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Tiki Central Forums » » Tiki Drinks and Food » » any good hot cider and rum drink recipes to share??
any good hot cider and rum drink recipes to share??
Tipsy McStagger
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Joined: Nov 21, 2004
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From: HELL
Posted: 2007-12-02 8:15 pm   Permalink

..winter has finally setting in and i was lookin for any good recipes anyone might have for a hot cider and rum drink. Hala kahiki makes awesome coffee drinks but i am hard pressed to find anyplace in the city that actually does rum and cider cause basically it is a seasonl drink...any thoughts??


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Joined: Feb 18, 2003
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From: Bay Area
Posted: 2007-12-02 9:07 pm   Permalink

yes! it's one of my favorite cold weather drinks. heat up regular apple juice or cider in a saucepan, add pumpkin pie spice, cloves and/or cinnamon. ladle some into a mug, add a shot of spiced rum (e.g. Captain Morgan). whipped cream optional. leave it on the stove all day; it smells great!

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Tipsy McStagger
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Joined: Nov 21, 2004
Posts: 3681
From: HELL
Posted: 2007-12-03 10:01 am   Permalink

thanks for steppin up...apparently there are no other rum drinkers on this site..

anyway, i googled it and found a bunch of yummy recipes online...food network had some good ones too for rum cider punch, cranberry/rum/cider and more....can't wait to fire these up and drift off into a holiday haze....

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54 house of bamboo
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Joined: Sep 28, 2006
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From: Cambridge UK
Posted: 2007-12-03 11:27 am   Permalink

1 litre/1 pint 15fl oz cider
60ml/2fl oz dark rum
250ml/9fl oz apple and ginger tea, from herbal teabag
40g/1˝oz soft dark brown sugar
2 clementines
4 cloves
2 cardamom pods
2 sticks cinnamon
2 fresh bay leaves

1. Pour the cider, rum and herbal tea into a wide saucepan. Add the sugar and place the saucepan over a low heat.
2. Slice the clementines in half and stick a clove into each half. Add the clementines to the pan.
3. Break the cinnamon sticks in half. Add the cinnamon, bay leaves and cardamom pods to the saucepan.
4. Heat the saucepan until the mixture is almost boiling. Turn down the heat once the pan is near to boiling.
5. To serve, ladle the mulled cider into heatproof glasses with handles.


The Stevenson Wedding Mug by Cheekytiki, 2006

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Joined: Mar 23, 2002
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From: Portland, OR
Posted: 2007-12-03 11:38 am   Permalink

You like Fire? I knew you did:

The English Bishop:

English Bishop
2 oranges
Whole Cloves
2 Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Brown Sugar
375ml Coruba or other Dark rum
32 oz Unfiltered Apple Juice Nutmeg

Pierce Oranges with toothpick and insert cloves. Wet oranges and roll in brown sugar to coat. Place oranges in baking dish and roast in a 350° oven until they brown slightly. In a saucepan, add cinnamon sticks (broken) to dark rum and warm. Remove oranges, cut into wedges and add to heat-safe ceramic bowl (large enough for 1 gallon of liquid). Add ˝ cup Brown sugar and muddle together with oranges. When Rum begins to vaporize, add rum and cinnamon to orange-sugar mixture. Take the bowl to a fire-safe location and set on fire. At your discretion, put out the fire by pouring in the apple cider. Serve warm in footed glass mugs, dust top with fresh grated nutmeg.

Blair spurred me to make this recipe. I cobbled it together from Jerry Thomas's book and other online sources. The Smell of this one was amazing: The quick-made Pomanders roasting in the oven produced a gorgeous scent that filled the whole house with Christmas. Setting it on fire was a blast as well.

Craig 'Colonel Tiki' Hermann
Colonel Tiki's Drinks
TIKI KON 2012: Ten Year Tour! AUG 3-5, 2012: Portland, OR

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Joined: Jul 22, 2004
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From: L.A. baby!
Posted: 2007-12-03 11:51 am   Permalink

This one is pretty simple:

Fill one coffee mug with apple cider (hot)
Add 1.5oz of Peach Schnapps
add Cinnamon stick and enjoy

You can also use those packets of cider and just microwave it.

"You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." -- Dean Martin

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Tikimonkey is now Tiki Trader

Joined: Feb 22, 2005
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Posted: 2007-12-03 3:29 pm   Permalink

Try using Cider in a Hot Buttered Rum.

I've got a recipe up on my site for
Hot Buttered Rum Batter.

The cider makes for a really nice fruitiness. I'm using Martinelli's Cider, but only because I haven't made it to Trader Joe's for their good stuff yet.

Cocktails, Slinging Booze, original drinks, and Tiki

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Dec 05, 2005
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From: Chicago
Posted: 2007-12-04 7:39 pm   Permalink

I developed this recipe a few years ago and it's never let me down.


8 cups apple juice
2 cups cranberry juice
1 cup tangerine liqueur (Mathilde Orange XO is also amazing)
1 cup dark rum
2 cinnamon sticks

Pour all ingredients into a very large stock pot over LOWEST heat, and add the cinnamon sticks. Do not boil. Allow an hour to heat thoroughly. Season to taste with additional cinnamon, and nutmeg. Serve steaming in pre-warmed mugs.

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Atomic Cocktail
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Joined: Jun 25, 2002
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From: Land O' The Next Big One-L.A.
Posted: 2007-12-29 10:16 pm   Permalink

From The Gentleman's Companion by Charles H.

Anyone who has sailed with Pete-whether around the
world on PILGRIM, to EUROPE on the schooner LLOYD
BERRY, or south to Florida from Cape Cod on some ship
like our own MARMION, as we did, remembers his
magnificent tattooed masterpieces, haunch, paunch,
back and chest, and his Hot Buttered Rums at the end
of a cold, wet, Fall chance. Our first introduction to
them was running from Woods Hole to New York, one late
October day, with the wind whipping up a dry
nor'easter, and our new main trys'l pushing us along
close to nine knots

Into each average sized glass put a teaspoon of brown
sugar, a twist of lemon peel, a teaspoon lemon juice,
four to six whole cloves, and a spoon. Take a "futt"
dish and heat water on the galley stove-and in case we
don't remember Pete's definition of that time-honoured
bit of New England addenda, a futt dish is the flat
tin handless sort of pan we see on top of bullet
heating stoves down east, to keep the air humid.
Actually any pot does as well.

To each glass donate two ponies of Barbados, or any
stout rum - two ounces full - adding boiling water to
taste, stir, and with the spoon which has kept the
glass from cracking, slide in one teaspoon of butter
on top. Drink as butter becomes wholly melted...When
getting really fancy for Harbour Furl Company, Pete
may float a spoon of rum on top, and set aflame, but
not for anyone less than a full Commodore!

To vary the usual clove and nutmeg add half a
teaspoon of allspice to the next hot toddy. The
results is quite aromatically happy."

From The King's Bread-2nd Rising: cooking at Niagara
1726-1815 (1989):

2 Gallons Cider
1 Pint Maple Syrup
1/3 lbs. Butter
2 Quarts Dark Rum

Mix cider and syrup. Bring to boil. Add butter and
remove from the fire. Add rum and serve. DO NOT ALLOW
TO REBOIL. Makes about 50 6 ounce servings.

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