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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Events California Events Tiki Farm's Parking Lot Sale this Saturday - HUGE!!!
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Tiki Farm's Parking Lot Sale this Saturday - HUGE!!!
cheeky half
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 22, 2002
Posts: 801
From: Tucson, AZ
Posted: 2007-04-18 6:40 pm   Permalink

We finally made it back to the Old Pueblo. Took us a little longer than anticipated. Came darn close to making the return trip via Tijuana! Those Freeway signs just aren't as big as they used to be.

We just wanna say a big old thanks to Holden for hosting such a fabulous event. It was great meeting up with old friends and making new ones. Look forward to seeing you all again some time soon...


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Mai Tai
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 21, 2004
Posts: 1437
From: Exotic Isle of Alameda
Posted: 2007-04-18 9:23 pm   Permalink

Holy Schnikies, what a great weekend!!! When it comes to kicking off the Tiki Season, Holden doesn't mess around. Much mahaloz for throwing such a fantastic event! You're the bestest!!! And so are your ringtones!

Here's Kirby while the day's still young, along with a clean cut Dr. Z, and Spermy Hagar and Whalerider

Showin' the love for the Monkey Man

There were so many cool artists, and I'm glad I was able to meet a few more, like Mr. and Mrs. Cheeky Half. See you guys in Tucson!!!
(Note - this isn't Mr. and Mrs. Cheeky half here, only Mr. Cheeky Half in the black and white shirt)

Mean Gene, your phone number is still in the Women's restroom at Forbidden Island. At least as far as I can tell from looking through the peephole.

Little Lost Tiki, you rule!!!

So do you, Bora Boris and Hiphipahula

My friend Terri, who lives across the street from Tiki Farm in that condo complex, enjoys Mugoomba. Thanks for letting us crash at your place, Terri!!!

Cool Forbidden Island style booth at Mugoomba

Just put the damn hat on, biatch!!!

As the day wore down to a close, we were anxious to burn the contents of Ben's treasure chest

Then it was time for the Mugoomba party

Then we headed out to Al-ii's place for a few drinks, before dinner at the Bali Hi, and the Insect Surfer's show

After a few of Al's fantastic libations, we realized that we were too tired to head down to San Diego. We went out for mexican food instead, and then headed back to our friend's condo at San Clemente to vegetate and watch tv. Since Tiki Farm was on our way back home, we thought we'd just pop by for a minute to see if the party was still going on. Surprisingly it was, and we were welcomed with open arms

The party was still in full swing!!!

Until Holden decided to show us the proper way to smash a tiki mug

So Holden decided to move the party back to his pad, where we participated in the Laugh Like Ricky Ricardo contest

Ees sooo rideeekulus!!!

Dude! That is a 1982 Depeche Mode song, dating back to their Vince Clark days before he started Yaz with Allison Moyet.

Holden models the latest in vintage wear, while dancing to his Mahna-Mahna ringtone

Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's call Bamboo Ben at 3 in the morning!!! It'll be a riot!!!

Well, so much for going to bed early that night. When we were pickin' up beer in the grocery store, Randy said "Wow, no sleep is a real buzz!" How true Randy, how true. I think I got 3 hours sleep in 36 hours, not to mention that Coco Loco and I left the Bay Area to drive down to Tiki Farm at 11:00pm on Friday night!!! But you know what? It was totally worth it! What an incredibly awesome weekend! I'm going next year fer sure, as well as heading down to the Farm's Big Ol' Bash this July.

Once again, it was so great hangin' with all-y'all. Al-ii, thanks again so much for your generosity and hospitality. That absinthe drink you made me put me over the top! Three small sips, and I was done!!! Boris, great hangin' with ya, man! So great to meet new (for me) peeps like Hiphipahula, Little Lost Tiki, Mr. and Mrs. Cheeky Half, Thor, Dave... Also great hangin' with MonkeyMan - thanks for the delicious Monkeypods!, Dr. Z, SoccerTiki and WoohooWahine - WooHoo Juice good!, Jeff (sorry we didn't make it to the surf show - we felt bad about it), Tiki Bird, Tiki Cutie, and anyone else I may have forgotten who may or may not have Tiki in their name. Spermy and WhaleRider, you totally rock!!! - always great hangin' out with you!

And again, a huge mahaloz to Holden, for throwing such an awesome event!!! I can't wait for the Big Ol' Tiki Bash!!! Hey, I guess I'll see everyone up here this coming weekend for Forbidden Island's One Year Anniversary Party. Make sure to pack some SoCal sunshine in your suitcases! Mai Tai out!!!
"It's Mai Tai. It's out of this world." - Victor Jules Bergeron Jr.

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Bora Boris
Mr. Unreasonable

Joined: Mar 25, 2005
Posts: 2617
From: Boogie Wonderland
Posted: 2007-04-18 10:24 pm   Permalink

Great pictures as usual Mai Tai.

I have no idea how you and Coco Loco kept going after dinner, you two are tough. I went to bed at 2:00 and was more useless than usual on Sunday.

Wow! I need a haircut really bad.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 09, 2006
Posts: 891
From: Largo, Floriduh
Posted: 2007-04-19 07:09 am   Permalink

Nothing says 'welcome' to my 'pad' like a warm bottle of Corona !!!!

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Swamp Fire
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 31, 2003
Posts: 1203
From: Long Beach, CA
Posted: 2007-04-19 12:02 pm   Permalink

Damn, I forgot my camera!! Thanks Holden for a great event and thanks for putting my booth near the freeway, will draw for food. Great seeing everyone and showing off my tiny chapstick, Hiphipahula you know you love it The guy with the bottle opener has nothing on me.

The Art of Doug Horne

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Grand Member (8 years)  

Joined: Mar 04, 2005
Posts: 3441
From: Mission (Impossible) Viejo, Ca
Posted: 2007-04-19 12:26 pm   Permalink


On 2007-04-19 12:02, Swamp Fire wrote:
The guy with the bottle opener has nothing on me.

The Guy with the bottle opener is Dr. Vital Tiki from San Pedro aka The Kissing Bandit Chiropractor

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 27, 2006
Posts: 2444
From: The Valley!
Posted: 2007-04-19 8:18 pm   Permalink


On 2007-04-19 12:02, Swamp Fire wrote:
Great seeing everyone and showing off my tiny chapstick, Hiphipahula you know you love it The guy with the bottle opener has nothing on me.

You know us girlie's love it! ...all 1 1/2" Good times!

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Grand Member (8 years)  

Joined: Feb 24, 2005
Posts: 1948
From: TheSoccerTikiGrotto, Island of LongBeach
Posted: 2007-04-20 09:21 am   Permalink

At least he wasn't kissing everyone! LOL!

"Marriage, Mortgages, Market Places and Mai-Tai's...Whatta life

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 28, 2002
Posts: 1183
From: behind a cluttered desk
Posted: 2007-04-20 4:08 pm   Permalink


On 2007-04-20 09:21, SoccerTiki wrote:

At least he wasn't kissing everyone! LOL!

It looks like "kissing" might not be the right reference here. Can't say the obvious... think I'd be banned here for life.

[ This Message was edited by: MakeDaMug 2007-04-20 16:09 ]

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Unga Bunga
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 06, 2003
Posts: 5859
From: CaliTikifornia
Posted: 2007-04-20 11:10 pm   Permalink

Chongolio has a cool slide show on his website.


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 02, 2002
Posts: 2765
From: The Coast of Kauai
Posted: 2007-04-21 10:27 am   Permalink

Get your minds out of the gutter you reprobates. My mom reads this stuff

Stoke & Flow

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jan 29, 2004
Posts: 2094
From: San Pedro, CA
Posted: 2007-04-21 6:54 pm   Permalink

EEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!(stealing from Mr. Spermy) WHat a great time Barbi and I had with all you freaks! I was busy pimpin' my (somewhat blemished) balls, so i didn't get to hang with everyone I wanted to (I think I said like a sentence and a half to Holden), but we had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came by and if you purchased a globe from me, please shot me an email with a picture of it once you have it up and running. I love to see those!!!

I have no pictures fromt the event either!!! sorry!

I'd been away from the tiki events for a while, and it was good seeing ya'll at the Tiki Farm event (and that Drasnin event too) catching up and finding out who's cut their hair and who's lettin' it GROW

HOpe to see all yall again soon!

OMG! I'm on Instagram!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 20, 2006
Posts: 970
Posted: 2007-04-22 10:03 pm   Permalink

Way late, but I also wanted to thank everyone involved in making this event happen! I ended up having to go by myself, but it was a fun afternoon. It was fun seeing a bunch of TC members in person and getting to put faces to the names (even though I didn't really *meet* many of you since I'm not good at introducing myself). Lots of friendly people and tons of impressive art, rockin' tunes, & great bargains. I wish I had more space in this tiny apartment so I could've brought more goodies home. When I hit the lotto jackpot and build my big custom Tiki hut home, it'll be fully furnished by Tiki Central artists! The only disappointment of the day was that the wind kicked up and made me chilly before I got my shave ice. And that I forgot to wear some of my previously-purchased PDrake resin Moais as jewelry (one more reason why I'm not allowed to buy the gorgeous stuff made from real gemstones!)

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 24, 2002
Posts: 1368
From: 1st website dedicated to Tiki Gardens
Posted: 2007-04-27 5:50 pm   Permalink


On 2007-04-14 22:33, Zaya wrote:
I had a great time today! It was a pleasure seeing everyone, and meeting some new friends! Here are a "few" pictures I took from the sale today...


Who's stall is that?

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Coco Loco
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 21, 2004
Posts: 820
From: Exotic Isle of Alameda
Posted: 2007-04-27 6:00 pm   Permalink

Bay Park Buzzy's, I believe.

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