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Tiki Oasis V memories
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 12, 2002
Posts: 7918
From: Huntikington Beach
Posted: 2005-05-10 9:50 pm   Permalink

Flava Flav!!!

Classic Unga Bunga!

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Unga Bunga
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Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posts: 5859
From: CaliTikifornia
Posted: 2005-05-10 11:45 pm   Permalink

You guys are so cool. This is definitely, one big family.
I only regret not going to this event, but I promise you, I will be there next year.
I probably won’t even remember it anyway.
Till next year!!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 03, 2002
Posts: 3193
From: Las Vegas, NV
Posted: 2005-05-11 10:06 am   Permalink


On 2005-05-10 21:50, RevBambooBen wrote:
Flava Flav!!!

UNGA BUNGA, rules! rules!
Classic Unga Bunga!

I'm the most thirstiesterest of all!
TRADER VIC'S, Vintage, Vegas & more on EBAY 1957SPUTNIK
If you like it, it is ZAZZ! If you don't it is RAZZ!

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Coco Loco
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 21, 2004
Posts: 820
From: Exotic Isle of Alameda
Posted: 2005-05-11 10:19 am   Permalink

A huge thank you to everyone. Wow, what a great event! What made it even more special is that everyone contributed to make it so wonderful. This event was beyond fun. It was quite special.

Thank you to Martin, Rebecca, Sabu, Tiki Bot, and who ever else was on the phone telling me to get my ass down there.

Thank you to the very generous room party hosts and everyone who worked the event.

Thanks to HukiLau Brown for getting me a last minute volunteer shift.

A very special thank you to Otto and Baby Doe for their tremendous work on bringing this event into being. WOW! It was great. Can't wait for next year.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 17, 2002
Posts: 573
From: Originally Israel, now Oceanside, CA
Posted: 2005-05-11 12:58 pm   Permalink

Apart from agreeing with with most of what the others have said, I'd like to say we had a really great time, much more than last year. Eventhough there were fears of over crowding I think the event went very well, so a big thank you to Otto & Babydoe. The pirate theme was a natural and tons of fun. The most important part was the opportunity for seeing old friends and meeting people I only knew as screen names, which the room crawl and parties provided. Special thanks to Al for the TV book, to Monkeyman who offered to sell my cds at his table (and for selling all the ones I gave him!), to Tikipug & Stacey for the ice, Sabu for the limes.
The bands were wonderful, as always, but in addition to Project Pimento,Fisherman,Ape,Maikai Gents (which we all know and love), The Martini Kings were amazing. Especialy with Project Pimento's drummer & CB Howlie on bongos.

favorite phrases:
"I like to share my booty" - "sorry to hear that, Al"
"double eye-patch action"
And "your room is the one with huge photo of you guys on it, right?" (Thanks Krustiki & ookoolady!)

Looking forward to next year,

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 21, 2003
Posts: 979
From: Like Oh My Gawd..San Fernando Valley
Posted: 2005-05-11 6:11 pm   Permalink

I had such a wonderful time. My friend, Cheri, had the opportunity to accompany me on Thur. and Fri., she was very impressed with the camaraderie, hospitality & down-right friendliness of everyone. This year I didn't set foot in the pool, too busy crawling and socializing. The room crawl was a great way to meet and greet new friends and old. It also allowed me to meet a lot of TCers that I hadn't had the opportunity to do so before.

For those of you who stopped by for a Martini, thanks for your patience, I'm a rusty bartender! And Mrs. Pug, I'll keep working on that "Pug-Tini".

So many to list, but here's my Highs & Lows:


* Arriving & seeing so many familiar faces and meeting so many new ones!!
* All the entertainers: Ape, Fisherman, King Kuk, Gingergoldmine's fab performance, etc., etc.
* Consulting the Mystic & Magic 8 Ball with Laney & Monkeyman.
* Al & Shelley's hospitality, generosity & party!
* The Pugs' Mojitos
* Savage BaxDog & Virgin Shell's duel to the death!
* Room crawl & most gracious room hosts.
* Watching Monkeyman bouncing skills in action!
* Watching Crazy Al, Judd many others play a variety of instruments, (including the ice bucket) sing, chant and rockn' out
* Atomic Cocktail dancing to Wipe Out, his gyrating hips made Crazy Al ever CRAZIER! I didn't think Atomic could top last year's CD chase, but he did.
* Seeing the Two Queer Tikis again! (xoxo)
* Watching a clown and a one-horned devil playing percussion in Futura Girl's room (that's the stuff that nightmares are made of)
* Finally meeting Handford.
* Tasting all 5 grogs, and still being completely sober (PiPhiRho, you got my vote too, I want that recipe!)
* The "short walk" to Ralphs with Les, Cheri and Christina (DJ Lee's gal--she's awesome) and hitching a ride with Brad (Thanks Man! My feet really thank you!)
* Having Beach Bum Barry sign all my books!
* Falling asleep each night to boisterous laughter and music outside, to the left, right and above my room!


* Being way too tired to join everyone at Dr. Z & DolphinTiki's party.
* Weirdo party crasher who thought Vintage Girl was a lollipop.
* Drunk girl who stumbled and fell to the floor during the grog tasting. Drunken Hat made a split decision and sacrificed 1/2 a pitcher of his wonderful grog. He had 2 choices 1) catch drunk girl and prevent her from crackin' her noggin on the pavement or 2) sacrifice grog in order to catch drunk girl. For those who sampled his grog, it was a REALLY tough decision. Damn waste of grog!
* Not shopping nearly enough and spending way too much time cleaning my room on Sun., so vendors had already started packing up their goodies. Teaches me a valuable lesson, SHOP EARLY!
* Sticky pavement outside my door, after grog contest, Yuk!
* Check out at 11:00 a.m! What was up with that!
* Leaving and not saying goodbye to nearly enough people.

Thank you, thank you, Otto, Baby Doe and everyone one else in front of the scenes and behind them that make this event possible!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 09, 2004
Posts: 389
From: San Diego
Posted: 2005-05-11 7:55 pm   Permalink

Had a great time hangin' with everyone. Thanks to everyone who bought a "Tiki Oasis" serigraph and T-shirts. I hate the thought of having to wait a whole year for it to happen again.



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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 09, 2004
Posts: 1096
From: The Haole Hut, London, UK
Posted: 2005-05-11 9:39 pm   Permalink

I just got back home to England.
A huge thanks to everyone Anjy and I got to meet at the Oasis for making us feel so welcome, Otto and Babydoe you did a great job, thanks, and the same with everyone else who was involved.
The bands and acts were fantasic,(we gotta get some of you guys over here), as was Svens slideshow and Mogambos film preview.
Again to all the great artists and vendors who were there, great stuff.
Another thanks to all who kept us well lubricated at their rooms.
It's kind of weird being back now and having the faces to put to the posts here on TC.
Oh and as for Waffle/woofle ball whatever it's called I still don't understand, as we say in the UK "It's just not Cricket, old chap"



"Don't drink water, fish f*~k in it" W.C. Feilds

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 07, 2003
Posts: 462
From: Portland
Posted: 2005-05-12 2:41 pm   Permalink

We just got home late last night. What a trip! A HUGE thanks to Otto and BabyDoe for all their hard work, and to Holden too, for organizing all the vending. And a special thanks to all who visited my booth. Your purchases, compliments and encouragement really made my first Oasis a memorable and successful outing. I regret not being able to meet more of you, visit your booths, and sample your tasty concoctions, working during the event does have its downsides, but I feel lucky and priveledged to have spent time with those that I did. It was especially nice to see the kids so involved in the festivities. Fiona had a great time, and can't wait for next year. Hat's off to King Kukelele for being so great with the kids. Jauna and I REALLY appreciated it. Mr and Mrs Pinapple became our back ups when vending, eating, loading, packing, and everything else all at once was going on. You two were lifesavers for us and we will make it up to you someday, but for now, and heartfelt THANKYOU will have to do. DawnTiki, thankyou too for the sitter that we never had to use. Fiona did not want to miss a minute of the goings on, but we may not have brought her if you hadn't made the the offer. You're a gem, and it was sooo nice to finally meet you in person. MaiTai, those Cubans made my day. After 16 hrs on my feet, and a stop off for a quick drink in 135, I was heading off to bed for some much needed sleep, but it was not to be, and I do not regret it for a second. that was one of my highlights of the weekend.
Sundays trading with friends was especially cool. Heather, Chongo, PolyPop, TikiTony, and anyone else I forgot(I'm still unpacking), it's great to finally get some of your art in our home.
I saved my biggest thanks for last- Heather, if it weren't for you, I'd still be on that endless vendors waiting list! THANKYOU so much for sharing your cabana (that neither one of us could have fit in!!!) with me. It was really a pleasure spending the weekend side by side, peddling our wares. You made it all possible for my family to make it to Oasis this year, and I just can't thank you enough!
Now it's back to the shop to get ready for the NW CRAWL next month. Hope to see many of you there. It's gonna be FUN!!



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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 446
From: LongBeach
Posted: 2005-05-12 11:11 pm   Permalink

Lady Velour and I are finally catching up on sleep. Some how I missed EVERYTHING but had a blast. I only got to sample a few drinks at the room crawl. Lady Velour was going to bring back a Trader Pup Typhoon but I never got it. Somehow she enjoyed 2 of them. And I missed the grog tasting, I had no concept of time at the Tropics.
I had a great time vending my ceramics and meeting more people from TC.
The best time was in room 212 when TikiPug danced with glowsticks. It was like Tron meets Flashdance.

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Jan 17, 2005
Posts: 30
Posted: 2005-05-13 08:29 am   Permalink

Thanks to everyone for their friendliness and hospitality(and the hard work of all the organizers). What a blast!
Lori & Jimbo
When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.
Hunter S. Thompson R.I.P.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 12, 2002
Posts: 542
From: Los Angeles
Posted: 2005-05-14 4:37 pm   Permalink

Good grief! Almost a week passes and I'm just now getting to post about Oasis 5. That's mainly because as soon as i got back I was hit by some crazy flu bug and I'm still recovering (I've pretty much lost my voice at this point from the subseqent laryngitis).

Anyway, I think this was the best time Atomic Cocktail and I have had (aside from encountering the "blond nazi" also known as "Ilsa-She-Wolf of the SS") HUGE thanks to Otto for still coming through (as if he wouldn't) despite all the crap I'm sure he had to deal with concerning the change of management. And Crazy Al and and crew for the AMAZING stage. All the volunteers for their selfless service. And all the great old friends and new folks for playing nice and having a great time.

Thanks to Dr. Z for his fabulous idea of the mini-crawl. Thanks to those who came to our little tasting of "the" Atomic Cocktail. While our hosting may have paled in comparison to the lavish presentation of Pup (I truly regret missing that one.) or the mass (great tasting) quantities of Kick the Reverb, it was still very fun and gives us even more ideas for next time.

It was also great to have Sven back in our midst and enjoyed seeing him bring back a little education to Oasis.

Got into HumuHumu's Release to the Wild a little late, but still found a couple of gems nonetheless. Thanks, Michele!

And thanks to my sweetie, Atomic Cocktail, for his help in "soiling" me for Friday night's costume contest. I still need to edit my photos and will post them as soon as I do.

We didn't have to leave as early as usual on Sunday and the Baxdogs lent us the hospitality of their room after having to check out of ours. Thanks Bax and Sara! By the way, congrats to Bax for his newfound health and fitness regime. (I'm really proud of you, big guy!) I think by this time next year he might be running for Mr. Universe or something. (Or he will at least beat the pants off of any of us in a race.)

Well, here's to hoping that there's a next year!
Someone at Oasis (their first time) said they didn't know if Oasis was as much a celebration of Tiki culture or could it be more an event of Internet culture? I thought that was an interesting observation.

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crazy al
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Joined: Jun 25, 2002
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From: CA
Posted: 2005-05-16 9:36 pm   Permalink

Thanks to all that helped get the stage up in two hours before Showtime!!!!

ShipsTrader Steve!!! Rules as the Pirate King with all the cool stage dressing... cannons that could have fired? F'Me!!

Bobby of the Lucky Tiki spared no expense letting me design a 'Movie-screen' Mast that stopped most in their tracks..... Lucky we had Lucky to Build, haul, and erect the massive mast'ification!

next year i might make it to a room party before 12:00am..... i hope

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