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Tiki Central Forums » » Collecting Tiki » » New Tiki Store in Venice, CA
New Tiki Store in Venice, CA
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 19, 2005
Posts: 518
From: Hyderabad, India
Posted: 2005-04-01 6:00 pm   Permalink

(Accidently posted in bilge - this is NOT bilge!!)

I *literally* stumbled on this place today in Venice, CA. If you're familiar with Cabana Joe's (furniture, et. al.) - it's on the same street (Abbot Kinney - same side of the street - a block-and-a-half further north. Evidently, they are plugged-in to the tiki scene, as their website already has a link to TC!


The place is called "Cruz Vintage" - the owners are Art and Kathy. They have been open a whole FIVE DAYS - but I see great things coming out of this place!! Their website has a lot of info and pics of stuff they have currently.

Kathy (I didn't meet Art, he was busy, as any owner of a week-old business would be!) lived in Hawai'i and has been a collector of tropical furniture and decor her whole life. In addition to cool tikis, wall-decor and a truly awesome refurbished bamboo living-room set right inside the front - (I'd call "dibs" on it, but - that old "budget thing" and the lack of a pickup truck keeps me from slinging out my VISA card right now!) - they are moving in some great outdoor/garden stuff, too (they have a lanai in the back - make sure to check it out!) They are going to have some nice mid-century pieces as well!

I was told that they don't have even HALF of their stock in the store right now - that much is in storage and they will be getting new items in all the time!

Kathy also tells me that she gladly offers design help and assistance finding just what you are looking for!

I felt like ohana just hanging-out there for the short time I was able to spend in the showroom!

Cruz Vintage
1307 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 90291

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Tiki Matt
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Joined: Jul 06, 2004
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From: North O.C.
Posted: 2005-04-01 6:39 pm   Permalink

Judging by the website and prices, it looks like the folks at Cruz in Redondo have opened up another shop.

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Doctor Z
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Joined: Aug 01, 2002
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From: The Hale Moana Lounge, Torrance, CA
Posted: 2005-04-01 7:14 pm   Permalink

Art is NOT associated with the ridiculously overpriced Cruz in Redondo Beach. Art is a helluva nice guy and posts here on TC as "Mexatiki". He's got some great connections and has some fine artists & carvers working with him. I know he'll be vending again at Oasis this year, and I'm sure he'll have some fantastic stuff (I bought a sweet 3 1/2 footer from him last year). Gotta check out his new place - I just might end up making some 'pre-Oasis' purchases!

Thanks for the heads up, Padre!
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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 12, 2002
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From: Huntikington Beach
Posted: 2005-04-01 9:56 pm   Permalink

He WAS Cruz a few years ago, right? Is the other Cruz still around? This is getting confusing! Which Cruz is offering a haircut between shopping?

Wasn't there a divorce ??

Who has the trademark for the Cruz name?

I'm sooooooooo confused now.

Mas Tequilla!!!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 10, 2004
Posts: 4021
From: Reseda, calif.
Posted: 2005-04-01 11:03 pm   Permalink

Ok I am not sure but this place used to be called something like Surfing Cowboy or something like it and Mr. Cruz was working there a while ago, he must have taken over the store at this point. I am sure he is still divorced. Their stuff is pretty expensive, but nice. I have been ther many a times under the old ownership.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 18, 2002
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From: Ventura, CA
Posted: 2005-04-02 03:52 am   Permalink

you should check out Blue Link or Hydro Lab, can't remember the new name. I was dropping of some Tikis to them one dead Wednesday morning and 3 people... I think the only 3 people on the street stopped me to inquire about the tikis and decor I had, so I imagine this place will do very well and I imagine the rent there is sky high.

Live like a Beachcomber!
www.TikiTony.com www.facebook.com/tikitonybeachcomber

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 29, 2004
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From: San Pedro, CA
Posted: 2005-04-02 11:51 am   Permalink

from this website:


"FOR THE RECORD: CRUZ, ALOHA-CRUZ.COM, DA SHOW and ISLAND+BEACH™ have always been and will continue to be a sole-proprietorship, owned and operated by Cruz Nobleza only. Cruz Nobleza is, was, and always will be the FINAL WORD at CRUZ. The CRUZ umbrella is now entering its tenth year and we will continue to bring you the best in vintage Hawaiiana, Surf, and Skate, along with service, honor, and trust. Cruz Nobleza and her business entities have no affiliation whatsoever with any individual or any other company doing business as "Cruz Ret _ _ l" or "Cruz Vint _ _ e" and any affiliated Web site and other entities."

this is the one in Redondo beach that has way cool stuff for $$$$ - cuz they know what they have

Mexatiki is a cool guy, I'm sure his store in Venice will do very well.
HOpe this helps


"Hey, at least I'm housebroken."

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Tiki Matt
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 06, 2004
Posts: 927
From: North O.C.
Posted: 2005-04-02 12:22 pm   Permalink

It's all so clear now, I apologize for the mix-up. The term "confusion in the marketplace" comes to mind....

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: May 15, 2004
Posts: 83
From: The South Bay
Posted: 2005-04-05 4:48 pm   Permalink

WOW....ok let me set the record straight for everyone. My name is Art Cruz....some 11 years ago my then girlfriend Susan "Cruz" Nobleza (Cruz being her mothers maiden name) and I started a store called CRUZ...which became Aloha-cruz.com....TOGETHER we started and founded DA SHOW...Yes we where on the very high end level....that relationship ended 2 1/2 years ago....I floundered for a bit and I am now married to my wife Maria and we are expecting our first child in August...no doubt in my mind my soon to be born son will be a tiki lover...I plan on putting him in some tini tiki clothes from www.beachdudeinc.com (shameless plug I know but KC is a good friend).
7 months ago I started working with Surfing Cowboys....they started off doing lots of vintage suurf skate and hawaiiana...almost a small CRUZ Hermosa Beach...they have now eveolved into an excellent source for mid-century furniture....they still have a little surf skate but much more furniture....I know this is long but stick with me folks....When my ex and I still had the store in Hermosa Beach I had met a consigner named Kathy Urso....YES back in those days I was rather tought to deal with...well it was that "tought to deal with: attitude that made Kathy think I might be a good person to start a biz with...so about 6 weeks ago we struck a deal and found a spot on Abbot Kinney...
I am happy to say that Cruz Vintage is born and my goal is to have a place where people can come and enjoy tiki....I am working on building all areas of what I dealt in before plus the furniture....I am very easy to deal with and frankly my new goal it to help people build their collections...the tiki garden is growing and is being recieved very well by all who have graced it. Please come in and visit...I am more than easy to deal with as my life has become very simple...I hope this clears up some of the confusion....
I know that people sometimes process things in the ways they need to....that is why you will not find me in any of the history for aloha-cruz.com. www.cruzretail.com / cruzvintage.com are now where my heart is...so come on in and check it out.

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Tiki Matt
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 06, 2004
Posts: 927
From: North O.C.
Posted: 2005-04-05 10:54 pm   Permalink

Thanks for the clarification Art. Next time I'm in the area I'll stop by for a visit. Good luck on the new venture!

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Unga Bunga
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Joined: Jun 06, 2003
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From: CaliTikifornia
Posted: 2005-04-08 10:50 am   Permalink

You guys had me so screwed up; I had to drive up to Santa Cruz to make sure IT was still there. Glad to report it still is.
Saw a bumper sticker the other day and it said, "Help Keep Santa Cruz Weird".

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