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Tiki Central Forums Beyond Tiki m. night shyamalan's "the village" (spoilers)
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m. night shyamalan's "the village" (spoilers)
Sabu The Coconut Boy
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Joined: Aug 20, 2002
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From: Carson, California
Posted: 2004-08-04 12:40 pm   Permalink

I was entranced by the young actress, Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Ivy. Thought she was really beautiful and handled the role well, (or I may just like redheads). I didn't find out till afterwards that she is actor/director Ron Howard's daughter. That made me feel old.


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Geeky Tiki
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Joined: Oct 15, 2002
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From: Las vegas
Posted: 2004-08-04 1:56 pm   Permalink

Things that tweaked me:

1) The main flaw: Humans who are fearful of beasts and cowed by them. I immediately wondered, "What the Hell?" Us humans destroy all in our path and take no prisoners until the beasts in question are almost extinct, then we toss them in zoos. Real settlers would have made a fort and slaughtered the beasts.

2) If the rules were "we won't kill you if you stay out of the forest", then why did they need fires and night sentries?

3) The way some lady mentioned her daughter being killed in an alley made my wife think it was said in too modern a way.

4) They lived in a small valley but had cotton clothing. With no travel in or out for trade, where did the cotton come from?

5) They would also need infrastructure for steel knives and other tools, glass, especially for the doctor's optical lenses.
Loads of infrastructure is needed for wood milling, paper making, oil for lanterns and torches, shoe makers, steel for razors to keep the men clean shaven, lock boxes, hardware, etc.

I figured so few people couldn't maintain a totally seperate environment for any length of time.

Where would they get all those dyes for all the clothing colors?

6) Inbreeding would have gotten a little out of hand over time.

7) If the beasts kill all who enter the forest, then how did the people get to the town in the first place?

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Geeky Tiki
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Joined: Oct 15, 2002
Posts: 533
From: Las vegas
Posted: 2004-08-04 3:38 pm   Permalink


Why send a blind chick with no clue about cars, the modern world, ID, or anything out to get a prescription filled?

If he was using her because she was blind and he didn't want anybody to go who could report back, then...why didn't he go?

The dad already knew the secret, and it was only half a day's walk. He could have blasted out after dinner one evening and been back in time for breakfast with none the wiser. We know that "Elders" must have gone missing for hours at a time because they used to dress up and go make noise in the woods.


And another thing...

Why keep the costumes on site?

If nobody left the village, shouldn't they have kept the Santa suits somewhere off campus? Then NOBODY could accidentally find them and they wouldn't have to worry about putting them on at home and then trying to sneak OUT of the village.


The Village, HA!

Those village people had no policeman, no Indian guy, no construction worker, no leather guy.


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Joined: Mar 26, 2002
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From: LBC
Posted: 2004-08-06 10:57 pm   Permalink

It was like a really long twilight zone episode.

a REALLY long twilight zone episode.

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Satan's Sin
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Joined: Jun 13, 2004
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From: Imperial Beach, CA
Posted: 2004-08-07 8:14 pm   Permalink

Just saw the box office on boxofficemojo ... Village is down 72% from last weekend and that is a bad, bad drop and means a lot of people are telling their friends that this is not worth $8 ... ("acceptable" drops from opening wknd to next is like 30% (source: Variety); anything more means weak "legs").

I like MNS and I think the mantle of Hitchcock is deservedly his, but I think he slacked off on this script and maybe this will be the bucket of cold water he needs. I really would like to see something as good as "Sixth Sense" again.

Frank Sinatra always said that when you "made it," that didn't mean you could kick back and take it easy. It meant you had to work even harder.

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Joined: Sep 17, 2003
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From: Volcanic area of France
Posted: 2004-08-28 2:56 pm   Permalink

I just saw the movie and really liked it.
Why don't you guys just let your imagination flow and let you captivate by the story ??
Even if I understood the end from the beginning, I really enjoyed the all film. And even if the all story wouldn't be possible, who cares ??
Don't you like hearing fantasy stories ? Don't you like watching movies such as "Charlie and the chocolate factory" or fairy tails ?? Well I do, and I think it's great.

And I'd love to live in a tiki village

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Joined: Jul 20, 2004
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Posted: 2004-09-08 3:00 pm   Permalink

This discussion of twist endings got me thinking about this movie "Jacob's Ladder" (1990) - that was one of the first movies I really remember that used the twist ending to its advantage!


Jacob's Ladder was a great movie. I believe the whole twist ending was mastered by Hitchcock, though. Take movies like Vertigo, or Psycho as an example.

As far as the village goes.....it was an okay movie. I had it figured out about 30 minutes into it and I didn't even have to analyze it that much. It was just sort of obvious to me. I hated Signs, and I hated Unbreakable even more, so finding the Village somewhat entertaining was a plus.

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