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ugly rita
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 03, 2002
Posts: 3192
From: Las Vegas, NV
Posted: 2005-09-21 2:41 pm   Permalink

Best wishes and prayers to all who may be in Rita's path! Formica, PJ, others. You are in my thoughts.
I'm the most thirstiesterest of all!
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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 12, 2002
Posts: 542
From: Los Angeles
Posted: 2005-09-22 12:26 am   Permalink

This is like something out of an apocalyptic movie! I just read that some of the low-lying areas of Houston are being evacuated along with Galveston. Does that mean Formikahini has to get out too? Or is she in another part of Houston? Anyone know? Didn't she just take in someone from N.O.? Good Grief! Good thoughts, everyone, keep sending the good thoughts!

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purple jade
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 19, 2003
Posts: 1450
From: New Orleans
Posted: 2005-09-22 3:38 pm   Permalink

Formikahini said she would head to her family's farm in Brenham if it looked bad for Houston. I hope she left already.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 22, 2002
Posts: 1513
From: Houston, Texotica
Posted: 2005-09-23 07:27 am   Permalink

Just to let you know of my plans for the moment:

At this point, I'm staying either at my home or at my Mom's here in Houston, as many of her neighbors are staying and have generators, etc. If my house does get hit, I'd rather be here to pull crap outta that room ASAP, rather than wait a week, after it's been left to the elements to rot/mold. But we're glued to the news for updates. I feel certain I'll lose power for quite some time (weeks?) as there's a big dead tree limb hanging over a powerline in my back yard! That means I'll likely be leaving town after the storm if I don't leave before, as my home with no AC would be death! Most all the windows are painted shut and most all are lacking screens.

But don't worry - I'm not taking any chances with my life. The roads are so insane now, though, I'd just run out of gas before I got outside the city limits! The mayor even said NOT to leave if you're not in a bad area, and The Heights are, well, high (relatively). And I have a full tank of gas - GOLD right now!

I'l probably lose cell phone ability, but for some reason, texting worked for a lot of Katrina, so I'll text some of you to let you know I'm ok, should things take a turn for the worse. The fact is, as of this moment, that Rita is expected to go "the good direction" for us, putting us not in the dirty side path. My NOLA refugees are all out of town, save the dog, Bayer, who's now my dog. Lucky me, dealing with huge lab turds during a hurricane!!

"Come on, Bayer, it's ok! You can go outside in the 70 mph winds! Pee downwind! Good dog!" (Actually, his "relieving" schedule will be fine. Don't worry, I ain't sendin' no dawg out in a storm!)

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers
alice b

Oh, crap, I just heard of looting already.....Should I take my Spanish tiki mugs with me ?

[ This Message was edited by: Formikahini 2005-09-23 07:28 ]

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purple jade
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 19, 2003
Posts: 1450
From: New Orleans
Posted: 2005-09-23 08:25 am   Permalink

Tiki410, keep in touch!

Lafayette is probably in for some bad stuff from Rita.

Let me know what's happening with you guys, OK?

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 28, 2002
Posts: 725
From: Vallejo CA
Posted: 2005-09-23 11:38 am   Permalink

Looks like Rita is "sharing the love" with poor New Orleans, so perhaps Houston (at least The Heights--sounds like a good neighborhood name to me!!!) will be okay. I can understand wanting to stay home at this point, Formica. Better a hurricane at home than out on the road...

Just fill that tub in case power AND water go out--you never know...

good luck and hugs from tikivixen

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I dream of tiki
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 12, 2004
Posts: 500
From: Pittsburgh, PA
Posted: 2005-09-24 09:09 am   Permalink

Anyone heard from our friends in the affected area? Please check in, guys! Hope y'all are as okay as can be.

Again, let us know how the rest of us can help.

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Official Mixologist

Joined: Mar 29, 2002
Posts: 3059
From: http://www.smugglerscovesf.com
Posted: 2005-09-24 4:48 pm   Permalink

Got the word from mrsmiley today that formikahini is alive and well, as is the rest of her family. Sounds like damage was minor and she's doing OK.

Yay formikahini!!!!!

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Jungle Trader
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 04, 2003
Posts: 3755
From: Trader's Jungle Outpost, Turlock, Ca.
Posted: 2005-09-24 6:01 pm   Permalink

WOW, what a relief. Rita went down to Cat 2 fairly quickly. Glad to hear you are fine Alice. Next time we meet, drinks are on me. Same for you PJ.

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purple jade
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 19, 2003
Posts: 1450
From: New Orleans
Posted: 2005-09-25 06:30 am   Permalink

We're without power again *sigh* in Baton Rouge. My neighborhood got a few feet of water from Rita...not that it makes much difference. (Oh no, all my lovely mold might've gotten wet!) Just that it will be that much longer before we are allowed back in.

Flood Factoid: Burned CDs grow mold inside while factory CDs appear more resistant. So much for recovering any saved data...*double sigh*.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 09, 2004
Posts: 10397
From: Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Posted: 2005-09-25 08:17 am   Permalink

I'm happy to hear that Rita was not as bad as she could have been, not that comforts anyone who was affected by the damaging wind and water. I'm glad everyone is OK Physically. I know the pain of going thru 2 hurricanes back to back and it takes a while to recover emotionally and My 2 storms were Nothing compared to Katrina and Rita. Just tie a knot at the end of your rope and hang on.. Help is on the way (unless you were left in NA.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 24, 2003
Posts: 1207
From: McKinney, TX
Posted: 2005-09-27 5:54 pm   Permalink

I realy feel for those folks on the coast. I have relatives in New Orleans and in Houston. Here in north TX they were calling for lots of wind and a couple inches of rain. We were spared the rain but not the wind (I wish it were the other way around). Anyway, as Rita edged into TX we got a colorful sky show at dusk and I just couldn't resist the Kodak moment:

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