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Tiki Central Forums Collecting Tiki Newbie Collector Invasion?

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Newbie Collector Invasion?
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Posted: 2006-08-10 12:49 am   Permalink


On 2006-08-08 22:25, vegastikidude wrote:
If these idiots are paying that much money for the more "common" mugs, not to mention those stupid Dollar Tree Tikis, they'll pay insane money for good vintage items. Guess it's kinda like selling a stock when it's hot.

This evening this item closed there was 2 avail.
Vintage Waikiki Washington DC Tiki mugs exc cond
Item number: 220013519944
Here are some of the "newbies" and/or so called idiots that bid
User ID Bid amount Quantity wanted Quantity winning Date of bid

alllblowedup( 48) US $255.99 1 1 Aug-09-06 19:00:12 PDT
edgeoftexas1( 1002) US $255.99** 2 1 Aug-09-06 19:00:11 PDT
bullettiki( 16) US $210.27 1 0 Aug-09-06 18:59:41 PDT
boutiki( 428) US $207.77 2 0 Aug-09-06 18:57:24 PDT
misbas( 101) US $90.00 1 0 Aug-03-06 10:24:05 PDT
browncratebooks( 428) US $66.50 1 0 Aug-09-06 18:57:20 PDT
glazerunner( 103) US $65.00 1 0 Aug-09-06 18:12:03 PDT
najalo35( 55) US $45.00 2 0 Aug-02-06 19:22:16 PDT
cpt.midnite( 802 )

I was shut out the last few sec. or I would have been right there as well. The point I am making (in case you haven't caught on yet) I am in the same auctions everyday with the same 2-3 handfuls of bidders. Fact is, higher or vintage priced items are rarely ever bid on by newbies. Some of the bidders above have yellow eBay (entry level) stars. Do you really think they are newbies or maybe just new i.d's.? or just might not use eBay as often? I myself have collected mugs for at least 25 years. yet I have a yellow star. fact, most of the people on this list are the most knowledgeable people in the fields of tiki, mugs, Hawaiiana, ect. I don't believe for one second that newbies drive the prices up on eBay. pop cult does along with many other reasons. I sold some art many years ago to a very successful art dealer who at that time was sitting on some Salvador Dali's because they were not worth what he paid for them. He gave me some everlasting advice, " Buy It Because You Like It."
Everything is worth what it is worth, no more no less. As far as newbies dumping out of mugs in a few years? that probbibly will happen but, I doubt you will see them in thrift stores for 25 cents. eBay, yes but not for a buck. It might be interesting to you to visit this post already in progress,
Collecting Tiki Garage Sales, Thrift Stores, Antique Malls. THEY NOW KNOW WHAT THEY HAVE!


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