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SOHO Liquer
Tiki Centralite

Joined: May 16, 2006
Posts: 67
From: Baltimore
Posted: 2007-07-22 5:49 pm   Permalink

Anyone heard of it before? My wahine picked it up the other day... lychee flavored liquer. Cool chinese junk on the label. Pretty sweet, but then again so are lychee fruit.

Any suggestions for its use?

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uncle trav
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 27, 2005
Posts: 2273
From: Kalamazoo
Posted: 2007-07-22 6:40 pm   Permalink

Never heard of the booze but we had a tree in the backyard as a kid in florida. Had an asian family that would give my mom some cash to harvest the fruit. I never found out how much she got for it though.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 30, 2004
Posts: 582
From: Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma - wine country)
Posted: 2007-07-22 6:46 pm   Permalink

I bought a bottle to that stuff and boy is it potent! I actually liked lychee fruit out of the can, and after mixing a few drinks (using recipes on the SoHo website), my entire body is now on overload of that flavor. A very small amount goes a long ways. Yes it is exotic, but use it sparingly. I don't recommend any of the drinks listed on their website, maybe you can come up with some of your own that will "soften" the flavor.

Good Luck!
The many personalities of Myke

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DJ HawaiianShirt
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Joined: Feb 04, 2006
Posts: 150
From: NoVA, DC
Posted: 2007-07-23 05:04 am   Permalink

I thought I was the only one that had this stuff! I picked up a discount bottle for like 6 dollars.

It is very very strong. I've found literally more than half a shot per drink with dominate all the flavors and make its taste border on cough syrup.

It's aroma, however, is fantastic. Now I use it only for floating on top of various drinks, and it's wonderful. The aroma is always there till the last sip, and it's not enough liquer to overpower anything else.

I'm not sure I would recommend a purchase, though.

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Sep 24, 2002
Posts: 21
From: NY
Posted: 2007-08-10 6:42 pm   Permalink

I love the flavor of lychee.

I could'nt find Soho locally here in NY and apparently it's rather a upscale/specialty item. I had to order it online to the tune of 21$ or so a bottle! plus shipping

I'm jealous you were lucky enough to have gotten it for 6$!!!

I haven't gotten my shipment of Soho as yet but had been making lychee cocktails using lychee juice purchased at local ethnic green markets that is out of this world. I go down to Liberty Ave (in Queens) to get west indian fast food, hot peppers and tropical fruit nectars that can be difficult to get on long island for cocktails (like soursop).

I have heard the Soho is really strong and so I planned to do some experimenting before adding it to my list of happy hour cocktails.

Lychee goes well with Pear and or pineapple. I also would'nt reccomend any of the recipes they listed on their site. I bought some lychee syrup from Monin and it too is strong and quite fragrant. More fragrance than anything and really sweet but it sure did the trick to add some extra oomph to my cocktail. Use in teeny quantities.

I think with lychee, the key is to pair it with flavors that compliment without overpowering. The cocktail I make is quite refreshing served ice cold on a summer evening.

see the post with lychee soho in the subject line for my recipe for lychee cocktail.

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Joined: Nov 01, 2006
Posts: 9
From: New York
Posted: 2007-08-11 10:29 am   Permalink

I'm a fan of Lichido Liqueur myself. It's so aromatic and delicious. It's made with cognac and vodka so it's a lot richer and smoother then Soho.

Has anyone tried the Kai Lychee Vodka yet? I'm really curious to try that one.

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Sep 24, 2002
Posts: 21
From: NY
Posted: 2007-08-11 5:04 pm   Permalink

i wish I could find lychee *anything* at my local liquor stores...I'd surely buy and give it a try.

I'm stoked though, just got back from Liberty ave. and scored ripe lychees, ginnip and fresh hot peppers. Even got a fairly large pepper tree just laden with fruit. I stocked up on lychee, soursop and guava juices.

it's cocktails on the veranda tonight!

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Apr 07, 2002
Posts: 50
From: Simi Valley,CA
Posted: 2007-08-11 5:42 pm   Permalink

Thanks for the post. I'll have to try. The best lychee martini I've found so far was in Honolulu at the Tower Grill (at the Aloha Tower). I've tried to make them at home without luck using canned lychees, vanilla vodka and sake. Now that I know there is a lychee liquor, I'll try some in a martini for, Cheers.

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