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Tiki Central Forums Creating Tiki Other Crafts Taboo Tiki - Custom Tiki Bars, Poles, Masks, Artwork and Frames.
Taboo Tiki - Custom Tiki Bars, Poles, Masks, Artwork and Frames.
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Joined: Jul 18, 2004
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From: BC, Canada
Posted: 2008-10-03 7:49 pm   Permalink

Aloha to all!!
We have been on here for quite a few years now and have never really showed you what we do up here in BC, Canada. We have done a few posts and shown some of what we create but I thought it would be good to have it in one spot as this thread offers.

My partner, Reido and I (TabooDan), have had a business here in BC for about six years now. We design and create our own custom Tiki products. We do a number of different things and we are not just jumping on board here. I have been collecting Hawaiiana and Tiki items for over 10 years now and Reido has been doing the same for about 8 years. We both love and support the classic days of Tiki of the 1950's and 60's and appreciate the history behind what we do.

We do our own custom work and all of our items are made from us right here in our own shops. This is a passion of ours that we have had a for a long time and has introduced us to many different people from alot of different places. A few of our items have been shipped across the US including Hawaii which was a pretty cool thing to do for a couple of Canadians!!

Some of the things we manufacture are Tiki Bars, Tiki Poles, Masks, Wall Art, Custom Paintings, Frames, Original Artwork, Display Cabinets, Furniture, Shop/Store Displays and have some access to Tropical Decor and Imported Tiki Items. Basically, anything you want, or don't really need, we can do!

At Taboo Tiki, we can also do rentals when we have the stock. We have worked with a few different local artists including doing several custom frames for Heather Watts. Our items are currently available at the best store in BC to get anything cool, Funhauser Decor in Vancouver (
http://www.funhauserdecor.com ).

We have done a few rentals for some local TV productions and have also had our items obtained for the movie "Snakes On A Plane" featuring Samuel L.Jackson. This was filmed locally and we had a few of Reido's original carvings in the movie and a few different items from my collection as the back drop for the Honolulu Airport (which was actually the Vancouver Airport) scene in the beginning of the movie.

We have created a lot of different items and have done a few jobs locally that we should probably let you all take a look at. Even if just one of you likes some of our items or gets a little inspired by what we have done, that is all we would like to do!

We have not been able to update our website, http://www.tabootiki.com, for some time now (almost 2 years!! - Our web designer moved and we are stupid on this machine!!) so I decided we should put some of our items and some of the jobs that we have done here on TC for you all to check out. Your comments are greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing from the TCer's that take a look over our posts.

We will try to keep updating this thread with new items and with what we are doing. I'll be starting this thread with a few of our previous items and events that we have done. Feel free to PM me if you would like any additional information or place a post in this thread.

We are trying to bring just a little bit of Tropical atmosphere and spread the word of the great Tiki to our little corner of the world!! I hope you like what we have created here in the great North West!!

Mahalo, TabooDan

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Joined: Jul 18, 2004
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From: BC, Canada
Posted: 2008-10-03 10:05 pm   Permalink

Taboo Tiki's Bars can be 100% custom or you can choose from our designs.
Our Bars are made from cedar construction to keep with our West coast lifestyle and feature laminated pine counter tops. Anything can be added to our bars to accessorize it and make it your own custom piece that suits you.

Some accessories we offer are glass holders, bottle racks, drawers, baskets, lighting, 120 Volt power, cabinet doors and just about anything else you can think of. Our Bars always come with a hand carved mask by Reido and you can also get carved base moldings, corner molding posts and just about anything else that can be carved!

You might be asking, well what about pricing, because our bars are mostly made to order and can be 100% custom, prices will vary. I can say that our Bars sell for $800 and up depending on what you want or what has been done to the bar. The deluxe Bars that we offer, which feature alot of the accessories or carvings, go for about $1,000 and up. Good pricing when you figure these are completely hand made and they are each an individual piece of art. Plus, our Bars are not like anything else out there and we stand behind what we make a 100%!

A few of the pictures below and info. can be seen on our website but I wanted to show a few here as well.
Our very first exterior Bar:

The Bar below was on display at Art Knapp's Nursery, one of our retailers, where we had a large display of our products for several years. In this shot you can also see one of our matching shelf display cabinets complete with matching fabric, sea grass roof, bamboo and sliding glass doors.

This next Bar style (picture from our website) is one of our more popular designs here as it caters to the customers with smaller spaces that maybe want a Bar but don't have a lot of room. This picture shows a few different options that we offer showing two bars with two different backs.

The next Bar is one of our Deluxe models due to it's side angles, furniture legs, under counter rope lighting with switch and outlet (perfect for your blender!), and detailed and functional backside.

The next bar was one we did for The Festival Polynesia Dance Competition put on by The Paul Tavai Latta Dance Co. and The Tiki Art Now Show that was held in Seattle, Wa. This Bar was the first one that we displayed at a specific Tiki Event so we were a little nervous but we got alot of positive feedback for it.
We even received a "That's a nice bar!" from Shag who was at the event!!
This bar never made it back to Canada as it was sold to somebody who was at the Show. A little bit of Canadian Tiki down in the States....nice!

Here is a picture of the Bar at the Tiki Art Now Show:

A client's direct custom ordered Deluxe Interior Bar with roof (Picture from Site):

The following Bar was made specifically for the Lost Paradise Show that was held at the Waldorf Hotel in 07'. It was the first specifically Tiki Event that has happened here and was at such a great venue. The event was spread out throughout the different rooms and we were set up in the Tahitian Lounge upstairs. You could not wish to vend at a better location!! One of the last greatest original Tiki establishments, I believe, in North America!!

This Bar was a good design that featured a cool Bamboo footrest, rare spotted Bamboo (I was told this was natural but think they actually do this to the bamboo before they seal it) moldings and a cool Marqesian styled mask. It also featured power and plenty of accessories and space to store all the goodies!

The next picture (From Website) is of a little cabinet thing we did a few years ago. We call it the Bar-B-Q Tiki Stand. This cool little guy was specifically made with the small patio owners in mind.
A lot of people in cities are not allowed to have full size barbecue's on their patios or decks and that's where this guy comes in. This stand features solid cedar construction, Ocean Blue Ceramic Counter top with Cedar Trim, Bamboo covered front and sides, small Shelf and a couple of Bamboo Hooks for your Luau tools! This model also features a original hand carved 'Devil' Tiki Mask.
Kind of a cool piece you can just throw your little barbecue on and get some cooking done and still keep some Tiki decor on your deck!

Thanks for looking!!! TabooDan

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Joined: May 12, 2006
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From: Vacant lot where T. Vic's, Van. was
Posted: 2008-10-03 10:24 pm   Permalink

Awwww yeah!
Love your guys' work! It's good to finally see a bunch of it up here under one thread.

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From: Huntikington Beach
Posted: 2008-10-04 06:34 am   Permalink

How much?

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From: BC, Canada
Posted: 2008-10-04 09:19 am   Permalink


On 2008-10-04 06:34, RevBambooBen wrote:
How much?

Hey RevBambooBen, Glad you checked them out!!

The Tiki Bars vary in price depending on the accessories you want, size, and materials used. You are pretty much looking at between $800 for the basic models (Ex. INBR3) and $1,200 for the Deluxe ones fully loaded (Ex.INBR5). Bars are about 42" high with a lower counter on the back to do all your mixing at about 32"-36" high depending on style. And of course, all our Tiki Bars have an original hand carved Tiki Mask!!

We can quote out more specific when we know the exact size and styles the customer wants. As for shipping.....it would cost quite a bit to ship one of these. All of our Bars have gone to local clients or across to the Islands or across the border in to Washington State. We can though deliver as far South as Oregon.

We were thinking about building a sort of knock down Bar but we do not want to use weaker/lighter materials or skip on our quality hand finishing and detail. I know it can be done, and in some cases, we may have to come up with something. As for now, our Bars will come complete and fully assembled (less any sort of roof).
Our Bars are built to last and they are solid.
When the next lovers of all things Tiki start doing their searches into the past, say in 50 years, our Bars will still be standing and serving!!

Thanks for your interest! TabooDan

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Joined: May 28, 2008
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From: Forney, TX
Posted: 2008-10-04 7:32 pm   Permalink

Those are REALLY fantastic! Nice work!! I particularly love the little BBQ stand and the bar with matching shelf. If you can't ship the bigger stuff perhaps you could do smaller pieces that you could ship, that shelf with glass doors would be quite popular I would think! Heck, I'd love to have just the masks that you have mounted to the bars too

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Joined: Sep 22, 2008
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From: Edmonton Alberta Canada
Posted: 2008-10-04 7:56 pm   Permalink


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From: BC, Canada
Posted: 2008-10-05 10:27 am   Permalink

Thanks for checking us out and glad you like them!!!

TikiTres, We can ship the bars but by the time it's packaged up and crated, it would get very expensive. The wall shelves are cool and we an do a lot of different styles. That particular one has glass doors that slide in a mitered strip. Not the best to ship far away but they can be done no problem with out glass doors.

These wall cabinets are pretty much custom so we can do whatever you like for style and size. I will be doing some more generic display shelves (by generic I mean a few at one time, good price and a type that can be shipped no problem) early in 2010, (Wow....can you believe there is only 3 months of this year left???) so keep checking back.

Some of these shelves will be specifically for the collectibles we all dig up like ash trays, shakers, plates and all the other cool stuff we find. Some of these units will be limited runs and specific themes and may be collectible themselves but that's all I am saying for now!

Have had trouble with some cd's right now so will be getting more pictures up later today!!

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Pepe le Tiki
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From: Vancouver, BC
Posted: 2008-10-05 4:26 pm   Permalink

We've (Funhauser) been very fortunate to work with Dan and Reido of Taboo Tiki, two very talented craftsmen!! Their bars are well constructed and very unique, no two are alike!
They both have a passion for all things Polynesian Pop and it really shows in their work. It's so great to have local talent of this caliber to feature in our shop!!!

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From: BC, Canada
Posted: 2008-10-05 10:22 pm   Permalink

Hey Pepe, Muchos Gracias for the kind words! Couldn't ask for two better guys to deal with and who truly support the local talent. Thank you!

Here are a few of some of the Tiki Poles that Reido has carved up for Taboo Tiki:

"Hang Loose"

"Evil Tiki"


Here's the Mad Man Reido himself doing what he does best, carving in the...I mean posing!!


"Evil Tiki II"

"Noble Savage"

"Ku Tiki"

Ku Tiki at more old Lounge.

Thanks for looking!! More to come!!
Mahalo, TabooDan

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Posted: 2008-10-07 12:49 pm   Permalink

The bars are terrific, the tikis are so cool, you guys rock, Wendy and Dan

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From: BC, Canada
Posted: 2008-10-25 4:58 pm   Permalink

Here's a couple of the custom Tiki Poles that Reido carved up for specific customers.

This first Pole was for a customer that had an award winning Dahlia flower garden in his back yard. His wife wanted to give him a present and decided to get this custom pole with his name, Doug, and a flower on it. "Doug's Enchanted Dahlia Garden".

We were contacted by a Sports Equipment Supply company called Big Kahuna Sports. They wanted to do something different with their employee of the year award. We thought the idea of having a Tiki Pole with their name and logo on it was cool and then every year they can ad a different name for the employee who is chosen to receive the employee of the year award. Nothing like your name being carved into a Tiki Pole!!!
I believe the winner also gets a little weekend away voucher as well but the carved Pole stays in their office/showroom.

Another Pole for a backyard Paradise, Petri's Paradise!

Here's one that rest's in a little tropical oasis somewhere in Seattle. Geoff's Enchanted Garden.

Thanks for looking and do drop me a PM if any body's interested in getting one made custom for you!

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Posted: 2008-10-25 6:13 pm   Permalink

Well, since I am on to custom items, here are a few signs we have done for Funhauser Decor (www.funhauserdecor.com) in Vancouver, BC.

Funhauser not only sells Tiki stuff, but also has lots of different and cool items to decorate and accent your space or anywhere you need some flavor!
Peter at Funhauser wanted signs that could go above the areas and items of the store with a theme to that inventory.
The following are two signs we custom made from scratch specifically for them.

The sign below is at the top of Funhauser's Tiki Mug display. It is all handmade and some of the features are hand carved Moai, cut & painted letters with two cool fonts, carved cut & painted Tiki torches with red plastic flames and bamboo stems, and bursting volcano with red lava.

"Bou Tiki" and in the store:

The next sign hangs off to the right of the store and features a handmade vintage metal "fireplace" which has a light with a flicker flame bulb (Looks great in person), great cut & painted lettering with three different fonts, green carpet, carved pool cue, and carved martini glass complete with olive and pic.

"Rumpus Room Chic" and in the store:

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