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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Central Ohana Aloha and Goodbye for now...Personal announcement
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Aloha and Goodbye for now...Personal announcement
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 21, 2004
Posts: 1513
From: calgary
Posted: 2006-03-28 3:47 pm   Permalink

I amsorry for what your going through. Stay strong. Dont hesitate to jump on Shout if you ever see my name there and when you come back and start carving again I will be ready and the first in line.
Dont be gone for too long.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 01, 2004
Posts: 2539
From: wisconsin northwoods
Posted: 2006-03-28 4:22 pm   Permalink

Kaha....hang in there my friend. From your first post you have exhibited the true spirit of
brotherhood....and the spirit of ohana that we all talk about....and sometimes...stray from.
My thoughts are with you....make sure you check back...okay? Good luck.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 30, 2005
Posts: 125
From: Wilson, North Carolina
Posted: 2006-03-28 4:38 pm   Permalink

Kaha - stay strong and know that we're all here for ya when you need us. I too really admire your beautiful work...so come back soon. I'm gonna need a beautiful makau for my daughter this summer also, as well as some sculpture for my soon-to-be new home.

I have been through the pain of divorce also, and it was the support of my friends and family, as well as keeping busy with the things I love to do, that got me through it all. So lean on them - that's what they're there for!


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 05, 2005
Posts: 1401
From: sackatomato
Posted: 2006-03-28 4:51 pm   Permalink

aloha vince. i'm sorry to hear of your heartache. as the proud owner of 3 of your makaus, i hope you keep carving and posting. stay strong braddah. bullet

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Jul 15, 2004
Posts: 59
From: So Cal
Posted: 2006-03-28 5:50 pm   Permalink


I'm am sorry to hear about your marriage. I have helped consoled more than a few good friends through divorces and from what I see and hear it is very difficult and challenging. Remember that " A long march starts at the very first step". Stay strong with each step and believe in yourself. When your march slows down please drop us a line at TC.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork and attitude!



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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 14, 2005
Posts: 2999
From: My Island
Posted: 2006-03-28 6:26 pm   Permalink


I am very sorry to hear this news. I can only imagine your pain. Please try to keep carving, it may be one of the things that helps you keep your sanity through this whole ordeal. I think it is clear to all of us here on TC that your artwork is one of the most important things in your life. I will send all of the positive energy I can your way in the hopes that it will help you face what you have before you. As several folks have said already, take it one day at a time. It takes a lot of guts to get up, show up, and face the day each day. I have faith that you will rise up higher than you ever have been before. I believe in you. If you believe in yourself, there is nothing you can't accomplish or overcome. Please come back soon.



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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 23, 2003
Posts: 2158
From: www.crazedmugs.com
Posted: 2006-03-28 7:06 pm   Permalink

Thanks for your contribution.
I'm sorry you and your Mrs. couldn't have worked it out.

Take whatever steps you need to get yourself happy.

Stay in touch with friends and don't ditch their phone calls or emails.
Stay busy. Well, that's like telling water to stay wet.

Thanks for the cool makaus, I wear them often and hope you can see me perform one day in Hawai'i, wearing that slick uke pendant.

I'm hoping to get over there in November with one or more of Haole Kats.
Maybe then.


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The Sperm Whale
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 23, 2004
Posts: 1553
From: Lakewood California
Posted: 2006-03-28 7:33 pm   Permalink

That is terrible News and I hope everything will work out in the end!!! I really enjoyed and looked forward to seeing what beautiful work you would be posting next. I love the Makau you made for me and I wear it often!!! Please don't leave us hanging over here because you are most definitely part of the "Ohana" here. Hope to see you back on TC soon and thank you for sharing your great artwork with us.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 25, 2004
Posts: 1129
From: NYC Area
Posted: 2006-03-28 8:02 pm   Permalink

Yes sir don't leave us hangin'
Like everyone else said "Things" happen for a reason.

I guess I'll wait on my carving - no worries (I sent you pm a bit ago), you know where to find us if you need us.

Excellent necklace carvings - that skill can never leave you!
Maholla and best wishes


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 14, 2004
Posts: 4284
From: Sydney, Australia
Posted: 2006-03-28 9:13 pm   Permalink

Hey man. My folks are divorced, so I kinda know the pain and heartbreak that goes along with it. Its gonna be tough, no two ways about it. But your'e strong, and you will get through it.

You held us all in awe with your work. Looking forward to the days when you come back and share some more of your awesome carvings. In the mean time, farewell and good luck.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 22, 2002
Posts: 3691
From: San Francisco
Posted: 2006-03-29 12:08 am   Permalink

I'm so very sorry. I've also been there. Do what you have to do to move forward -- it's going to be a long, hard slog. I know how impossibly painful it can feel -- with time (a lot of it), it does get a lot better. When you're ready, Tiki Central will be here waiting for you.


Critiki - Critiki News - Ooga-Mooga

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Dec 28, 2005
Posts: 1689
From: Mission Beach, CA
Posted: 2006-03-29 09:10 am   Permalink


On 2006-03-28 12:26, PockyTiki wrote:...i've never had the honor of taking a look at some of your art-work, but from what i hear it's a killer.

Indeed Pocky. Kala Ki'i's makau are museum quality works of wearable art. Take a look...


Kala Ki'i, Anyone who's gone through a separation can testify that the ground won't feel firm beneath your feet for at least a year, but you will get through and I can't imagine a better place to regain your mana. Keep your chin up and heal in the bosom of the Pacific.

Aloha - Hodadhank

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kaha ki'i
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Dec 13, 2005
Posts: 277
From: Laguna Beach California
Posted: 2006-03-29 11:28 am   Permalink

Aloha again my bruddah's & sistah's,
All I can say is Mahalo Nui Loa to all of you that left such positive replies to my difficult & sad post...I can feel all the positive vibes & prayers from all of you here on TC and the response Ive recieved in just one day has really, genuinely touched this moke's heart! As a matter of fact, I feel Im having the urge to carve now and its due in part (mostly) to all the aloha this bruddah has gotten from all of you!

Sneaky- Big Mahaloz for your thoughts & prayers! I will take with me your (and all the ohana's) kind words and thoughts...Thanks again!
Foamy- Youre absolutely right...Idleness is my enemy right now and I like how you said: "spread yourself around". Theyre are a few people in this world Id love to meet, including all of you! Mahalo brah!
BK-Just read your PM brah...Youre words ring true to me as well and your encouragement will be well used! Big Big Mahaloz brah for your kokua and while Im gone I expect you to kick some serious bone carving okole, kay bruddah?
Aikiman-Mahalo for the kind words brah and no worries cuz! Ill hook you up with a miki'oi makau for the daughter as soon as Im up & running!
Rodeotiki-Mahalo to you up there in Canada! Ill keep your place in line when I return and Thanks for your support and thoughts on my work!
Congatiki-The mensters CD is coming with me brah! Big Mahaloz for your thoughts bruddah. I definitely feel a sense of brotherhood & ohana here on TC and I plan to not leave that behind (only temporary!)
Amiotiki-Mahalo for your kind words as well! I will stay strong and keep da head above water, especially thanks to all my ohana here on TC! Ill be sure to keep you in the loop for a makau and maybe some other work...I wont forget about you or anyone else here!
Kingstiedye-Hey brah, it was a pleasure to work with you and Im proud you wear and love my work so much! Ill be back bruddah, stay pono!
Alldo-Mahalo bruddah! Ive already started marching and I gotta keep going fo'shua! Cant look back anymore, only forward with the trade winds at my back!
Gman-Big Mahaloz brah..Your words touched me cuz. I am getting the urge to carve and since I left this post Ive been nothing but smiles & tears of appreciation for all the aloha from my TC ohana. Your positive energy will be well used too brah, Mahalo again!
Pablus-Mahalo Nui Loa cuz...Im proud you love my work too brah and when you get over to Hawaii to perform Ill be in the front row! Maybe we can kanikapila too someday?! Thanks again for your encouragement brah!
Spermy-Im stoked you like your makau brah! Your wife was a pleasure to deal with and Im grateful for your kind words and I wont leave you hangin' for too long bruddah. Maybe we hit up the Royal Hawaiian for a lapu on me, yeah? (before it either closes or I go to Hawaii!) Mahalo again brah!
SneakyJack-Hey brah!Your pendant is almost finished brah..Its one of my last of the lists before I close the gallery here! I didnt forget about you cuz, Ill PM you in a bit. Mahalo nui loa for your patience & kindness!
Hewey-Got PM brah and big MAhaloz for your thoughts! Your words and encouragement from everyone else here is true kokua which will get me over this hump and back surfing, carving, playing music and just generally being happy...Thanks again Hewey!
HumuHumu-Mahalo sistah for your kind words! I am grateful my TC ohana will be here once Im back and the aloha & love here has just completely touched my heart & soul...
Hodadhank-Hey bruddah, Big ups & mahaloz to you for your support and encouragement! Thanks for spreading the word and the love and maybe someday we get one of my makau around your neck, yeah?! Mahalo again brah, for realz...

Again, I cant say Mahalo enough to all of you. Even though Im on a low (with the wife & business), Im definitely on a high as well from all the love & support from all my bruddah's & sistah's here on the best site in the world! You people are all truly pono and I cant wait to be back for good someday soon!

Aloha Ka Kou and 1000 mahaloz again to all of you!

For miki'oi Authentic Hawaiian Makau, check out my website! You no find mo bettah! www.cabanillamakau.com

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 05, 2005
Posts: 1401
From: sackatomato
Posted: 2006-04-01 8:38 pm   Permalink

kaha, it warms my heart to read your positive words. please let the ohana know when you're up and running with your carving. i know i'd love to get more of your beautiful art. mahalo braddah, bullet

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 02, 2002
Posts: 2765
From: The Coast of Kauai
Posted: 2006-04-02 07:46 am   Permalink

I feel your pain braddah. Don't have much new to add that hasn't already been said, but hang in there and keep doing the things that bring you happiness and aloha. I hope to see you back on TC in the near future.
Your buddy,

Stoke & Flow

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