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Tiki Central Forums » » General Tiki » » Tangaroa's Shelter Island / Humphrey's Half Moon Inn (many photos warning!)
Tangaroa's Shelter Island / Humphrey's Half Moon Inn (many photos warning!)
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Joined: Apr 25, 2002
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Posted: 2005-08-03 11:10 am   Permalink

Last weekend, we had a wedding at the Island Palms Hotel on Shelter Island to attend - so I took advantage & booked us a room at Humphrey's Half Moon Inn. I was unaware just how Polynesian it was until I read Humu's entry on Critiki...( http://www.critiki.com/cgi-bin/pictures.cgi?loc_id=151 - actually, she took much better photos than I did!)

So I guess the following photos are meant to "plus" out the Critiki entry....for those of you who can't get out here, anyway.

This "porte cochere" (my new word of the day from Humu) is really stunning...

The rooms have the Polynesian touches on the outside (as opposed to the rather pedestrian interiors).

But a hell of a poolside - this is where you will find the tikis - hidden among the foliage....

This looks to me like one of those Witco fountain tikis.... located right next to the live parrots...

Just beyond the pool is a small sized stage - that plays host to some mid-large names (the B-52's were playing Sunday night - if we didn't go to Sea World, we would have stayed & listened by the pool - which is behind it...)

And next to the stage is the hotel restaurant - also peppered with some good tiki artifacts....

I'm fairly sure these are Oceanic Arts panels - similar to the one formerly at the entrance to Adventureland in Disneyland....

As with the Island Palms Hotel (which has a very nice Polynesian looking entrance as well) - the restaurant had no evidence of anything tiki or Polynesian inside. You get the sense that once upon a time many of these Shelter Island buildings were tiki "all the way through" - instead of a Indian or African statue peppered occasionally within the remodeled interiors... With some money & care, these "temples" could be restored - but I'm grateful the exteriors exist in as good shape as they are....!

Here's a few sad attempts at night shots of that porte cochere (I need to get a tripod - I just couldn't hold the camera steady enough!)

Lastly - here's Trader Mort's Liquor on the way out of town:

I would have gone in - but we were in a hurry for Sea World & Humu told me it was no great shakes inside...

Anyway - I do recommend Humphrey's - we stayed two nights for $195 a night on about 2 weeks notice. Not bad considering some of the rates at the other hotels in the area...



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From: South Orange County, CA
Posted: 2005-08-03 11:29 am   Permalink

Thanks for sharing, did u make across to the Bali Hai?

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Joined: Apr 25, 2002
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Posted: 2005-08-03 11:31 am   Permalink

Unfortunately - no time!
It was a very rushed weekend... Wish I could have stayed another day or two.......

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From: Volcanic area of France
Posted: 2005-08-03 3:10 pm   Permalink

nice porte cochère...

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Joined: Apr 18, 2005
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From: RI
Posted: 2005-08-04 09:31 am   Permalink

Thanks for the pics Tangaroa. I cannot wait to get to Humphrey's (and CA in general). My wife and I are staying at the Half Moon Oct 19-22.

I plan on hitting Bali Hai at least once while I'm there so I can test out their Mai Tais:)

Anyone know if there's still live entertainment at Humphrey's by the Bay in mid October? Or is there season already over at that time?

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Joined: Jan 02, 2005
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From: Ontario, Ca.
Posted: 2005-08-04 10:40 am   Permalink

John, it looks like Sunday Oct 16th is the last show with "Mariza". Bummer. But hey, it's San Diego man, and there's only a thousand other things to do or see there!

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From: Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma - wine country)
Posted: 2005-08-04 11:47 am   Permalink

Great pictures and posting, Tangaroa!!!
I used to work at Humphrey's/Half Moon Inn back in the late 80's. They have keep it in darn good condition, considering how old it really is. That hotel has always been special to me due to the decor and aloha spirit it has. It is unfortunate that they had to erect a fence around the pool area, due to security and safety for kids. The grounds used to feel really open with a lush grassy area, and the tikis were all over and in the open, so you could easily see them. Inside the lobby was always cool too. The inside ceiling kept the same shape as you saw from the outside (porte cochere) and actually had a material much like thatching. I remember when they installed the slate flooring, replacing the carpeting.. it really assisted in the organic feel of the place. There was a lava rock fountain in the corner, supporting a bird cage with a live parrot. The owner, Bartell Hotels, have kept a lot of the old charm going, and have added even more tikis as I can see in the pictures.

The prices for the rooms have always been a little high, but when you have such views (marina on one side, and San Diego Bay and skyline on the other), along with a great restaurant and concert area, I rarely heard grumblings from the hotel guests. Besides, its across the "round about" from the Bali Hai!!! When I need a San Diego fix, I always stay at H/HMI, and I don't even get a discount anymore!
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