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Tiki Central Forums Bilge Sly Stone's return and (what I managed to stomach of) the Grammys
Sly Stone's return and (what I managed to stomach of) the Grammys
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Joined: Jan 13, 2003
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From: The Quiet EAST Village
Posted: 2006-02-08 8:39 pm   Permalink

Tonight reminded me again of why I don't watch any of the big awards shows. I made an exception because I wanted to watch the Grammys for a) the lifetime achievement award for David Bowie, and b) the return of Sly Stone. I only got a little past the Sly Stone part then I just had to turn it off. I couldn't take it anymore. I guess I'll have to see David Bowie on a replay somewhere or on the news.

The lame amount of 'talent' they had up there for Sly's return was just an abomination. White soul wannabees like Joss Stone and Maroon 5? These are the so-called 'keepers of the flame'? No wonder Sly came out and after only a few minutes was gone again! I'm betting money that in rehearsal, if there was a rehearsal, that wasn't supposed to happen. After he left, the people on stage didn't have a clue as to what the next move was. And why were Steven Tyler and Joe Perry planted on stage floating around in space waiting for their cues during that segment? Not that I'm that big an Aerosmith fan anymore, but don't those guys deserve a stage entrance of some kind instead of just sitting up there with nothing to do? What could have been an historic highlight of the Grammys was completely wasted. Very poorly executed.

I was glad to see Paul McCartney do 'Helter Skelter'. He and his band sounded really great on that one. However I was completely horrified by the unbelievably bad rendition of 'Yesterday' done by Sir Paul with, for god's sakes, Jay-Z and some douchebag from Linkin Park? What? It only makes me feel badly for Paul. Here's one of the cornerstones of pop music, one of the Beatles trying to keep himself current by doing a rap version of a song that doesn't deserve such ill treatment with a couple of guys that can only wish to have a career as his. I don't know why for the life of me people like McCartney even lend their credibility to shills like Linkin Park. Iggy Pop did this a few years ago with Sum-41, and David Bowie has recently done it with Arcade Fire. It's dissapointing to see these suck-ass bands acknowledged by these legends who unfortunately think they have to keep themselves current by doing this kind of thing.

As far as Kelly Clarkson goes...good for her. Not a fan, wouldn't buy her records but at LEAST she has a real ability to sing and she's not affected at all. She's not trying to be something she's not. Her talent does all of the talking for her. It's refreshing to see someone in the current world of the music biz who can actually do what they say they can do.

As far as that ridiculous marching band segment with Jamie Foxx and Kanye West...you gotta be kidding. The only thing I could think of was that old footage of Rick Wakeman of Yes when he went solo and literally turned his stage act into a figure skating show. At that point I had had enough and turned the TV off.

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Joined: Feb 04, 2004
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From: westernus
Posted: 2006-02-09 09:42 am   Permalink

... it's safe to say that there would be fair numbers out there who agree with your viewpoint...

... what is a real trip (an ugly one at that) would be the fact that way more people may completely disagree and feel that shows like that are awesome, pop is awesome, pop stars are really talented and all aspirations are geared toward such...

... you shoulda been watching mxc instead... the big rolling pins are the best...

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Joined: Nov 20, 2003
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From: Central Coast of California
Posted: 2006-02-09 3:58 pm   Permalink

DonHoNYC, I felt the same way. I wasn't going to watch it at all, but while channel surfing I saw Steven Tyler being interviewed on the red (green, sponsored by Heineken!)carpet. I got suckered in by him saying that he and Joe Perry were going to fly to Oakland after the performance and had to delay their concert just to be a part of this historical return of Sly Stone, that during rehearsals he tore the place apart. So, like yourself, I decided to suffer through the Grammys even though every time I do, I get mad at myself for doing so. I didn't mind most of it, (I have a high pain tolerance). My first reaction was, why is Ciara (and countless others) singing a part of a song medley which she obviously had no idea how it went before the grammy people asked her to take part in it? She seemed so lost... There were many sound problems throughout the evening (which is bound to happen on a live show) at one point a country group was performing early in the evening (I forget their names) and you could hear the producer and the sound crew clearly coming through their frequency, asking "What's wrong with her mic?" Then Sly appeared in his usual manic style and couldn't keep up, had problems singing into the mic and seemed embarrased to be there and just plain gave up. I felt like it was more him giving up and walking away than not being able to perform, his heart clearly was not in to it. I wonder if he was having trouble hearing what was going on, it seemed like people were missing their cues throughout the whole debacle. I just wish they would have just put together a super house band to back him up instead of making a TRL orgy out of it. The way Tyler & Perry where going on about how on fire he was and how great he was to the point the rescheduled a concert to be a part of it made me wish I had seen the rehearsal instead. I hope he really does continue with music, he was so important in my friend's and my life's soundtracks... They announced Bowie as getting a lifetime award, but the camera panned the crowd clapping and I didn't see him so i just assumed he didn't show to accept it, and I too bailed as soon as I saw the marching band and heard the announcer say, "From KW University..." I had had enough. But I must say I found it strange that the awards were mostly given away before the airing of the show so they could air more music. Maybe they should do two shows, hand out awards on one, let the winners play on the other!

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Joined: Feb 04, 2004
Posts: 533
From: westernus
Posted: 2006-02-09 4:08 pm   Permalink


On 2006-02-09 15:58, stuff-o-rama wrote:

...Maybe they should do two shows, hand out awards on one, let the winners play on the other...

... which one would you watch....

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Joined: Nov 12, 2002
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From: Huntikington Beach
Posted: 2006-02-09 4:53 pm   Permalink

The Grammy's should take place on MXC !

...and all the other awards shows too!


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Joined: Jul 07, 2005
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From: Mass.
Posted: 2006-02-09 8:13 pm   Permalink

Hey, at least Sly didn't take a whiz on the audience this time!

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