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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Events California Events Dec. 16th! Tiki Joe's Ocean Christmas Concert and Dinner Party at Damon's!
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Dec. 16th! Tiki Joe's Ocean Christmas Concert and Dinner Party at Damon's!
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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Posted: 2012-12-17 06:43 am   Permalink

Thanks Kari and Damon's for an absolutely awesome fun night!!!! Really excited to see Damon's so pumped and committed to make this a prime hang out for local Tiki Ohana! The plan, I understand is to do a lot more events, drink testing nights and some additions to Damon's to better showcase more art and artists. It was super rewarding to meet the reps from Bacardi, talk of future projects in rum mania and to see old friends. Up and heading out to work here....kind of! Aloha!


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Joined: Feb 24, 2005
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From: TheSoccerTikiGrotto, Island of LongBeach
Posted: 2012-12-17 08:20 am   Permalink

Great evening! Kari....You (and your outfit) proved to be the hostess with the mostess!!! The food was tasty (thank you Damon's!) the pre-band entertainment was perfect (thank you King Kukulele and Crazy (Al) Sant'r) and the main event (Tiki Joe's Ocean) was on fire! They played Christmas music their own unique way and it was fantastic! We even heard some classics like Taboo! All this together with the vendors and decor made the night truly memorable! Thank you Damon's management as well! I can't wait to see Thor's new Tiki Mug made for Damon's by Tiki Farm (due in the Spring).

"Marriage, Mortgages, Market Places and Mai-Tai's...Whatta life

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nui 'umi 'umi
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Joined: Feb 21, 2011
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From: La Mirada Atoll
Posted: 2012-12-17 11:44 pm   Permalink

Here's some mo pix . I usually ask permission of the subjects before I post. PM me if you want any of the following deleted.
Hope you all enjoy. Plenny mo tomorrow.

Buzzy and the lovely Christina came up from San Diego-good to see em.


Eric (Tobunga)

Eric With his very cool hat

The dapper Doug Horne

Doug, Kinny,and Carrie

BigBro"s Arrival

Shouda got her name-Sorry

SoccerTiki (Chris)

Tikivato and his better half Rosemary

Woohoo and Soccertiki

Chippy, (Dave), Soccer, and HBTiki (Roger)

Santer ( C. Al,) and Karen



Kari (Tangaroa-ru) and Andy (Tiki Joe's Ocean)

Kari ( background, Sven and on right Marty Lush



The King and Santer

Winner of one of Thor's great Rum

Dave Fernandez of Purple Orchid fame

Tiki Joes most excellent drummer-sorry I left you out of yesterday's pic

Rosemary,Tikivato, and HBTiki

The Master at work ( taken without flash to capture the ambience at Damon's_)

Marty on the Vibes

Susie and My better half CeCe

David and Hope from Gardena

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Joined: Aug 04, 2006
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From: Surf's Up, Los Angeles!
Posted: 2012-12-17 11:52 pm   Permalink

I will be posting something tomorrow, kids! Brain and typing fingers still trying to make friends withe each other after little sleep!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 11, 2011
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Posted: 2012-12-18 08:33 am   Permalink

Looks like a great turn out!

Happy to see an event like this at Damon's -- such a great old school tiki establishment.

Great job!

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crazy al
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 25, 2002
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From: CA
Posted: 2012-12-18 11:48 am   Permalink

pretty festive night i must say....... thanks Kari and the Boys

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Joined: Nov 18, 2012
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Posted: 2012-12-19 5:23 pm   Permalink

Wow, what a night! I'm still recovering. I just wanted to stop by and first off thank Kari, the Hostess with the Mostest, you are truly amazing, thank you. Tiki Joe's Ocean, you guys brought down the house!Thor,thank you so much for taking time to grace us with your amazing art and presence as well. And most importantly I would like to thank all those who attended Sunday. It was a pleasure to meet all of you and I hope to see you all again soon. Once again, thanks to all for such a special night! Happy Holidays from all of us at Damon's

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 04, 2006
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From: Surf's Up, Los Angeles!
Posted: 2012-12-19 11:26 pm   Permalink

Here's a little five minute souvenir of this wonderful night - shot and edited by our "Lost In Paradise" ohana member, Chris Bonomo! Really, I am planning on posting a follow-up message about this event very soon, but until then, WATCH THIS!!!

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Oct 05, 2008
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From: Agoura Hills, CA
Posted: 2012-12-22 12:48 am   Permalink


Thank you Kari and Damon's for making this show possible. Good friends, good artists, good food, and good music. Fun night.


Larger photos are
up on Flickr.

Here's to more dinner+shows at Damon's!

if it's not a little complicated, it's probably not worth it.
5 Minutes of Rum

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Tiki Joe's Pop
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 01, 2006
Posts: 523
From: Seattle
Posted: 2012-12-29 11:44 pm   Permalink

Well that was some serious Tiki-mas fun...

Only took two weeks to bubble up to the surface and decompress from that one to post my most heartfelt thanks to ALL those involved with the most unique, layered and down-right 60's supper-club style "Tiki meets Christmas" party to date, all thanks to one phenominal woman, but...she'll get her accolades later...

(Prelude thanks to Lee H. for hosting the greatest, most ideallic rehearsal space ANY of us have ever known....but now...)

Buzzy & Christina! Alene (& her hubby to be named soon!), Crazy Al! Kris! Eric October! Ron & Mickee Bongofury! and of course Damon's!
NOT to be excluded- the artists who vended, attended & have created the beautiful artwork that has graced the 4 TJO covers since 2009:
Tiki tOny, Doug Horne, Ken Ruzic and Tom "Thor" Thordarson.
I admire you all tremendously.

Thanks to the lovely, vivacious and quick clicking Michelle aka "Hibiscus Hula Hips" for the amazing support and stellar pics and video clips during the show. Extra pancakes in the Aquarium for us, yes?!

To Jaime: the "straight from TVLAND" lightsmith that put us in that supercool duo-color hue. Get on TC so you can read this already!

SoccerTiki & WooHoo~! Your CO-co-hosting, lei-ing & mistletoe-ing were inspired. Thanks SO much, yous two!

Musical mahalos to the one & only KING KUKELELE for oh so subtly knocking our mostess-hostess aside to do the thing ONLY you do. The single "shtick" I personally heard was "How's the Chicken?" That did it for me.

TO: Michael, Kevin and the ENTIRE staff at Damon's for making everyone feel like they were ALL a part of a unique event. THANK YOU!

CRAZY (Sant'r) AL! - Thanks "Skinny Santa" for the endless enthusiam, right up to the final conga-line "Angels we have Heard on High." Now rest, Sant'r, rest.

TO: The dynamo that is Chris Bonomo, the man that will ACTUALLY give you the belt off his pants!- for capturing the evening in video and keeping everyone on their toes, festive and in focus! You are the BEST Chris (second to Tiki Tim! hehe & kidding! You guys admire each other too much to compare- I know!)

My deepest appreciation to TIKI JOE'S OCEAN: Straight from drumming at St. L's: the dymanite Mark Gusek; soon to destroy L.A., bassist Max Benson; 2012 GRAMMY(c.) nominee and coolest human living Zarif on percussion; "from the bar" the singular entity known as Marty Lush; and the man that stole the show on a quick hop from Hawaii (once again) Mr. Alika Lyman. Love to all you amazing guys.

TO: Tom "THOR" Thordarson - For partnering with Damon's and creating "Live" your rum art- it is deeply appreciated. Wonderful for all of us to see you again like that, Tom!

ABOVE ALL: The idea creating this incredible night. Endless Mahalos to our Producer-extraordinaire Kari Hendler for EVERYTHING you did for the last year to make this happen in a most successful and happy way.

And to the people who attended; your support of this event, of Tiki+Christmas, of Damon's, of Kari, and personally, especially of Tiki Joe's Ocean for the past 4 years...your love has been heard loud and clear. THANK YOU!

"Christmas Beauty and the Beach Bum" (switch that!)

Phenom bassist Max Benson, Hibiscus Hula Hips and yes, Mr. Alika Lyman.

"THOR" doing the tremendous rum painting

Alika, the wonderful Lee H. and Max

Supper-club revelers w/cameo by Brent/Mr. DDD himself- & hey! Who recorded the show?! Send us a copy!!!

The King!

Zarif, Max and Alika....

Mark holding the aquarium together

Zarif & La Lush

"Beyond the Reef" with actual-ish reef in the background!

2/3 of TJO featuring David Kamada & Hope in the foreground!

Official group shot of the night - Mahalo Hibiscus Hula Hips for that one!!

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE~! See you there next year! Get your tix soon!

~~~HAPPY 2013 from Tiki Joe's Ocean!~~~

Our NEW album - SOUL OF THE SEA -
Named KOOP KOOPER'S TOP TEN of 2012-

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Jul 30, 2008
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From: Irvine, CA
Posted: 2013-01-03 8:00 pm   Permalink

Doug,Wahoo and Kuke

Kuke,Dave A Crazy Santa Al

til next year......The End

Kuke Combs

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 04, 2006
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From: Surf's Up, Los Angeles!
Posted: 2013-01-06 6:19 pm   Permalink

I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally post my follow-up message about this night. There's so much to say, yet I don't want to cure anyone's insomnia, so I'll keep it as brief as I can.

I've always loved all things about Hawaii and Tiki. I grew up in a beach town in Los Angeles, so that Pacific Rim vibe and the abundance of Tiki bars/restaurants were around me, as well as my parents and one set of grandparents being very much into this. I "rediscovered" my love for Tiki about fifteen years ago, and was stunned and thrilled to find out there were others-- many others -- out there who felt the same way, and were creating a community filled with the aloha spirit, unlike anything I had ever seen outside of Hawaii. Over the years, through various events and places like Tiki Central, many of these people have become true "ohana" to me -- filling a space left very empty when some of my biological family members passed on. To be able to put together an event like this, at the bequest of one of my favorite Tiki restaurants, Damon's, was an extra jolt of happiness in my already great year. What a way to end 2012! And, to be able to put it together with so many people I truly love, made it all the more sweet and heart-expanding.

Michael and Kevin at Damon's: Thank you for coming to me to help you put on this event. You were wonderful to work with! I look forward to seeing you both often in this New Year, and perhaps collaborating again some time on future projects. I cannot be more delighted that you and the new partners at Damon's want to welcome in our Tiki community even more. And your idea to have a special Tiki drink night once a week is a GREAT ONE! Hope to see that start soon! We'll all cheer you on!

Andy Nazzal and the band members of Tiki Joe's Ocean: You earned this night! Nothing makes me happier than putting the right people together with the right circumstances. Your music put everyone in the perfect mood for this event. An exotica band that ran our favorite Christmas songs through the "Tikifier"?! How cool is that?! You really were the glue that brought so many to this event, and proved that Damon's is an outstanding place to host live musical events -- yes, right there in front of the fish tank! It worked! It worked! And no fish were harmed in the making of this concert! And thank you for letting me pitch some song suggestions, which you orchestrated so well! Mahalo, you fine musicians!

Tom "Thor" Thordarson: You have been one of my best friends for many years now. You are truly a kindred spirit for me in all things fun and creative. Your willingness and enthusiasm to join me in this Damon's project has made this even better. You went so far above and beyond in your participation - from making four (4!!!) rum paintings, doing the live demonstration this night, designing Damon's first (upcoming!) Tiki mug and just impressing the heck out of everyone. The words "thank you" are not enough. I'll say it again: You really ARE a white knight!

Crazy Al and King Kukulele: You two nutters added the PERFECT extra "Aloha-style" entertainment and "POW" to this night. Both of you with your great sense of fun and unique talents! Thank you for providing wonderful, hysterical distractions throughout the evening. You really brought your A+ game to this, and I love you for that!

Chris Bonomo: Thank you for making the long trek this night to document this party on video. As the memory of this event fades, all of us will be able to refresh our brains thanks to you and your great camera and editing work! I've never seen anyone put together a promo so quickly or skillfully! My gosh, you are TALENTED!!!

All the Vendors: (Buzzy, Tiki Tony and the lovely Alene, Eric October and Manuel, Doug Horne, Ken Ruzic, Krisdrama, Crazy Al, Mr. and Mrs. Bongofury) -- You showed up for me even thought this wasn't going to be a long night of vending, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate this! You brought such wonderful things for everyone to buy AND you introduced a whole bunch of new people to the wonders of contemporary Tiki art and crafts! You are all SO TALENTED! I hope you made a lot of new friends and fans this night. Thank you for being there and turning that back room into a party unto itself!

Chris and Karen Garland: From the moment this event was announced, I got a call from you with the words, "What can we do to help?" You are two of Tiki's biggest cheerleaders, and you certainly were mine this night! You were the perfect extra hands I needed to help greet everyone with mistletoe and leis, and I thank you so much for being my friends. Anyone who has attended your International Marketplace knows of your welcoming spirit and ability to pull things together. You helped me more than you know, just by being you. May the spirit of the mistletoe monkey live with you forever!

Robert Spina: Thank you for bringing your Don Ho (ho ho) to the night by singing "This Christmas". Great job! And also, thank you for cheering me on while I was planning this whole shindig out!

To my Mom: Thank you for letting your goofy daughter with her crazy ideas bring a big exotica band into your home to rehearse. Now THAT'S some serious aloha! But I think you enjoyed it, and I have proof on video of you rocking out to "Yellowbird" while the boys jammed in your living room.

Finally, to everyone who attended: My heartfelt love and thanks for being there. Whether you did the dinner/show package or just enjoyed your night from the bar, YOU SOLD OUT THIS EVENT and made it the success it was! YES, YOU! Your overwhelming response truly surprised Damon's (you drank them out of several drinks, did you know that?!?!) and showed them that they have a supportive fan base who will come back for more good times at their establishment. I have so enjoyed hearing from some of you, about how much you liked this event. It means more than you know to hear your positive feedback.

Okay, everyone...So now we're beginning a whole new year, full of personal goals, fun events and a chance to spend more time together. I hope that all of you re-embrace one of the main reasons why we all got involved with Tiki -- THE SPIRIT OF ALOHA -- and that you truly share the meaning of this every opportunity you can. Our community has grown very large in the past ten years, and it's easy to forget this sometimes, as we get swept up into parties, events, influential friendships, and even a certain level of competition that, frankly, in Tiki, should NOT exist. EVERYONE in our community has gifts and talents to share, whether it's great drink recipes, artwork, a cool home bar, musical talent, or even the greatest thing of all -- kindness. I wish you all a year full of of aloha.

~ Kari Hendler
(Associate Editor of Tiki Magazine)

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