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Happiness Is A Warm Puppy (Who Can Shoot)
Unga Bunga
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posts: 5859
From: CaliTikifornia
Posted: 2004-09-09 1:04 pm   Permalink


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 29, 2004
Posts: 599
From: outside the windy city
Posted: 2004-09-09 1:09 pm   Permalink

I know where I would have LIKED that bullet to have gone-but then again,the way he acted,it would have been a VERY small target.Sicko.

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Joined: Apr 09, 2003
Posts: 3293
From: Victoria, BC
Posted: 2004-09-09 1:22 pm   Permalink

Makes me sick to my stomach.

A local man beat and buried a dog alive, it was found and actually survived. Turns out this guy used to live next door...apparently he asked my parents to vouch for him when he wanted to become a foster parent...they said 'forget it'. I can remember a dog of his coughing up blood for some unknown reason.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 21, 2004
Posts: 1513
From: calgary
Posted: 2004-09-09 1:29 pm   Permalink

Years ago our old nieghbor was "the crazy cat lady". It got so bad that other people called the police. She had so many that most were put down and the house was deemed unfit for human habitat. Apparently she use to drive around late at night and look for strays. Hope the guy with puppies gets jail time and then some..

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tiki mick
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Joined: Aug 11, 2003
Posts: 398
From: Socal
Posted: 2004-09-09 1:51 pm   Permalink

Disgusting f*%$#cking brute!

Asshole's Justice!!!!

I am no PETA person, but people who do stuff like this deserve the book thrown at them, several hundred times, and right across the head!

Better though, would be to do what Caligula had done to the drunken guard!!!

Just like what they do to geese, for foi-gras..only they oughtta use miller beer, because I am guessing this is the jack-ass's favorite brand!!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 11, 2003
Posts: 744
From: glendale, ca
Posted: 2004-09-09 2:13 pm   Permalink

Wanna know something interesting? Pets are simply considered property by the law. No different than your lawn mower or your garden gnomes. These jerks seldom get what's coming to them unless there's a large public outcry. (Remember the ass that threw the ladies puppy out inbto traffic?)

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Urban Tiki
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 18, 2004
Posts: 529
From: The Tropical Isle of Manhattan
Posted: 2004-09-09 2:49 pm   Permalink

I was elated when I heard that story on the news this morning- talk about poetic justice. Except for the fact that the jerk won't be getting what he really deserves.

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Unkle John
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 22, 2003
Posts: 1217
From: Middle-of-the-Ocean, TX
Posted: 2004-09-09 2:59 pm   Permalink

in the state of Texas it's now a felony for beating/starving/torturing/etc. an animal. It's called the "Loco Law". It was named after a puppy that wandered (probably called away) away from his home. He was tortured and had his eyes gouged out. The poor fella found his way home by smell. The vet couldn't save his eyes so they had to sew them shut, poor guy looks like he's sleeping.
They never caught the bastard who did that, but because of this puppy (who is still alive) there is now a law.

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Feb 18, 2003
Posts: 893
From: Bay Area
Posted: 2004-09-09 2:59 pm   Permalink


On 2004-09-09 14:13, spy-tiki wrote:
Wanna know something interesting? Pets are simply considered property by the law. No different than your lawn mower or your garden gnomes. These jerks seldom get what's coming to them unless there's a large public outcry. (Remember the ass that threw the ladies puppy out inbto traffic?)

The tide is turning on this aspect of the law - slowly. I remember doing some research on this a few years back. State-level courts here and there are starting to award damages to plaintiffs who are suing for mental suffering, etc. for damage/death done to their pets. Courts are starting the recognize the sentimental value of pets, which translates into $ when a pet is harmed or killed in front of you - similar to the kind of damages you can get for when a family member is similarly harmed.

From this it's just a matter of time until pets are recognized in every state as closer to a family member than property.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 12, 2002
Posts: 542
From: Los Angeles
Posted: 2004-09-09 4:16 pm   Permalink

You're right dangergirl. And many people with pets now also consider themselves more to be "guardians" rather than "owners". These are people who recognize the important part their pets play in their lives and the lives of their families. Regardless of whether pets are legally just our property or not, they still deserve a certain amount of care and compassion, especially since they are mostly domesticated and thus must rely on humans for their existance. I'm even bothered by people who buy or get pets really as just another toy to distract them occasionally. Prospective pet owners need to be aware that a pet needs more than just food and shelter. They need to be prepared to spend time each day with the pet as well as maintaining their overall health and sense of well being. This also means thinking about what to do when the pet can no longer live a healthy, happy life due to age or sickness. People need to understand that this too is part of being a responsible pet owner.

OK, I'm off the soapbox now.

Anyway, the guy with the puppies sounds like a complete moron in addition to being sick. First of all, he wouldn't have had to worry about being stuck with a litter of puppies if he had just gotten his dog fixed to begin with. And even if he couldn't give them away, it was probably more effort and cost to shoot them than just drop them off at the nearest shelter so they could at least have a chance at adoption. The guy is obviously just plain trash with less of a brain then the puppies he killed.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 20, 2004
Posts: 200
Posted: 2004-09-09 5:09 pm   Permalink

Sick bastard got exactly what he deserved. I've seen the way some people treat their animals and it makes me ill. I've got 1 dog and 3 cats (all in a one bedroom apartment) and although they can be annoying at times, I love them to death and don't know what I would do to myself should something happen to one of them.

I stumbled across a kitten limping across the road one time while driving home and noticed that it had one of its legs missing (or rather chewed off). It must have been attacked. I immediately pulled over and snatched up the cat and took it to the animal shelter. They, in turn, took it right to the vet. I told them that if it was a matter of either putting the cat down or someone paying the vet bills, I'd pay for them and take the cat. One legged cats aren't a hot commodity, and I'm sure putting it down was the first thing on their mind. They told me they would call me and give me the option. Two days later, after no return call, I contacted them and they had told me they didn't want to spend the money to help the kitten, so they chose to put it to sleep. It totally broke my heart.

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Geeky Tiki
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Joined: Oct 15, 2002
Posts: 533
From: Las vegas
Posted: 2004-09-09 5:50 pm   Permalink

My wife is a vet, so we get some interesting foster pets rotating through the house.

My favorite of all time was an orange and white female kitten that was found on I-80 as it goes through Oakland.

She was so sweet that she was still purring and nudging with her nose to get petted even though her back leg was mangled. She even tried to play.

She ended up losing her leg at the hip joint and then recovered at our house.

She was so cool, we kept her.

But what to name a three legged cat? We settled on Eileen. Get it? Eileen?

Anyway, she developed a great little hop for walking slow and her disability had absolutely no effect when it came to achieving full speed around the house.

Anyway, my sis-in-law baby sat her when we were moving and they fell in love, so now Eileen is an "only cat" in that household.

To add some Deja Vu, here in Vegas we drove by a little black kitten clinging to the median at our big freeway interchange one hot day. We had to loop around and do some "blinker work" but we met Eileen's soul twin.

It was a male shorthair who had been tossed from a car, best we can figure. He had what's called a de-gloving injury - kind of peeling back tissue - under his jaw and one paw.

He was near death with hyperthermia and his injuries, but he still wanted to cuddle.

Anyway, happy ending, now "Otto" (Get it, Otto?) lives with my wife's mom and dad.

Ooh, one time, my wife had a cat come in who got his butt shot off, and she actually built him a new butt - that worked!

He made popping (pop pop pop) sounds out his new butt when he farted, so he got named Iggy.

Sorry to ramble. I like pets, but this "companion" thing worries me. With some folks it's only a matter of time before I'll meet some person who says, "Well, I was going to have him neutered, but he refused to sign the informed consent, and then he chose not to get vaccinated...so what was I to do? I mean I told him he should do it, but he's his own dog, you know?"

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 15, 2004
Posts: 590
From: The Land of Pleasant Living
Posted: 2004-09-10 06:40 am   Permalink

Found a ferral cat lying, damn near dead (it couldn't even lift it's head, or move a muscle for that matter) on the side of a parking lot one cold October night. Took her home, treated her wounds and nursed her back to health. She wouldn't come out from underneath the bed for two months. But when she did what a beautiful black cat. Finest cat I've ever had the priviledge to live with.
Two years later I found her at the foot of the stairs with a .22 cal pellet hole in her side. She didn't make it to the vet. Talk about a man on a mission. It's probably a good thing that I never found the perpitraitor, I'd be in jail now.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 12, 2002
Posts: 542
From: Los Angeles
Posted: 2004-09-10 6:57 pm   Permalink

My own cat was found on a doorstep, barely a week old in a cardboard box with a dirty rag and an ashtray full of water. The vet said she'd probably not last long, but she was bottle-fed and eventually grew into the feistiest (and somewhat psychotic) feline ever. But at age seven she came down with kidney disease and once again the vet said that (even with daily fluid injections (to flush the kidneys...kinda like kitty dialysis) she wouldn't last more than a couple more months. He suggested putting her down (also considering her somewhat feral demeanor). But I did some homework into pet nutrition and feline renal disease, changed her diet completely (she now has a better diet than I do), added some supplements, and learned how to do her daily injections myself. That was 7 years ago. All of her blood levels are completely normal with the exception of one very slightly elevated one which has remained constant. She has just as much energy as before (if not more) and is as feisty as ever.

When I proposed my new found diet to the vet he thought I was crazy, but figured I couldn't put the cat in worse shape. When the first blood test came back after the first month of injections and a new diet, the vet thought it might be a mistake and said he'd never seen such a drastic turnaround involving kidney disease.

Human or animal, we are what we eat.

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Sep 13, 2003
Posts: 63
From: Neptune Beach, Florida
Posted: 2004-09-12 10:02 am   Permalink

Animal cruelty is disgusting. People that do it should have the same thing done to them(An eye for an eye philosophy). Animals have such non-conditional love for people and aim to please.

Here is a picture of my cockapoo that was rescued from the Humane Society last November. She was a mess --- her hair was all knotted up and tangled --- it looked like she had eight paws. The Humane Society named her "Mattie" due to the knots in her hair. We kept the name. She has personality plus plus!

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