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Tiki Central Forums » » Collecting Tiki » » bullet and jonesEy's tiki central/tiki oasis road trip 2008 part 2 page 2
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bullet and jonesEy's tiki central/tiki oasis road trip 2008 part 2 page 2
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Joined: Nov 09, 2004
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From: The thumb !
Posted: 2008-09-02 6:53 pm   Permalink

i've probably spent about 3 hours on this today, but it's a labor of love. i'll try to finish tomorrow, but i wanted to get this posted today.

We are ready when you are.

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From: Eastern Shores of Western Civilization
Posted: 2008-10-04 4:41 pm   Permalink

When sand flipping TravelingJones met voracious collector kingstiedye at the dumping grounds of eBay in 2006, they realized they shared a disgusting habit, one of tiki consumption and mug lust. Therefore, together they conceived of a road trip to celebrate the art of tiki. The epileptic twist and turns upon gritty asphalt, grinding gears against the steaming, sweaty heat of the L.A. freeway system, maniacally descending upon Tiki oAsis-Go-Go in 2007.

The inimitable gonzo gleaners Bullet and JonesEy wielding fuel soaked torches of caustic flame, that unmistakable ‘click’ willing you to light up just one more time.

Fear and Tripping Tiki Oasis 2008... Am I Lono?
Skipping the cloud banks of a clear blue skyway, metallic wings are spread mightily against the heavens. When I arrived at SFO, the aircraft spewed forth its belly full of general perverts- pimps, drunks, bums and thieves. My kidneys scream from the paper thin cushions provided by the friendly skies. I passed the multi-plexed coffee shops and schlepped past the flowing tide of people transfixed upon the hypnotic luggage carousel. Red one, black one, brown one, green...

A distant voice plays upon my eardrum, “JonesEy!”

Fear stabs deeply into my subconcious, paranoia? I flashback into time. My head swivels, spinning around, searching and confused I scan the baggage terminal, my eyes popping from the Day-Glo_technicolor leisurewear of one kingstiedye. “Braddah Bull!" I declare, "Howzit, let’s roll…" FlipPping a rucksack over my right shoulder, the doors parted and we fell upon the golden streets.

“the bus came by and I got on, that's when it all began...” –Bob Weir 1968

9 Anchor Drive, Emeryville: They did'nt serve burgers or club sandwiches...surprisingly they cook things in this very outdated oven, go figure?

The flashy Financial District of Oakland: A horrid example of Pennsylvania Dutch interior design? Kona Club missed the mark when hiring Bamboo Ben and Crazy Al to provide a "clean & simple" turn of the century Shaker-Craftsman enviroment. Bullet was emotionally distraught over the ceilings. Clutter everywhere and dark...a nice white popcorn-sprayed ceiling would definitely brighten up this place!

F.I.A. an interesting pizza joint with a rough crowd. You'd think a popular sports bar like this would've had at least one big screen satellite projection TV? Hhmmmph...

Tonga Roller Disco: Where 'Dancing Queen' meets 'Muskrat Love'! A small wooden rink but nobody issuing skates on a Sunday night. The pool was closed due to unhealthy chlorination levels and although I didn't see any strippers, there was a "shower on the half hour" specials going on all night? Next time we'll eat at the "Y"!

We paid our respects to a shrine at Forest Lawn- Glendale, honoring those tiki lost long ago...

Rancho Exotica: Free-range and Organic Tikis -The Escondido Hills have eyes!!

Buzzy Hills -Bay Park Estates: Bullet wanted to swing by and window shop for a new bidet. We found a gentleman who handcrafts "thrones" to custom fit the user. Bull prepares for a fitting and the scale is calibrated. Note: the ornate handle selection (This BenZart tissue dispenser caught my eye!)

Ona Tiki's: South Sea Storage & Party Catering Services -This buggah from Hawaii say's, "C'mon brah! Poke, tiki, wit da big puka and Freddie Ku!! Hapa haole times!!!"
-Ric, Head of Services and Maintenance, was a really nice fella and the working girls were top notch +5 Stars*****

TIKI OASIS 2008: Crown Plaza Hanalei- San Diego, CA

An endless laundry list of names, churning in the permanent press of my minds eye, the spin cycle mixes proper titles alongside a missing red sock awash in the whites only load? What a short strange trip it’s been. Thanks to TC Ohana:

Jentiki, Hiphipahula, Munktiki, OceaOtica, Travellin' Tiki, Tikitastic, Mai Tai, Cocoloco, Panda, Bora Boris, little lost tiki & the Ruzics, raveene, OnaTiki, Dawntiki, Moki, Bay Park Buzzy, Zaya, Cammo, LoL tiki, pdrake, 1961surf, Squid, Bai, dibroc, Trader Tom, Flounder, Kiegs-Pleasantiki, Bosko & Truus, Tiki Diablo & Mrs. Tiki Diablo, Tiki tOny and Alene, Gecko, House of Ku, Babalu, Kirby & Polly, Crazy Al, THOR's, Mo-Eye, Alohastation, cheeky half, NOTCH, Doug Nason, Hanford Lemoore, Otto, tiki-lee, Tiki Kate, Mieko, Bohdi-boy, Makedamug, Clysdalle, danlovestikis, alohacurrent, RevBudbooBen & the FamilyBoo, tiki bong, Tiki Kaimuki, Spermwhale, Bob & LeRoy-Oceanic Arts, Mark Hopkins Intercontinental-SF, Checkers Hilton-LA, Hale Bullet-Sactown, Crown Plaza Hanalei-SDCA, Trader Vic’s-Emeryville, Kona Club, Forbidden Island, FLM-Glendale, Damon’s Steakhouse, Tiki-Ti, T/A Truck Stops and Carl's Jr.

And of course my traveling soul braddah from Annadahmuddah… kingstiedye, his lovely wahine Sandy, and the "Bull-ettes"... princebowtienaturalcolor and princesscolorfulleisofhawaii!

Mark those calanders and set the alarm clock... I can’t wait to do it all over again, next year at Tiki Oasis 2009

“drifting across the city through layers of humid air; sounds of life and movement, people getting ready and people giving up, the sound of hope and the sound of hanging on, and behind them all, the quiet, deadly ticking of a thousand hungry clocks, the lonely sound of time passing…” HST – The Rum Diary, 1958

Viva Kate!


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Joined: Oct 05, 2005
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From: sackatomato
Posted: 2008-10-04 8:07 pm   Permalink

there goes jonesEy. one of lono's own prototypes. my high powered aloha clad mutant braddah. i hate to advocate smog, tikis and mexican food to anyone, but they've always worked for us. we are vagabonds, mug weirdos with serious credentials in art, ceramics and tiki madness. we mingled with dangerous characters from ruzik, bamben and squid to tiki bong, who back in the good old days was banned from tiki central for fraud, perjury, graft, and criminal negligence. i was somewhere around fairfield, on the edge of the valley, when the realization hit me that it was over. i remember saying something like "i feel a bit lightheaded; maybe you should drive....", but no one was there. and suddenly there was a terrible roar all around me and the sky was full of what looked like brightly colored painted tikis , all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, which was going about a hundred miles an hour with the stereo blasting radiohead on the way to sactown. a voice was screaming: "holy jesus! what are these goddamn tikis?". i stared into the back seat through wraparound spanish sunglasses and saw da kine tikis were still there. suddenly the garish tikis in the sky were gone. i pulled into the driveway, exhausted.


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Tiki Kaimuki
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Joined: Sep 25, 2006
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From: OAKLAND, baby
Posted: 2008-10-04 9:40 pm   Permalink

I really appreciate the fact that you
are both such strong supporters of tiki
artists old and new- just like curators.
This scene is all the better with your
enthusiasm and all around genuine coolness.
Damn glad to have finally met the both of
you and look forward to many more times
to talk story.
MaHALO braddahs!

*Edited for readability

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Nov 19, 2006
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From: Lemon Grove
Posted: 2008-10-05 2:31 pm   Permalink

These are some mighty fun times we are living in!

You two Road Rockers need to come over to the studio next year and make your own mugs!

Jonesey - Have you potty trained that Babaloon yet?

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Mr. NoNaMe
Tiki Socialite

Joined: May 10, 2006
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Posted: 2008-10-05 3:18 pm   Permalink

Nice meetin you at O8 JonesEy, sorry I was more interested in Babaloon.

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Grand Member (8 years)  

Joined: Jun 17, 2002
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Posted: 2008-10-05 8:20 pm   Permalink

Collecting hugs from all my tiki buddies is the highlight of Oasis. I'm already looking forward to next summer especially with the theme being Surf. Your photos are terrific, Wendy


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 20, 2005
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From: Outerspace
Posted: 2008-10-06 09:47 am   Permalink

Great pic's guy's.....ma halo for sharing!
I gotta make it out to Tiki Oasis one year with the family......

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