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Tiki Central Forums » » Tiki Events » » California Events » » Doctor Z's 4th Annual Castaway Lounge Summer Spectacular 7/30 UPDATE pg.1
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Doctor Z's 4th Annual Castaway Lounge Summer Spectacular 7/30 UPDATE pg.1
Doctor Z
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 01, 2002
Posts: 1617
From: The Hale Moana Lounge, Torrance, CA
Posted: 2005-06-27 02:16 am   Permalink

“Doctor Z's Castaway Lounge Annual Summer Spectacular” Saturday, July 30!!

7/29 UPDATE, incl. Silent Auction info:

Sabu will not be joining us this year (boooo…), but the recipe for his famous marinated coconut chicken & shrimp skewers is available
here and I’ll keep the grill fired up so’s you all can make your own (Of course, you’re welcome to grill anything else you’d like as well!) As far as anything else to munch on, I’ll provide some stuff, but if you could please bring some sort of dish to share, it would help cut the alcohol intake somewhat…

There will be 2 bars runnin’: Doctor Z will be behind one bar, makin’ Mai Tai’s and Beachbum’s Own’s* for the duration, and for all you amateur and professional mixologists, Bar #2 (courtesy of TikiMatt/BarTiki) will once again feature:
“The Castaway Lounge Guest Bartender, starring YOU”!
If you have a signature drink or a new one you’ve been itching to mix for folks to sample (or just want to try your skillz on the other side of the bar) take a ‘guest spot’! I’ll have all the ice, glasses and whatnot, but I’m afraid I hafta ask all guest bartenders to provide their own ingredients & garnishes… I'm sure most TC’ers are more than happy to serve as guinea pigs for most things, so try out something new! These folks have already claimed ‘shifts’, but there's still room for YOU! PM me or post on this thread and I’ll update it accordingly.

Current line-up of barkeeps & their specialties:
Tiki Pug = mojito
Humuhumu = Mai Tai
The Sperm Whale = Miehana
Doctor Z (filling in for Kick-the-Reverb)* = Reverb Crash
UtopianDreem = Hawaiian Ginger Twist
Atomikitty (aka Suzy from the Lucky Tiki) = Ginger Flame (or Bossa Nova)
The Jab = Knockout Punch

*I am honored to have been given special permission from KTR himself to mix the Reverb Crash in his honor and in his absence!

IN ADDITION: I will have the infamous self-serve “Tower of Lapu Lapu” with ready-to-go drinks for those of you that just can’t wait!

PLUS: The Castaway Lounge is proud to feature not one but TWO of TikiBird and UtopianDreem’s home crafted brews: their OC Fair 2004 AWARD WINNING "Mango Tiki Ale", and their custom "Summer Spectacular Lager" both fresh, cold and on tap in their NEW custom made tiki jockey box!!

(Special Note to all AGWAnauts – be sure to bring a bottle! Or three… always room for more converts!)

“Doctor Z’s Tiki Arts & Crafts!”
For those few who don’t know what this is all about: Every year, I make a bunch of plaster-cast “Ku” masks (yeah, the same ones that are selling for up to $15.00 each on eBay, like these, but they’re unpainted. Oh, and they’re free.) that YOU – in your inebriated state – will be able to paint YOURSELF and take home to keep and cherish for ever and ever. And ever. I’ll provide the masks, the paints, the brushes, you provide the rum-inspired creativity! Oh, one thing, however: it’s BYOB (Bring Your Own Brown) - the watercolor paint kits I have don’t have brown paint! A few folks brought their own brown last year and I still have some left over (but not much), so if you have your own paints, you’re welcome to bring them! And of course, prizes will be given out to the ‘best’ masks…

“Humuhumu’s ‘Aloha wear Release to the Wild’”
As she has done many times before, our lovely Humuhumu has acquired a selection of aloha wear that she will be simply giving away! Now there are specific rules in place to be on the receiving end of this generosity (PM me or Humu for them), but this may well be your chance to score some fantastic Aloha wear FREE!

New for 2005 will be “Doctor Z’s Silent Auction”
I’ve got a few mugs, CoCo Joe’s, menus & stuff just taking up space. Sure I could list ‘em on eBay, but this seems more fun, plus, if you win the auction, you’ll save on shipping by being able to just take it home with you! Auctions will run all day; all ‘lots’ will be displayed with bid sheets for you to enter your bid(s). Auction closing times will be posted, winners will be notified and payment will be arranged. If you have any vintage clothes, mugs, artwork, carvings, or whateva and you’d like to participate in the silent auction as a seller, bring ‘em on over! I’ll set up a table or two, ‘cause there’s nothing like a little wheelin’ and dealin’ with the ohana, and you might leave with something nice (or some $$!)

SILENT AUCTION UPDATE: At this point, I will have for sale at least 25 mugs, 20 CoCo Joe's pieces, a few menus, a Sandwich Isles sportcoat and assorted other items. You will also have a chance to bid on a few lamps, some of TikiCutie's fantastic original artwork, and OokooLady will be putting both a baritone and a tenor ukulele up for your bidding pleasure. If you have something you'd like to sell, bring it (remember, all proceeds from your sale go to YOU!) Otherwise, bring some $$ because you might end up with a great deal!

And last but not least: All patrons will be given a Breathilyzer test and a packet of ‘Doctor Z’s Not-Quite Patented Hangover Remedy’ upon leaving (because the Good Doctor cares about the health and safety of his friends and their livers...)

Oh, and I almost forgot: Got a uke? Bring it! Spontaneous jams have been known to occur...

Things will kick-off around 1:00-ish (or whenever the 1st person gets here) and will go until the last person leaves. The grill will be fired up and the bar (excuse me: bars) will be open all afternoon and all night!

Donations requested but never required!!

Any questions (like “Where can we spend the night?” or "How do we get to Nancy's?"), drop me a line!!

If you were here last year (or the year before, or even the year before that!), we'd love to see you again, and if you've never been to The Castaway Lounge - where ya been?

Directions: 1303 S. Helberta Avenue, Redondo Beach. From the 405, exit at Hawthorne Blvd. Take Hawthorne south and make a RIGHT on Torrance Blvd. From Torrance Blvd., make a LEFT on Palos Verdes Blvd. After a mile or so, make a LEFT at the first stop sign after Prospect; which is Helberta. The Castaway Lounge is in the second house on the right, with the torches burning in the front yard...

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 14, 2003
Posts: 816
From: Den of Sin / Pug's Pair-A-Dice
Posted: 2005-06-27 07:26 am   Permalink

Woo Hoo! This is the post I've been waiting for all summer. Sign me for guest bartender. However, I prefer to bartend outside because the light above the inside bar always gets stuck on my head.
Vegas BABY!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 02, 2003
Posts: 293
From: LA County, CA
Posted: 2005-06-27 10:12 am   Permalink

hmmmm...Castaway Lounge, two bars, AND guest bartenders? Can't miss this one!!

Tiki Bird & I will see you there!!

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Dr. Shocker
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Dec 17, 2004
Posts: 391
From: Ventura
Posted: 2005-06-27 10:31 am   Permalink

Can't wait for this one Doctor........did you find some cheap dead hooker hotels within stumbling distance fer me....wink

Here comes the Dawn
Dr. Shocker
Viccar of Vice

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 12, 2005
Posts: 379
From: Garden Grove, CA
Posted: 2005-06-27 10:46 am   Permalink

Dr. Z - I'm already getting in shape for the whirlwind day that this event will require. The Castaway Lounge is so nice, I'll be there twice.

Noon: Arrive at Dr. Z's and drink (hopefully: Moderately)
4pm: (To appease the wife) Drive back to OC, pick-up said appeased wife, and go to Pacific Amphitheatre for Chris Isaak.
10pm: Drop of the wife at home, kiss the dog / pet the wife (or something like that) and drive back to the faraway, tropical oasis of the Castaway Lounge: Party like a rock star.

Damn, Z. If you could just get Chris Isaak to play at your party, I could save about $5000 in gas. Oh well, I guess I can always hope that he will eat some bad fish that weekend and cancel the show.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 01, 2002
Posts: 1676
From: next stop Hulaville!
Posted: 2005-06-27 11:07 am   Permalink

Dr. Shocker wrote:
Here comes the Dawn(tiki)

Yes, I'll be there bright and early!

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ookoo lady
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 24, 2004
Posts: 779
Posted: 2005-06-27 11:25 am   Permalink

I think we've got about 5 bottles of Agwa. Will that be enough?

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Tiki Bird
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 25, 2003
Posts: 850
From: Cerritos, Ca.
Posted: 2005-06-27 12:53 pm   Permalink

Whew!....glad i saw the thread finally go up. Cant wait, let me know if you need any help.


"you knew the job was dangerous when you took it Fred"
Super Chicken

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 17, 2002
Posts: 573
From: Originally Israel, now Oceanside, CA
Posted: 2005-06-27 2:04 pm   Permalink

Sadly, my annual trip to the homeland falls on this date, so we'll be missing it this year. It was loads of fun last year, though.
Enjoy the party everyone,

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Grand Member (8 years)  

Joined: Mar 04, 2005
Posts: 3440
From: Mission (Impossible) Viejo, Ca
Posted: 2005-06-27 5:36 pm   Permalink

WooHoo! Count Soccer Tiki and I in. Let us know if there's anything we can do to help out

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 11, 2003
Posts: 477
From: LB to LA, CA
Posted: 2005-06-28 08:13 am   Permalink

I'm in... I was starting to worry.
Dr. Z... with the special Hang-over remedy.
Just take your time-wave comes. Let the other guys go, catch another one.

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mrs. pineapple
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 12, 2003
Posts: 611
Posted: 2005-06-28 11:23 am   Permalink

Dr. Z - It is with great sadness I must let you know that Tiki-Bot and I will miss this party. You will all be relieved to know that we will instead be spending that day in baby care class where Mr. Bot will learn to diaper and swaddle and otherwise care for one tiny infant pineapple. Raise your mugs for us and have fun!
The Pineapples
"You're the mayor of shark city, people think you want the beaches open."

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 998
From: West Los Angeles
Posted: 2005-06-28 12:46 pm   Permalink

I'm in.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 446
From: LongBeach
Posted: 2005-06-28 2:40 pm   Permalink

Sorry Dr Z, the Lady and I can't make it. We will be in New York. I will drink the entire contents of the Minibar in your honor.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 04, 2005
Posts: 1600
From: SoCal
Posted: 2005-06-28 4:55 pm   Permalink

I will be there fo sho... cant wait...

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