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Tiki Central Forums » » Tiki Events » » California Events » » Mahalo for Coming to TikiBocce(tm) III - *Buy an Event Poster 4 Charity!*
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Mahalo for Coming to TikiBocce(tm) III - *Buy an Event Poster 4 Charity!*
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From: Home of the best rum collection in NC
Posted: 2008-05-29 09:46 am   Permalink

The only pics on my camera are the two you took of me "rolling" the court. Frankly, I hated them both, so nobody is gonna get to see those. I think the photographers were mostly your cultie buddies. Get them to send you some.

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From: Santa Rosa, CA (Sonoma - wine country)
Posted: 2008-05-29 1:48 pm   Permalink

(A little late) But a BIG mahalo to the Lunds for another wonderful event!! My bocceball skills really sucked this year... I guess not enough Mai Tais and too many pupus and Diet 7up. Great turnout. Good to see everyone there, however briefly I got chance to talk with everyone. And great sounds by the Mai Kai Gents too!

We finally had chance to grill up our variation of Sabu's Spicy Coconut Chicken Skewers (use TC's search for recipe). We used portabello mushrooms instead of chicken (veggie dishes were requested), and cut the 'shrooms into BIG bite sized pieces (note: during the marinating process, the pieces really shrink, so cut them LARGE). Also, didn't use skewers... simply used a "grill sheet" and placed the marinated 'shroom bits onto the sheet, then rolled them in (already prepared) roasted coconut while they were still hot.

We also made chicken bites, but used a chipotle seasoning instead of curry powder. They turned out pretty good! (Sorry, gotta have my meat too.)

Mahalo to Thayer and Scott!! and Happy Birthday to you again, Scott!

The many personalities of Myke

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From: 37? 47' N, 122? 26' W
Posted: 2008-05-29 3:53 pm   Permalink

The mourning period for Team Quicksand has passed so I can now speak of that day, albeit with some difficulty. Perhaps I am best suited for officiating, who knows? Gave it the old college try, twice, but it was not to be. Alas, one looks to the future, TikiBocce4...a new beginning?

As much of my time was spent taking bribes in exchange for favored calls, err..objective officiating of others' matches, my snappies are few. The fair Michelle had control of the snappy machine, but most of her shots are of yours truly flailing about in a confused state of bocce defeat. Still, I captured a few good ones and put together one of my limited edition collages for everyone to enjoy:

This year's Tikibocce, notwithstanding the premature exit of Quicksand, was a resounding success. The food was superb as were the Hinky Drinks. Every time I go to Lund manor I get to experience a new Mai Tai variation. This year's version was extra super good. Special kudos to the two Hinky Drinks mixologists, well done!

Great to see the MK Gents again. Fun times are always at hand with those guys around providing a soundtrack to the festivities. The only thing I would improve would be the weather...I think. Congrats to Team Bali High for their amazing display of tenacity and bocce brilliance. Phil and Jeff, while at times just on the brink of defeat, managed to pull out victory after victory and end up bocce champs. Theirs was a well-deserved championship, exhibiting the best qualities of good sportsmanship and cutthroat bocce strategy.

Of course, a great big hug and thank you to the proprietors of Lund Manor. Thayer and Scott put on one heck of a good time. Shame it is only an annual event as I am ready for Tikibocce3.5!

Wait 'til next year!
cpt. "player to be named later" midnite

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Chief Bartender
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From: Sacramento, CA
Posted: 2008-05-30 6:10 pm   Permalink

More photos:

Mai Kai Gents

I love this tiki:

My favorite photo of the day:



That's me at the bar, getting another Mai Tai:

And the most excellent bartenders:

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From: The Polynesian Port of NOLA
Posted: 2008-05-31 12:54 pm   Permalink

We've only 10 more of the signed and numbered prints left! Get 'em while they last. Remember, all proceeds go to The City of Hope Lindy Hop 4 Life 24 hour Cancer Danceathon!
"If you can't be a good example -- then you'll just have to be a horrible warning."
-Catherine Aird

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Joined: May 08, 2008
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From: Chambéry, France
Posted: 2008-06-05 2:48 pm   Permalink

Damn, we missed this - I should check the boards more often!

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bamboo stu
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Joined: Sep 18, 2007
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From: Spam Leandro, CA
Posted: 2008-06-10 12:26 pm   Permalink

That does look fun..although the idea of strolling into a party of people you only know from the internet is a little weird..isn't it?

Guess I have a year to get acquainted with them at FI before the next one!

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