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Tiki Central Forums Collecting Tiki S.S. Mariposa Tiki
S.S. Mariposa Tiki

Joined: Aug 05, 2004
Posts: 3
Posted: 2004-09-17 10:10 am   Permalink

I found this incredible Tiki at the Goodwill in Oahu. It was given out to the guests of the S.S. Mariposa, which was the name of one of the ships of the Matson Cruise Line. The back has a metal tag that reads: S.S. Mariposa, First Sailing 1956--and next to that is a tiki! Never seen one of these before. This made my trip!

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hala bullhiki
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 26, 2002
Posts: 570
From: champaign,illinois
Posted: 2004-09-17 11:28 am   Permalink

if you ever want to part with it, please email me, our dog(an akita) is named mariposa, and she always sleeps in our tiki room!!!.....anyway, great find, now i must search out one!!!!....mahalo for the pics too, at least i know what im looking for...

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Grand Member (6 years)  

Joined: Oct 15, 2002
Posts: 1560
From: Ventura County
Posted: 2004-09-17 11:09 pm   Permalink

I also have that piece. It is one of my favorites as it is the first Tiki item I found in the mid 90s that started our quest. I saw one at Da Show a couple years ago and one on ebay last year, so they are out there. S.S. Mariposa plied the waters of Hawaii and Tahiti.

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Phillip Roberts
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 09, 2003
Posts: 1660
From: OAHU/Seattle
Posted: 2004-09-17 11:25 pm   Permalink

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 27, 2002
Posts: 629
From: SoCal
Posted: 2004-09-18 01:11 am   Permalink

I have seen them for the SS. Monterey too, but I'm not sure about the other Matson Line ships.

I have one too, but I don't remember if its 1957 or 56 and I also don't remember if i9t the monterey or the mariposa. Franco has one too, whichever one I don't have.

Few years back I saw one go on ebay for $200+ but it must have been a fluke since I have seen them go for as cheap as $20 since then.

nice tiki, nice find.


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Joined: Jan 22, 2008
Posts: 1
Posted: 2008-01-22 6:50 pm   Permalink

I was looking on the web trying to figure out what to do with two tikis I have that are the same as the ones you are talking about (S.S. Mariposa, first sailing 1956). My grandparents were on that ship, but, not being a collector and since this is my year of eliminating excess, I want to get rid of them. I would rather send them to somebody who would like them, then just give them to Goodwill. So, let me know if you are interested. They are free and I'll even pay for postage to give them a good home.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 11594
From: Tiki Island, above the Silverlake
Posted: 2008-01-22 7:51 pm   Permalink

Oh well, ...I promised myself to not spend any money on Tiki items until my next job starts this year.

Here is my chance to keep my promise to myself AND still get something Tiki that I don't have in my collection yet!

If this is not a prank, I can promise you they will find a good home in my house, a very good home, indeed!

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Tiki Royale
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Dec 06, 2002
Posts: 891
From: The Aloha Room in Beautiful Belmont, CA!
Posted: 2008-01-22 10:18 pm   Permalink

Hi Notiki...
If you're still parting with these pieces I would be more than happy (and very appreciative) to take one off your hands.
I guarantee it will be happy in its new home.
Please check your personal messages.


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Capt'n Skully
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 28, 2005
Posts: 418
From: The Lost Lagoon
Posted: 2008-01-22 11:02 pm   Permalink


That's a really nice thing to do NoTiki.. They will surely find good homes with anyone here on TC.

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