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Tiki Central Forums » » Tiki Events » » California Events » » TIKI OASIS IV - How was the Event? How was the Resort? How was The REEF?
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TIKI OASIS IV - How was the Event? How was the Resort? How was The REEF?
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 19, 2002
Posts: 775
From: Santa Ana, CA.
Posted: 2004-05-15 09:23 am   Permalink

I want to change the way the event is run.

1. I want to have this event someplace called Baxdog’s Tropics
2. It needs to called Baxter Oasis 1 2 3 and 4
3. The vendors need to sell stuff that has a Baxdog theme
4. All the prices will be really low (for Baxter only)
5. I will have a Baxter parking place.
6. I will stay in the Baxdog suite
7. I will have ice brought to my suite every 10 minutes (the ice bags should say Bax on them)
8. I will not have to wear a wrist band, and the gates will open automatically.
9. The entertainment will also have Bax, Dog, Baxdog, or Baxter in the title
a. DJ Dog
b. The Baxdog Gents featuring “The Mysterious Baxter”
c. The Smokin Dog-A-Looney’s
d. K-9 Ape
e. The Baxman (from New York)
f. King Kukabaxy
g. Baxter’s Pimento Project
h. And in my private Baxdog suite/ the soothing futuristic intergalactic space love sounds of Baxsu Robaxa and his 7 foot female blow up doll making videos of their own???
10. All Burlesque dancing will have the Baxdog theme (especially the K-9 part) and will be performed no more than 5 feet from my Baxdog Throne (I mean chair)
11. My people will bring me drinks made from the Beach Bum Baxter book
(Cause to pull this off I gotta start drinkin again)
12. We will meet outside the Baxbar called “The Beef”(fitting don’t you think?) and we will make a likeness of me, and let’s call Baxagami
13. Let’s have a who can look like Baxter in the future dress up contest.
(none of the contestants can be overweight or hairy)
14. 135 and Dr.Z’s room shall be Baxdog Jr. suite #1 and #2 with music by Les Baxter
(NO, I did not say LESS Baxter, so stop thinking it)
15. The Dive-in Movie will be 8mm movies of my child hood (no one will fall asleep)
16. The BaxModern Gallery should have all art work in theme
(C’Al, start working on the velvet Baxdog)
17. Mothers day no longer works for me. Dog Day will do fine.
18. I will be taken to The Beef bar Fantasy camp by Miss Hawaii 1971 who will give me my own personal Hula lap dance to the strumming sounds of the Baxulele.
19. The photo board (Monkey Man that is just to obvious) me me me

That is all I can think of for now, because with two kids and 27 jobs, I need more time?
So all that is left is
Casey / start working on my new motor lodge signs
Otto / start booking my entertainment
Artist / E-mail me and I will send you PDFs of me
Ulla / get my suite ready (please)
Because Baxdog Day is not that far away
It’s the 2nd Sat. in August (International pet the Dog Day)
Thank you for my patience
And you can read more about this on Baxdog Central (stupid 24hrs a day)

When this stops being fun
It's our fault
Have no brakes Cannot stop
Happydog (What can I do?)

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Atomic Cocktail
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 25, 2002
Posts: 927
From: Land O' The Next Big One-L.A.
Posted: 2004-05-15 09:47 am   Permalink

Do not forgot the BAX-KU Poetry Recitation, Dog!

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: May 15, 2004
Posts: 83
From: The South Bay
Posted: 2004-05-15 11:32 am   Permalink

Aloha and Hola, I was a vendor at the Oasis this year and it was my first, I must say I had a blast and it was great meeting everyone. I really connot find anything to complain about. I am very surprised at the amount of negative ranting I have read on this post...
It takes alot of energy to put on an event like that...for the most part it is still a young event and if the organizers did not try different acts or different vendors how would the find their formula...
Granted somebody will always have their idea about how to make it better or what should not have been there. I would know I started DA SHOW the all vintage surf, skate & hawaiiana show put on by alohacruz.com (I AM NO LONGER PART OF IT). I applaud everyone who put their best foot forward and helped just for the sake of helping...Otto, Holden, Baxter, Crazy AL, Bamboo Ben and I am sure I am leaving out a ton of people...
Again I had a great time and I look forward to next year and I would love to see more posts about the great things that happened at the event regardless of your opinion about the acts the vendors the weekend date etc...it is about getting together with people and sharing what we all love....TIKI!

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Official Mixologist

Joined: Mar 29, 2002
Posts: 3059
From: http://www.smugglerscovesf.com
Posted: 2004-05-15 12:18 pm   Permalink

Question for Otto & Casey:

Weren't there going to be some posters of the TO IV logo? I know there was a limited print of some of Derek's work, but that was a bit too spendy for me, and I'd like one with the dates and such- just like the '02 poster.

I had heard that they were going to be available in the office, but when I asked Ulla, she hadn't heard about it...and then she slapped me across the face for speaking to her and not calling her "mistress". I loved it.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 27, 2003
Posts: 261
From: Bay Area
Posted: 2004-05-15 4:03 pm   Permalink

We are excited that we can bring an event that has created so many passionate responses!

First I want to thank Casey for allowing us to take over the tropics for 3+ days; They are amazing hosts for our event! Without the tropics there would be NO Tiki Oasis. So things got a little screwy with wristbands or ice machines it is all part of bringing together 500+ people to one place at one time. We are always trying to fix these things but next year it will be just another problem we can't foresee. So plan ahead. Bring extra ice. Get there early. Do what you have to do to make sure you have a good time!

Whenever I produce an event and I see a post that starts with 'Constructive Criticism' it is hard for me to read them as I tend to feel unappreciated for all the work we do. I know I shouldn't take constructive criticism personally as I am a well adjusted adult and all but after putting in my late night hours to make this event work and then having such a great weekend the last thing I want to hear is what was WRONG with it. Tiki Oasis is a volunteer-run event so one possible way folks can make sure little things are not forgotten is to help us with the set-up! (That will even score you a free ticket to the event!) With all it's flaws I think it still was an amazing vacation getaway. I had a great time and most everyone else did despite any flaws. Otto, Vander and I plan to do this for years to come.

Otto and I produce about 2-3 large scale events a year on top of our day jobs and family life. I guess you can say that we are obsessed with having a good time. And we want to make sure these events to take place, so if no one else is throwing the event, we will. That is how Tiki Oasis came along!

If you went to the past Tiki Oasis events you would know that the Reef Bar has been improved a trillion times over. Big fat smooches go out to Bamboo Ben and Crazy Al for creating an amazing environment and the Hotel for agreeing to let them take over on the decor! The Purple Orchid was a huge help with the bar this year offering support throughout the weekend. This was our first time adding the guest bartenders and we got some great feedback from those behind the bar on how to make this run more smoothly in the future. Let's face the facts here Tiki drinkers have a particular palette - it is hard to find really amazing Beach Bum Berry drinks at any busy bar! I am positive that based on the trillion improvements the bar made this weekend it will only get better with years to come.

There are a lot of great ideas that have been posted. We appreciate the feedback and will consider all of it. The parking passes for hotel guests seems like an obvious one that we didn't think of before. I think that would solve many problems. In our rush to get the event together we forgot to post no parking signs for where the vendors would be setting up on Saturday - Sunday. I personally scrambled around trying to find the owners of the cars. 2 cars were asked to move and (at the time) those people said they were totally fine with it. One thing to keep in mind is that we all here TOGETHER to have a good time. This is not a corporate event but rather a family and volunteer-run event!

The theme, the entertainment (including the burlesque) and the probability of the sex video shown during Seksu Roba was all posted on the website in advance. Although Tiki Oasis is open to kids we really don't want to change the whole event to be specifically kid oriented. What does that mean exactly? Seeing women in skimpy dress is fine to one parent but not to another.... who is to judge? In the future we will need to make it more clear that parents should use caution when watching the night time showcase. We certainly want everyone to have a good time and covering your kids eyes halfway through a band or dance act is not fun for your kids or the parent and we understand that.

The burlesque that was booked has nothing to do with my event Tease-O-Rama. Tiki Oasis has had burlesque acts over the last few years and this is under the idea that Tiki News feels that Burlesque hearkens back to the days of floorshows and therefore burlesque fits the bill in our opinion. Just check out Tiki News #14!!!!! The entertainment tends to be things that WE (the producers) want to see and experience and lucky for us most people like our choices! Also the entertainment is there because they are friends with Otto and/or want to be a part of the event. Many do this at a reduced rate in order to be a part of the event. What did we end up with? GREAT entertainment that we are really proud to be associated with here! Some people (who will remain nameless) didn't even get paid but volunteered their talent!! I want to make it VERY clear here that there was NO band that was turned down because of the burlesque dancers. I am not sure why someone would say this when it is untrue! It annoys me as it is NOT a matter of getting rid of the dancers to have another band!! (please consider removing past posts with false info as that is not a true representation of our event)

If people know Tahitian drummers, Polynesian dancers and bands of quality that are willing to work at a major discount have them contact Otto to get them on the bill.

The room parties are not officially part of the event as they are not supervised. If someone is that out of control in your room... I am not sure what advice I would give other then asking them to leave, call the cops or shut down your party til they leave. As far as I know everyone who stays at the hotel must mention Tiki Oasis/Tiki News when booking so I am not sure who those yahoos were. It might mean educating new people...'Hey the drinks aren't free it is more of a barter system here...you got a tiki you wanna give me?!' That ought to shake them up!

As for what is 'tiki' or should I say not 'tiki' at the Oasis I don't even know how to get into that.... BUT I can promise that next year there will be another twist to what 'tiki' is. It would be a good idea to read the website in detail before buying a ticket to make sure this fits with your idea and you will enjoy your time at the event even more. The beauty of life and our group as a whole is that people have their own sense of likes and dislikes! But this also means it is impossible to please everyone at all times. I swear I am not saying this to be rude - but rather that I would like to know that everyone who attends Tiki Oasis really wants to experience the event and have a good time!

Other thoughts off the top of my head:
We are going to invest in a large screen for the movie.
We want to do some kind of breakfast for Mother's Day brunch. Good hangover food at the hotel would be great! But not sure how to afford that.... got ideas or connections?
What about an in-room tiki movie for the kids while the adults play outside (or in their own room! tee hee!)?
Same amount of vendors but making sure they are quality Tiki products to avoid the chance of a flea-market feel.
Notes and signs to remind people to not leave valuables about. People who steal are mean and horrible people and should not be at our event. One item that was reported 'stolen' at the event was found later in their room. Don't let one bad apple ruin the bunch!

One thing I am personally proud of at our event is that we are bringing together people from around the globe! One fan I spoke with from another country was just amazed to be there with all the Tiki fans. He didn't mind that he had to park one block away.

WHEW! This is a long post! Sorry about that!

Special thanks to everyone who sent us lovely thank yous. We really appreciate them!
Extra kisses to King Kukulele for being our Emcee! Holden for Vendor assistance! Mateo for Volunteer coordination! Jim for Stage Management! Judd for Uke Jam! and soooo many others!

XOXO Baby Doe, Tiki News Magazine

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 28, 2002
Posts: 1183
From: behind a cluttered desk
Posted: 2004-05-15 8:32 pm   Permalink

I just wanted to send a quick and sincere thanks out to our friend Baxdog for helping me out AGAIN with a minor situation at Oasis! It seems like whenever I have anything to do w/ any level of coordination (be it just a grunt or a promoter) of these Tiki events and if something goes wrong... it's BAX to the rescue!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 21, 2003
Posts: 979
From: Like Oh My Gawd..San Fernando Valley
Posted: 2004-05-15 9:16 pm   Permalink

I was missing one tiki mug and one bamboo highball glass after the Zombie Tasting.
For those of you who discovered items lifted--I can sympathize!

I don't know about anyone else, but the bachelor guys gave me the creeps!

All in all, I had a blast and enjoyed mee-self tremendously!

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Molokai Mike
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 26, 2003
Posts: 511
From: the birthplace of the Mai Tai
Posted: 2004-05-16 5:32 pm   Permalink

Well said, babydoe. i enjoyed reading your post.

The "constructive criticism" posted on this topic should not be interpreted as anything but one's own idea of how things could have gone, had they hosted the event. The reality is they didn't, and there would probably be nothing Tiki related at all in Palm Springs, on a warm Mother's Day weekend, had not been for yours and Otto's efforts

Denise and myself spoke to alot of Tiki revelers all weekend lot, and we heard nothing but praise and thankfulness for everything you guys have done and for keeping the Tiki torch aflame and burning strong into the 21st century...and giving us all a reason to put on our aloha shirts, congregate in the desert and drink to the Tiki Gods !!

We will be back next year and for as long as you guys keep doing this fabulous job!!

Mahalo and Aloha

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 2370
From: Corona, Ca
Posted: 2004-05-16 6:16 pm   Permalink

Thank you Baby Doe for your response! Tiki Oasis is THE event of the year and I certainly enjoy attending every spring. I'm glad you, Otto and Casey are concerned about the things that can be improved for the future.

I know its hard to read (or hear) criticism about an event that you put so much energy into organizing however, I know its to help improve the Oasis event. Throughout the weekend it seemed like so many complained about things that could have been better but after we all returned to reality it didn't seem like anybody had the courage to say anything.

As I mentioned before, my original post was not intended to "slam" anybody so I hope it wasn't interpreted that way. If it did, please accept my apologies.

I guess the debate over what is or isn't tiki is something that we will all argue passionately. For this reason and for this topic, I guess the best approach is to "agree to disagree."

Thanks for considering our comments.


Poly-Pop *

Bartender, make mine a glass of WATAHHH!!!!!

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mrs. pineapple
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2003
Posts: 611
Posted: 2004-05-16 11:20 pm   Permalink

Baxter - I sent my check, like 3 days ago, and I haven't gotten my confirmation yet. I'm really freaking out. Why didn't you track me down using my IP address???

I had a great time at the Oasis, I got the flu from the pool and I'm high on Nyquil!

"You're the mayor of shark city, people think you want the beaches open."

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 19, 2002
Posts: 775
From: Santa Ana, CA.
Posted: 2004-05-17 07:48 am   Permalink

I for one am feeling a little bad will towards the pool.
I mean come on, name one other thing (besides Ulla)at the Tropics that can totally cool down your hot urges, surround you and get you all wet.
Let us instead focus on our over indulgent use of A/C. Hot cold hot cold.
And lest we try to remember the use of (shall we say) "RUM" to break down our immune system.
So let's put blame where blame is due.
The pool stole my beach towel
The pool took my parking place
The pool used all the ice
The pool listens to dance/party music
Come on folks the POOL is our friend

(is lest a word?)
Oh, and cool I cashed the first check to Baxdog day.
The suckers don't even know where we are having it
(tilt head back, open mouth wide)
ha ha ha ha ha ha
When this stops being fun
It's our fault
Have no brakes Cannot stop
Happydog (What can I do?)

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: May 13, 2004
Posts: 72
Posted: 2004-05-17 10:57 am   Permalink

Ok, I've read all these posts, and now I must speak...Driving home to Seattle (we drove our Airstream/"TIKIHUT") gave my wife and I plenty of time to contemplate our FIRST Oasis. As we drove through the desert and mountain passes (4" of snow just passed Weed, CA), we raved! We rejoiced! Finally! A group of our people! No sideways glances, no puzzled looks. Real tiki fanatics who understood the glory of the perfect Mai Tai or the choice 60s Reyn Spooner. Titilated, we rated this event an "11," and celebrated the creativity of Otto and BabyDo--the Ubertiki couple of our time. Tiki bless you Otto and BabyDo and all of your tiki elves for this blessed event. Not all of us have criticism--constructive or otherwise. Hell, a little skin and a sweet drink made us feel like one of the family!
Life is nothing if you are not obsessed--with tiki.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 14, 2003
Posts: 184
From: Palm Springs
Posted: 2004-05-17 2:32 pm   Permalink

I just completed guffaawing (the staff hates it when I laugh out-loud in the office) and tearing for about ten minutes, relative to your last "input."

BUT, you forgot...the pool watered-down my Mai Tai. Oh, and that really popular one...the pool ate my room key!

Thanks for brightening my day (I'll be in Garden Grove Monday night 760-427-1606)!


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 01, 2003
Posts: 461
From: Thrillville
Posted: 2004-05-18 11:59 am   Permalink

Baby Doe ROCKS!!!

Without Otto and his cohorts, there would be no "tiki revival" today, at least as we know it, as a thriving subculture, so I bow to their hard work in keeping it alive, and don't question their efforts, because I know their objectives are simple (and successful): a good time for like-minded people. Anything they offer us is like an oasis in this pop culture wasteland we find ourselves lost in these days.

Let's also keep in mind that ALL of us are gleefully and innocently bastardizing the original Polynesian religions that spawned our urban pagan rituals, so to say this is "tiki" and that is "not tiki" is highly subjective, and we would all be open to ridicule in the islands for even contemplating a "tiki oasis" of any sort in Palm Springs. When we were in Hawaii and I told them about the stateside obsession with tiki, the locals laughed at me. To them, tiki is just a part of their natural landscape, nothing to celebrate. It's only "exotic" to us Caucasian mo'fo's (primarily).

Some Asian babe was grilling me about the "meaning" and "point" of Tiki Oasis at Sherman's Deli in PS (highly recommended, by the way) and I tried to explain it to her, that it's a celebration of Polynesian pop culture, not South Sea pagan religions per se. "So it's for Asians?" she asked me. "Um, not really," I answered truthfully. "It's more of a white thing." "I didn't know white people had their own culture!" she exclaimed. "They don't - that's the point," I said, and that was my best shot at explaining the allure of tiki to non-Polynesians. Most Americans of all stripes assume their culture by osmosis, and since this is a boiling pot, many different ingredients will get in the mix, and this includes Tiki. At least from my perspective - I am not trying to speak for anyone else or the "movement" as a whole, these are just my own thoughts on the subject.

So no matter how many fire eaters and hula dancers you add to Tiki Oasis, it won't be "authentic" tiki - it will be our own continuation of the midcentury playboy/suburbanite version of forbidden tropical delights, which of course includes scantily clad dancers. It's the guilt-free sensuality of the island lifestyle that attracts so many of us hedonistic mainlanders anyway, I believe.

I mean, for instance, I love the Hollywood/exotica version of Voodoo, but Haitians will tell you they never stick pins in dolls and most of their "black magic" is used for healing, not raising the dead or seeking revenge. Still, I prefer movies like "I Eat Your Skin" and Robert Drasnin's "Voodoo" Lp over the actual deal. But I ackowledge it is fabricated fantasy. "Voodoo" rituals and emblems are often part of Tiki culture, as we enjoy it, but neither are true to their historical origins. And so what?

Defining "tiki' is like defining "film noir" - you know it when you see it, but it's a genre born of pop cultural interpretation, not purity of expression, so it's difficult to be definitive when describing or reveling in it. That's just how I choose to see it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions on this or any subject. Them's my two pesos.

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lucas vigor
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2004
Posts: 4089
Posted: 2004-05-18 12:52 pm   Permalink

Good point, Aqua Zombie!

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