasting my time anymore posting stuff that few people can get into...so, can anyone direct me to a forum that focuses more on lounge music or bachelor pad stuff? I really want to dialogue with other people around the county (and the world) who are into easy listening music from the 50's and 60's, but don't want to keep pushing genres here that noone really cares about

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Joined: Jun 21, 2006
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From: Tujunga
Posted: 2009-07-03 10:51 am   Permalink


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Big Kahuna
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Joined: Apr 11, 2007
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From: SoMass
Posted: 2009-07-03 3:33 pm   Permalink

You almost had me, Grog! I'm listenin' Lucas! Post away!

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Joined: May 12, 2006
Posts: 431
From: Vacant lot where T. Vic's, Van. was
Posted: 2009-07-03 5:52 pm   Permalink

As for sites dedicated to the music, I can't think of any.
Best I can come up with is getting on rateyourmusic.com and starting a thread - call it The Lounge/Bachelor Pad Thread or similar - and see who latches on (there's already others such as classical, hip hop, metal etc threads up)... The user-base is wide-spread from legal-age to people up in the 70's, so ya never know...

As for me, I've got lots of the stuff on vinyl like Sinatra, Dino, Mancini, the Gleason orchestrations, etc but really just like the genre - not enough to talk about it at any length or even really know what in my collection falls in the parameters of the genre (unless I go by my "Bachelor Pad" CD series as a sorta Cliff's Notes). Man, I hardly have time to listen to the music I'm the most in love with, much less all the stuff I want to get more acquainted with.

Well, there's
http://xtabaysworld.blogspot.com/, but obviously it's a blog... And ya gotta know about http://javasbachelorpad.com/groups.html
Other than that it looks pretty dry out there!

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lucas vigor
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2004
Posts: 4095
Posted: 2009-07-04 09:05 am   Permalink

Yeah, it is dry out there! That's probably why I post the stuff here. I mean, I figure tiki is close enough to lounge that there must be a lot of fans here, right? I see that there are only a handful, but the question I have is, if most of the tiki people here are not into lounge or mid century pop, what are they listening to? Are most people really here only for the mug and tiki art discussions?

It's strange, because I find myself into all aspects of tiki, from the decor, style, architecture, fonts, music, drinks, to all the related genres and categories as well. It's not like I love a good tiki bar, but can't stand the music that fits into that same tiki bar. I made a similar statement about Kona's before, how they had this awesome tiki bar in there, but rap music was playing on the speakers. It just did not feel right to me.

But it's not just that. I feel that we on this forum have made a sharp distinction between tiki and everything else, but I don't feel it was that way back in the 50's. I feel that people back then could go to a tiki bar one night, and a jazz club the next, and much of the music was basically interconnected on some level. At it's root, I feel that stuff like Martin Denny is basically jazz. And if I am not mistaken, Arthur Lyman's first album was "Leis of Jazz".

I guess in my mind, though I like the neo-tiki movement that is predominant on this forum, I prefer the original scene, the way it used to be. Grog makes a joke about AARP, but he actually is pretty close to what I am thinking, and I see it with my own band's gigs. They are packed with older people, people that lived and where involved in the original tiki scene. I myself feel I was born in the wrong time period, definitely. I see that clip I posted with Frank Sinatra and Antonio Carlos Jobim, sitting in wicker chairs, smoking, wearing suits, and to me there is nothing cooler then that iconic imagery. The bossa Nova movement itself was jazz based music, very lush sounding, with fantastic chords that although complex, were very musical and evocative. The lyrics were about tropical themes, and the music itself came from a beautiful, tropical country. I don't see a huge difference between it, and some of the tiki stuff I love like Denny, baxter, Lyman, Tjader, for example. And much like exotica, bossa nova was not authentic, indiginous music (that would be more like samba or foro). The music had a cinematic and almost hollywood aspect to it, which explains why Frank Sinatra could sit down with the originator of the movement, and make it swing. Or why Tom Jobim could get Claus Ogerman to orchestrate so many of his albums.

If I was going to suggest a perfect bossa nova album that tiki people might like, it would be "Wave", by Jobim. That album has so many great songs, and even one called "Captain Bacardi"...it's about rum, so...........???

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Oct 26, 2004
Posts: 43
From: oklahoma city, ok. .. again
Posted: 2009-07-04 11:33 am   Permalink


I can sympathize with your predicament. Like you, I like a little greater variety of music than just tropical/ tiki music.

There are lots of blogs out there that have lots of excellent lounge music available for downloading if you are interested. I've not really ran across one that has a forum regarding lounge music. Perhaps it's time to start one. . . any volunteers?

There are a couple of good sites that you may already be aware of, but this is a good start for someone who is new to the lounge music game:


As for a starting point to find that great music, someone mentioned Xtabays, and I agree. His site is here:


I know that is not a lot to go on, but it may be a start. If you find anything, please post it here, as I know there are lots of people interested in lounge music.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the ever popular Retro cocktail hour, which runs 2 hours and features a great mixture of lounge, tiki, space age pop and such. I have discovered more new music (that I had not been exposed to) on that show than anyone in years.

They are at:


and you can listen to a streaming channel of older shows at any time at:


Tiki On, my friend!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 17, 2004
Posts: 197
From: The Bachelor Pad
Posted: 2009-07-04 11:42 am   Permalink

Well, as the head of a so-called "Bachelor Pad Empire," I hear ya. There aren't a lot of forums out there. I would suggest visiting the Lotta Living forum: http://www.lottaliving.com/bb/index.php

Lots of great Mid-Century Modern conversations going on there. Plenty of room to start a lounge/bachelor pad thread. Plus, when I'm doing The Bachelor Pad Radio Show live on Friday nights (http://www.javasbachelorpad.com/radio.html), we open up the chat for a kinda virtual cocktail hour party. You should give it a look.

Oh, and you have heard about this little publication called Bachelor Pad Magazine, right? (http://www.bachelorpadmagazineonline.com/)

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lucas vigor
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2004
Posts: 4095
Posted: 2009-07-04 12:58 pm   Permalink

Yeah, it seems like there are lots of podcasts and stuff that focus on lounge! I like them all!

I am going to check out that one forum, though!

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lucas vigor
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2004
Posts: 4095
Posted: 2009-07-04 1:02 pm   Permalink

Wow! I just checked it out! It's exactly the kind of subjects I am interested in, and I noticed some familiar names over there. I think I am going to defect from here to there!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 06, 2003
Posts: 535
From: Waikiki Beach, Hawaii
Posted: 2009-07-04 2:18 pm   Permalink

I LOVE all kinds of mid-century music...."eames" era.....all the percussion lps, lush orchestras, Tijuana Brass cash-in LPs, LOVE IT.
"Hawaiian Hi-Fi" Radio on Live365.com
"Kaiwaza" Youtube Hawaiian Record Collection videos

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Dec 28, 2007
Posts: 407
Posted: 2009-07-05 02:25 am   Permalink

definatly the lotta livin site plus a few of us cats hang out at thecad.net
check out the Exotica and Lounge podcast www.cocktailnation.net

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lucas vigor
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2004
Posts: 4095
Posted: 2009-07-05 11:20 am   Permalink

This is fantastic: (From the cad)

"Who knows when it was all over? Some say it had come with a bullet fired from the Texas School Book Repository and some say the victim had managed to limp along for three years thereafter, finally succumbing to massive blood loss toward the end of 66. All we know about the case is that it happened. Swank was dead, and no one cared. A public that had formerly got dressed and gone out suddenly decided they had better things to do with their lives. The nightclubs were abandoned for television, the cities for the suburbs, and even a neglected Las Vegas seemed to shutter its doors and dim its lights for a while. Yet, no matter the causes, consequences, or actual date of death, in 1969 there came a definitive goodbye to the old guard, and ironically, it was issued from the man who had done everything in his power to keep it alive."

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: May 23, 2008
Posts: 27
Posted: 2009-07-29 09:32 am   Permalink

Hey I know what you mean, I prefer the very lush lounge sounds of the 50s and even into the early 70s. I especially like some of the production music that came out of the same period.ie. music for TV dinners . They have 2 cds.One specifically 50s and early 60s and one from the mid60s to late 60s. I listen to it over and over and never get tired of it.Also check out the jetset lounge on KFAI internet radio. Although it isnt all about the music you describe, there are some gems there. I prefer the instrumental stuff rather than the crooner stuff. Never was big on sinatra although I do like Sammy davis. Montovanni? Lush elevator music? I sure miss that stuff when I was in elevators and grocery stores in the 70s. Its all loud crappy classic rock now. I mean dont get me wrong, Im in my early 40s and play in a rock band , but if I have to hear billy Joels "for the longest time" or Rod Stewarts Maggie Mae whilst shopping just one more time i may never go out again. Bring back music as the mood setter. Just background and not pushed into your face.

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Joined: Mar 10, 2009
Posts: 5
From: Perth West Australia
Posted: 2009-07-30 05:37 am   Permalink


I have only found the following lounge pod caste
but I have got onto some cool lounge acts such as Pink Martini's 1st album, SSSU and theres always the classics like Astrid Gilberto!


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 10, 2009
Posts: 196
From: Columbus, Ohio
Posted: 2009-10-28 09:17 am   Permalink

Was thinking about this topic while getting ready for work today. A huge part of who I am revolves around music. As a result, I feel music goes hand in hand with enjoying the tiki culture. What's your thoughts on what makes the perfect soundtrack while enjoying a Beachbum Berry drink in hand? Is it purely exotica and nothing else? Does lounge music such as that presented on the Cocktail Nation podcast fit in? What about Putumayo World music or the various Ultra-Lounge CDs? Where does Surf music and rockabilly fit in? I'm looking for suggestions on additional music to add to my playlist, as well as looking for opinions on what you all like.

I'll begin by saying something I probably shouldn't say here on TC....for the most part, I'm not a big fan of exotica. It's usually too repetitive and doesn't carry a hook. Now notice I said "for the most part." I do have Martin Denny, Les Baxter, etc. on my playlist, but I have selected specific songs that I like and not just blankly added all of them. On the flip side, I LOVE Latin jazz and play that a lot in my home lounge. So, with that said, what do the rest of you think?

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