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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Events California Events Tiki Art Show at Forest Lawn 8/8/08
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Tiki Art Show at Forest Lawn 8/8/08
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 18, 2002
Posts: 861
From: Ventura, CA
Posted: 2008-08-08 09:52 am   Permalink

A lot of great work up on the walls! The lighting and arrangement is very nice. The show's missing quite a few really talented tiki artists, but other than that, its top knotch.

Here's the Official Event Tiki Necklaces with hang tag that I did for the show. They're available in the Museum gift shop for $20. They're limited to about 50 and not sure how many are left after last night! They come in Hot Lava, Sea Foam Green, and Driftwood Muck!


Live like a Beachcomber!
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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 09, 2004
Posts: 3683
From: The thumb !
Posted: 2008-08-08 10:09 am   Permalink

How cool tOny, totally want one or three

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Kazuo Kim

Joined: Feb 10, 2008
Posts: 1
From: Hollywood
Posted: 2008-08-08 10:11 am   Permalink


On 2008-08-08 08:46, aquaorama wrote:
I'm still recovering from over doing it on pork ribs and Won-Tons.....oh my they kept those food plates coming..... Lots of beautiful art and some great music from The Dynotones.........My moment of Zen? When the older gentleman at the sign in table almost bust a gasket when I wrote my name as "Mr. Joyboy"....Glad to see people remember good movies....

Now that is the funniest thing I have heard all week. I should have watched "The Loved One" before going.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 29, 2003
Posts: 943
From: near Atlanta, Georgia
Posted: 2008-08-08 10:28 am   Permalink

great show! a must see just for Nason's gelatin silvertone-ish photos, the austral piece, "Herman" moai, and PNG pieces from personal collections. The show was missing some peoples (modern)work i would have liked to have seen, but the pieces from peoples collections make it worth the trip up the windy hill. I found myself geeking out and mubbling like a jerk when saying hello to Leroy, never can get out any words that sound like I am remotely educated when i see him, more like "aa duh, neat wood!" Gonna get back there a couple of times to spend more time soaking it in. Oh, myself and Tiki Tony's friend are not SHAG. Though asked by different folks (wtf), it will not be cause for me to get contacts instead of glasses. In my case I felt bad for shag, maybe i am bizarro shag, the broke hobo version, but the comparison, and the fact i am 2x his size, ends at we have hair and glasses. oh, and i also usually wear shoes that lace up. All kidding aside, a wonderful show at a beautiful location.

Aloha kaua
p.s Bill, did you get stranded there? did they lock you in?

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The Sperm Whale
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 23, 2004
Posts: 1553
From: Lakewood California
Posted: 2008-08-08 10:39 am   Permalink

I gotta tell ya-driving up the hill into the cemetery was super cool but when I opened my car door in the parking lot and heard loud surf music (the dynotones)comming from somewhere I new this was going to be freakin amazing. Really I think this was one of the best Art shows I have ever been too!! The Art was top notch..I really liked the tiki's that came from other peoples collections from around the world. They even had some mugs there on display. I think they did a good job of combining traditional stuff with new poly pop stuff. What was even cooler was seeing a bunch of TC'ers Old and New. I really felt at home at Forest Lawn last night. Oh and view is incredible outside. I am so glad I went.

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Redondo Tiki

Joined: Aug 07, 2008
Posts: 5
Posted: 2008-08-08 10:52 am   Permalink

We had a wonderful time. It was fantastic being new to the scene and meeting so many people I've heard about and whose work I love. Everyone was so gracious and helpful in educating a "Newbie" as to what to look for, where to go and places to drink!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 29, 2004
Posts: 186
From: The Ventura, Ca
Posted: 2008-08-08 10:55 am   Permalink

It was so nice seeing all of you this past evening. Swell evening and great music. Hope to see you at TO...

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Oct 26, 2005
Posts: 27
From: SoCal
Posted: 2008-08-08 11:07 am   Permalink

Last night at Forest Lawn was one of the best Tiki events I've ever been to! Had the best time,so worth the hang over!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 18, 2007
Posts: 216
Posted: 2008-08-08 11:15 am   Permalink

Majorly koolamundo event!!!

Welcome to Paradise!

(I suppose some folks MAY see Forest Lawn as a transition to Paradise, but NOT quite in the way the Tiki Ohana do! )

Here's some pics for those who couldn't make it, although the show itself DOES run through Jan. 4th, 2009, so you have NO excuse to miss THAT! And please keep in mind that by NO means did I photograph everything in the show. This is merely a good representative sampling.

First up, the amazing Oceanic craftsmanship of the great Leroy Schmaltz...

...and here's the man himself with a spectacular example of his work. Sorry -- he told me it's already taken & the guy's just waiting to pick it up when the show closes! (I HATE him, whoever he is!)

And here's Leroy again, this time with Bob Van Oosting, his longtime business partner (and co-owner/founder of the legendary Oceanic Arts in Whittier), posing with co-sponsor of the show, Doug Nason, collector and gallery-owner extraordinaire.

A wonderful Wayne Coombs tiki.

Collaborations and individual work by Dave "Squid" Cohen with Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily.

A nice piece by Gecko.

From the Disney film 'Lilo and Stitch'.

Everyone knows ya can't have tiki without some tropical black velvet!

And ya can't have tropical black velvet...

...without a piece by the man who INVENTED it: the Master himself, Edgar Leeteg!

And what would a tiki exhibition be without MUGS???...

LOTS of mugs!

(Naomi and Sven were joking that there should have been printed score-cards for the attendees with little boxes to tic re. which mugs folks had in their home collections! Hey -- I know I found myself saying "Got that... Got that... Have that one on lay-away... Don't have that one...YET. And I'll NEVER be able to afford THAT one! )

And when it comes to the craziest of tikis, who can beat that insanely skilled and wildly imaginative carver Crazy Al?

Want a closer look?...

Dig all that lovely detail!

And what's the only thing crazier than one of Al's wiki-wacky creations?...

Why, the dude HIMSELF, of course! (Seen here with Yours Truly, wearing one of Al's pendants for last year's Oasis!) And why can't I ever find a great tapa-shirt like THAT, huh?!

Then on to a selection of authentic Oceanic artifacts...

Such as these spectacular examples from the amazing collection of Mr. Nason himself.

And LOTS more authentic pieces from too many cultures and islands to mention...

Gorgeous stuff, eh?

And, last-but-certainly-not-least, we have the painting which became the poster for the exhibition...

'In Search Of Tiki', by none other than...

...the always snazzy, ultra-hip, unassumingly friendly, and disgustingly talented SHAG! (Here seen with ol' Castaway Clemens himself, alias KreepyTiki.)

Well, that's all for now, folks! But I'll leave you with a peek at my JoSH AGle signed exhibition program!...

(Get 'em while they last!)

And all of THAT at Forest Lawn, no less! Who'd-a-thunk it? The mind boggles!


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 09, 2004
Posts: 3683
From: The thumb !
Posted: 2008-08-08 11:18 am   Permalink

Great photos there. ONly way a lot of us will get to experience. Mahalo

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 11594
From: Tiki Island, above the Silverlake
Posted: 2008-08-08 11:49 am   Permalink

It truly was a magical evening. The drive through the park to the location high up on the hill, overlooking the city, the setting sun basking all the attendees in a warm glow, the incredible array of quality Tiki objects expertly grouped and displayed, and a convergence of the who's who of Tiki art (NOT meant in a hoity toity sort of way) like I had never seen before: When do you see Bob and Leroy and Shag and Danny Gallardo and Tiki Tony and Crazy Al and Cass and so many more talented artists and TC Ohana all in one place? Thanks Doug and Jeff for a memorable event in Tiki history.

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Tom Slick
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 26, 2005
Posts: 1092
From: The Beaches of South Bay, SoCal
Posted: 2008-08-08 11:52 am   Permalink

Paul definately covered it!
I have a few shots to share as well...Enjoy!

All in all, a great show and in the "strangest" place!
I'm going back to shoot the statues soon!

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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Aug 08, 2005
Posts: 70
From: El Segundo, CA
Posted: 2008-08-08 12:41 pm   Permalink

Boyfriend and I were there, but we don't really KNOW any of y'all from the Tiki Central boards, so we mostly kept to ourselves (and checked out the art, SHAG, the Dynotones and the Won Tons!).

It was a pretty amazing venue for such an event...seemingly odd at first (a cemetery???), but as mentioned by others, the winding drive up the hill was PHENOMENAL right at sunset and we loved the rooftop views nearly as much as the tiki!!!! Such fun and we loved the contrast of original art from the islands overlaid with the masters of modern tiki.

I wish we would have know who y'all were. Next time!
p.s. I had my dark hair in ponytails, black dress, red lipstick, big shades and a retro-fabric tiki handbag that I had SHAG sign. Boyfriend was in a teal western snap shirt and black skinny jeans. If you see us next time, SAY HELLO!

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: May 01, 2004
Posts: 42
From: Silver Lake, CA
Posted: 2008-08-08 1:03 pm   Permalink

fabulous event and evocative setting. the exhibit was awe-inspiring. i guess i'm one of the naive ones who took the "no photographs" signs posted everywhere seriously!!??

oh well, the show catalog is enough for me.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 18, 2004
Posts: 2722
From: The Exotic Port of REDONDO BEACH, CA
Posted: 2008-08-08 1:22 pm   Permalink


On 2008-08-08 11:52, Tom Slick wrote:
Paul definately covered it!
I have a few shots to share as well...Enjoy!

I was McLovin' this piece from Leroy !

Great show.

So Sven, Tiki as Museum art, not kitcsh...I bet you're a happy camper, huh ? Has it moved from "Low brow" to, perhaps, "Mid Brow" now ?

The Dynotones rocked too !

Nice seeing SHAG there, I wish he'd show up at more TC events, but I guess that's askin alot

That peice he did for the show was really great tho'.

I was playing the "Got it , Got it , Don't Got It , Need it..." game at the Mug display....Looks like I need to beef up my mug collection.

It was great seeing everyone there, and at Damons too.

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