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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Events California Events Maikai Gents at Trader Vic's S.F. November 11
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Maikai Gents at Trader Vic's S.F. November 11
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Joined: Jun 16, 2006
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From: Home of the best rum collection in NC
Posted: 2006-11-11 11:57 am   Permalink

Hey Gang,

I hate to do this, but I'm gonna have to bail on tonight. That cold that's been going around the FI TC crowd just isn't giving up on me, so I need to spend some quality time with my blanket and Nyquil.

Have a great time and somebody drink a stinker for me!


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Joined: May 26, 2006
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From: Elk Grove, CA
Posted: 2006-11-13 01:25 am   Permalink

Aloha Ohana!
Well if you weren't there you missed a GREAT night at Trader Vic's San Francisco!
The Mai Kai Gents played 3 SETS...that's 4 hours to you and me!
Here are some photos and details of the evening along with some shots of the upgrades that
Trader Vic's SF has been making to make the environment even MORE TIKI!


Trader Vic's World Famous Chinese Oven,(no Chinese were harmed! ), and Duck Man
the guy who de-bones your Duck for you!

New decor and not so new decor!

Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages please welcome THE MAI KAI GENTS!!!

Iuka Grogg, (Can you tell which one of the 2 images is him?)
Neither could I after enough Mai Tai's!

Some of the local TC Ohana showed up and took over a table up front to show their support!

Dr.TikiMojo found a drink he hadn't tried yet..."SON OF DR. FUNK".
I had to support another doctor by trying it.
YUM!...only problem is that if you take too long it becomes an island! DRINK FAST!!!

When's the last show that you saw the singer go out into the crowd and serenade a lady?
Don Ho would be proud!

Flaming Scorpion Bowls gave the band all the energy they needed!

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY" was sung at least 3 times, (I lost count), and the Gents got things so fired up
people started DANCING IN THE ISLES!!

Ending with a BANG the Gents ripped into a wild version of "PIPELINE" that
left the members with bleeding fingers and the audience with happy hearts!

The good Doctor Mojo over heard that the MAI KAI GENTS were asked to come back to
To find out the exact nights and times you should call Trader Vic's SF and ask,

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Joined: Mar 26, 2002
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From: Grape Town, California
Posted: 2006-11-15 08:41 am   Permalink

Aloha! Thanks so much for the great photos, Dr. It was great to have you and the Tiki Central gang there! What a night! Beautiful venue, enthusiastic and fun crowd, tons of tropical tippling tonics, bountiful birthdays (I recall singing that song six times!)...
Thanks so much to you, Tiki Central ohana, for you support. It seems as if we will be playing there with some regularity in the future and I'll keep you posted. Mahalo.

-Weird Unc

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Joined: Jul 17, 2002
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From: Originally Israel, now Oceanside, CA
Posted: 2006-11-16 12:26 pm   Permalink

Excellent, but I think Iuka Grog was doing all the singing, not you.
Great to see that you got a regular gig...if the stars align properly, we might be able to enjoy it someday, too.


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Joined: Jul 07, 2005
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From: The Polynesian Port of NOLA
Posted: 2006-11-16 1:38 pm   Permalink


On 2006-11-16 12:26, kick_the_reverb wrote:
Excellent, but I think Iuka Grog was doing all the singing, not you.

Yeah, but Weird Unc sings with more feeling...
"If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning."
-Catherine Aird

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Joined: Aug 22, 2002
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From: San Francisco
Posted: 2006-11-18 12:28 pm   Permalink

Such a wonderful time! Thank goodness it was a nice, ear-friendly band like the Maikai Gents performing Happy Birthday -- it got pretty ridiculous!

Don't miss seeing the Maikai Gents featured on TV! Check out
this thread in Tiki Music for more details -- the show is airing tonight in the Bay Area, and will also be airing in other cities like San Diego, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Washington DC, Miami, Philadelphia and Hartford, CT.

Here are my pictures:


I could only see Judd & this tiki from where I was sitting:

Judd serenades the crowd:

Duck and cover [song]:

Mr. Smiley:

Coco Loco & Mai Tai:

Coco Loco:

Conga Mike & Mr. Smiley:

Mrs. Tiki Mojo & cynfulcynner:

cynfulcynner, and a good shot of the odd "we went to Cost Plus and stocked up on laundry hampers and wastebaskets and hung them from the ceiling with fishing line" additions to the decor (which while silly, are still a big improvement):

Dr. Tiki Mojo & Hanford:

Coco Loco & me:

Congratulations on such a fun event, and a great gig -- I look forward to more!


Critiki - Critiki News - Ooga-Mooga

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Mai Tai
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Joined: Mar 21, 2004
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From: Exotic Isle of Alameda
Posted: 2006-11-22 01:28 am   Permalink

I'm posting my pics a little late, but better late than never. Actually, everyone else's pics came out better than mine, so here are just a few more to round things out.

Group photo - everyone say TIKI!!!

Everyone's favorite dessert - SNOWBALLS!!!

"It's Mai Tai. It's out of this world." - Victor Jules Bergeron Jr.

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