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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 24, 2002
Posts: 1799
From: Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Posted: 2005-07-26 1:07 pm   Permalink


On 2005-07-26 12:49, mrsmiley wrote:
a cool Owl Themed bar in SF!! http://www.theowltree.com/

Omigod! They have a live webcam and NO ONE is in there!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 31, 2003
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From: L.I.
Posted: 2005-08-01 3:06 pm   Permalink

Well, we haven't seen the owls for about a week. I guessing they either got more bashful (smarter) or they have moved on. They did leave behind a cool feather though.

On a lighter note. I put 2 green frog tadpoles in my pond last year, and that was that last I saw of them. Until yesterday that is. I spotted one that was about twice the size, and had sprouted feet. [Insert sigh of relief] Very cool.
The laid-back NYer


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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Jul 30, 2005
Posts: 42
From: Littlerock, CA USA
Posted: 2005-08-01 10:38 pm   Permalink

I live in the Mojave Desert, on 2 and a half acres of undeveloped desert land. We've got owls, bats, frogs, roadrunners, coyotes, quail, snakes, huge scorpions, and all manner of lizards (my favorites). You can bet we keep the tiki torches blazing at our luaus...one friend looked down to find a giant size scorpion right next to his foot!

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Joined: Oct 17, 2004
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Posted: 2005-08-03 12:56 pm   Permalink

After seeing this thread I had to post our owl pictures here, last year I went down to the local library and found plans for a barn owl box,. I built and installed it in a tree out back and a pair moved in the next day! This summer they have a bunch of young in there and they (the parents) are out hunting gophers and rats, hundreds of them. In the last few weeks a huge very stinky pile of pellets (compressed gophers) has accumulated below the box, luckily our Boston terrier loves to rut around in the remains.
Here are a few pictures of the occupants.

My very best alohas,


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Urban Tiki
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Joined: Aug 18, 2004
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From: The Tropical Isle of Manhattan
Posted: 2005-08-03 1:45 pm   Permalink

I live on the 34th floor of a high rise apartment overlooking Central Park. There's a family of hawks there that fly around in the evening and we love watching them. They perch on our building and the ones around us. The other morning I was running through the park and as I was running over this bridge, I turned to my right and there was one of the hawks no more than three feet to my right on the handrail of the bridge. I could not believe my eyes. To my suprise it did not fly away but stared at me with these huge eyes. It was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen- very beautiful and majestic (and really big). NYC is the last place you would think an encounter like this is possible.

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Joined: Feb 29, 2004
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From: outside the windy city
Posted: 2005-08-03 2:16 pm   Permalink

Great pics,Tikibosko!Owls are fascinating,but they are not known for their meticulous housekeeping.After they're gone,clean out the box really well,and they should appear again next year.Be careful doing so,because owls eat all sorts of vermin which carry God knows what.

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Joined: Sep 27, 2004
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From: So FL
Posted: 2005-08-04 08:21 am   Permalink

Here's an article in today newspaper.


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Joined: Mar 24, 2002
Posts: 1799
From: Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Posted: 2006-10-12 11:16 pm   Permalink


On 2005-07-26 12:49, mrsmiley wrote:
Almost in my work's backyard;
C Bobby's Owl Tree
(415) 776-9344 601 Post St AT Taylor
San Francisco, CA

a cool Owl Themed bar in SF!! http://www.theowltree.com/

plus it is across the street from the Tiki Bob pole!

One of my fellow SF Scootergirls told me tonight that the owner of the Owl Tree died recently of cancer. I found an obit in today's Chronicle:

Article here

Robert 'Bobby' Cook -- owner of S.F. tavern that was full of owls
- Steve Rubenstein, Chronicle Staff Writer
Thursday, October 12, 2006

Robert "Bobby" Cook was a man who liked owls.

He collected owl paintings, owl sculptures, owl knickknacks, owl stained-glass light fixtures and stuffed owls. He displayed them all inside C. Bobby's Owl Tree, a downtown San Francisco tavern that he owned for 30 years.

"He just enjoyed owls,'' said his son Michael Gardner. "Something about owls stuck in his mind.''

Mr. Cook, 75, died Sept. 14 of cancer in a San Francisco hospital, a few hours after mixing martinis for his regular customers and shutting down his bar for the night.

The bar, an old-fashioned neighborhood tavern on the southwest corner of Post and Taylor streets, was jammed with all things owl. Mr. Cook never met an owl he didn't like, so few patrons were able to avoid the stare of a stuffed, sculpted or painted bird.

Mr. Cook was a no-nonsense fellow behind the bar. He was friendly with good customers and a tough guy with troublemakers. He had many techniques for escorting a client from the premises, his son said -- all of them effective.

Patrons were encouraged to chat with Mr. Cook and, if they didn't, they could lose their barstools.

"You're not contributing anything to this conversation,'' Mr. Cook would tell a closemouthed customer. "Go sit at the other end of the bar.''

Mr. Cook, a native of Ongenburg, N.Y., became enchanted with owls as a boy after coming across a friendly owl during a hike in the woods and believing it to be a good luck omen.

He came to San Francisco in the 1950s and worked for two decades as a waiter at Gino's restaurant until he had saved enough money to buy the bar and go into business for himself.

The Owl Tree, where the jukebox played Frank Sinatra records and the house specialty was the martini and nobody ever got credit, reflected its owner's sensibilities.

"He made a lot of people happy,'' his son said. "And others, well, he knew how to escort 'em out and call the cops.''

Mr. Cook enjoyed listening to music, attending the theater and walking his beloved Jack Russell terrier, Chester.

He is survived by Gardner and by two other sons, Christopher and T.J. Cook, both of San Francisco.

A funeral will be held today at 7:30 p.m. at Halsted N. Gray-Carew and English mortuary, 1123 Sutter St., San Francisco.


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Joined: Apr 09, 2003
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From: LA-2547 mls east Hawaii &5500 Easter Is
Posted: 2006-10-14 6:17 pm   Permalink


On 2005-07-23 15:11, alohabros wrote:
the only wildlife in long beach would be the decaying prostitutes trying to creech their way into your locked vehicles at night.

I think that is a separate species called "used to toot."

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Joined: Apr 09, 2003
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From: Victoria, BC
Posted: 2006-10-14 7:03 pm   Permalink

Last week a huge owl swooped up from my pond when I took the dog out for a pee. He landed on the neighbour's clothesline pole, the biggest one I've ever seen in town.

Within the same week I spotted a ceramic owl in the jewelery case at my neighbourhood Sally Ann(Salvation Army Thrift Store). The price was $80! The woman who manned the till informed me that she checks all her merchandise online before pricing it! I said 'What is this, the Salvation Boutique?!' Purely disgusted, I've been avoiding the place ever since. No wonder the prices have skyrocketed in the recent months.


Great Minds Drink Alike

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