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Tiki Central Forums Creating Tiki Tiki Carving tiki bar + pool + halloween = party at thanatos
tiki bar + pool + halloween = party at thanatos
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Joined: Jun 13, 2004
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From: Tampa Bay
Posted: 2004-08-21 11:56 am   Permalink

Ok so I am re doing my bar (see old posts) and adding a drink rail along the wall. Will send pics. Every year we have a huge luau in the summur and a huge (150 people) halloween party. I want to use my new Tiki bar pirate, head hunter theme.. Here is whati need help with......
1) A floating volcano in the pool. I have a fog machine that will do the fog, anyone got any thoughts? I am thinking stryofoam building it of. I would like it to shake...
2) I have skulls I am going to be painting triable... thoughts?
3) My pound I want a Tiki god waterfall... I can build it just need thoughts

Ill send new pics and drawings as I get closer.... Thank you in advanced


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purple jade
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Joined: Feb 19, 2003
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From: New Orleans
Posted: 2004-08-21 1:16 pm   Permalink

Thoughts on the volcano...
Rather than the fog machine, which may dissipate too quickly outside to be effective, be too hot and melt the styro, and be an electrocution hazard if too close to the water (don't put it IN the volcano!), maybe dry ice would be better. It would creep out of the crater and down the sides and crawl over the surface of the water. You could attach a hose from a blower in a remote location to the volcano to get it moving out if necessary. Don't put the container of ice too deep into the crater, keep it close to the top and seal around the edges, or all the fog will just fall back inside of the volcano. It'll probably also need ballast in the bottom to keep it from being top-heavy. Downside is you'll have to keep refueling the dry ice throughout the night.
I've never tried this myself but I was told about using one of those bags of self-heating crystals (for keeping your hands warm while hunting or camping) in with the dry ice rather than using warm water. Allegedly stays warmer longer and doesn't need to be dumped out to prevent overflow. Sounds reasonable but I don't know for sure. Maybe put a bunch of red glo-sticks in there too for a non-electrical light effect? Don't know what to do for the shaking...

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Joined: Feb 19, 2004
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From: long island ny
Posted: 2004-08-21 9:40 pm   Permalink

in regards to the dry ice, i had the same type of idea[mine was for inside a coffin for halloween] the ice can be bought for about 20 bux from an ice cream wholesaler[find out where the ice cream trucks get their supplies]
and i found that after a while the water around the ice gets so cold it either frezzez solid or just stopps producing a good quantity of smoke....
so we dropped it into the keg barrel and had the best damn freezing cold beer ever!!!
everyone seemd to agree it was the best keg of bud ever!!!the keg started to freeze over it was great!
i got a fog machine as well and id be nervous about floating that puppy in the pool, mine draws alot of electricity.....one drunk cannonballs and the whole kit and kaboodle might sink in the drink!
what about a tiki head of paper machete that emits fog from its mouth??

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Joined: Jun 13, 2004
Posts: 318
From: Tampa Bay
Posted: 2004-08-22 6:20 pm   Permalink

No wouldnt float it. Id use flexable 3 inch drainage pipe. Fog machine about 2 feet away. run pipe into pool, wieght it down. Run it thru middle. The water surronding it should cool it so it would hang low.... I even could put some ice in the volcano...
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