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Tiki Central Forums » » Bilge » » Another "Bytesdog" Horror Story...
Another "Bytesdog" Horror Story...
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From: Seattilite Telstar
Posted: 2009-03-19 1:05 pm   Permalink

Before this becomes an issue elsewhere, I want to repost something that was posted in the Kiss My Casserole group over at Yahoy. Since it wasn't posted here on Tiki Central and I'm really just gossiping while waiting for my ride to the bowling alley I am changing the name of the Tiki Central member who posted it over at Yahoy.

Here's the original message from Kiss My Casserole member "Bytesdog"

I offered Woofmutt one of my I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Pizza casseroles for his White Center Wildlife Fund casserole walk and he refused the offer claiming I had to cook him dinner first and also he thinks I took a casserole dish of his. He thinks that because I have 20 just like the casserole dish he thinks is his. I bought mine at a rummage sale of a Methodist church that was going out of business. So whatever he says: As if!


So here's what I have to say:

1. Last year I took one of my Sealight Delights™ Canned & Fresh Tuna Delish casseroles to Bytesdog's Spring Casserole Mixer which was hosted at her house. Of course my casserole was one of the first ones eaten and when I went to rinse out the empty dish Bytesdog took it from me and said she'd put it in the dishwasher with some others. Immediately after that her husband, "Fradd", begin plying me with rum drinks which I felt obliged to consume in great quantity. Of course I ended up going home in a cab without my casserole dish! I called Bytesdog the next day and she said she'd sent the dish home with me and suggested that if I didn't have it "...Maybe the cabby stole it, You know how they are...One step above carnies if you ask me." I thought she might be right so I let it go.

2. It's true that Bytesdog purchased 20 of the Asbest-O-Best casserole dishes at the rummage sale. But the ones she bought were in the Asbest-O-Best color Pacific Sands. The Asbest-O-Best casserole dish I lost at Bytesdog's was one of the much rarer Rainier Emerald Moss color.

3. A month ago I saw this picture posted by Bytesdog from last summer's Emerald City Thomas Kincaid Collectors Clique potluck:

As you can clearly see in the upper right hand corner of the picture...

...there is an Asbest-O-Best Rainier Emerald Moss casserole dish on the table.

Of course this alone would not prove a connection to Bytesdog, one of the other Emerald City Thomas Kincaid Collectors Clique members might also collect mid century modern cookware. (Ha!) But as you can also see in the detail from the picture:

The casserole dish happens to have Bytedog's award winning Four-And-Twenty Blackbirds casserole in it! (Bytedogs's Four-And-Twenty Blackbirds casserole is a deliciously cute white cheddar, bacon, and macaroni casserole studded with twentyfour black olives peeking out of the top.)

4. I wrote Bytedogs and suggested that maybe she had found my Asbest-O-Best casserole dish at her house and forgot it belonged to me. Here was her reply:

"Oh my gawd! have you been to Creamy Egg, the new frozen custard place down at the Market? It's so incredible!"

Yes, she was ignoring my question. And yes I had been down to Creamy Egg...She and I had gone with the Jet City Polar Softies, our soft ice cream appreciation society!!!

5. Once when I asked Bytesdog if she had ever been to Cafe Fig over on Bainbridge Island she said "What?"

6. Yes, I asked Bytesdog to donate a casserole to the White Center Wildlife Fund casserole walk (we are raising funds for a pigeon sanctuary). But I did not insist she make me dinner. I asked that I sample what sort of casserole she'd like to donate. Why would I ask this? Because in the past few months Bytesdog's favorite cooking ingredient has been this:


Yes, dried anchovies can be delicious. But not when paired with tropical fruits and goat cheese in a casserole.

Needless to say I wanted to be sure the casserole Bytesdog donated to the casserole walk was something people might actually want to eat.

Again, I hate to bother people with all this nonsense but I had nothing else to do and I really want my casserole dish back.
Attribution is the sincerest form of flattery.

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From: Sun City Lincoln Hills (NorCal)
Posted: 2009-03-20 6:19 pm   Permalink

Ah yes, Bytesdog...she is quickly becoming well-known in the Sacramento area as the "Pyrex Princess" and has quite an affinity for the 13 x 9 inch casserole dish. She makes the rounds at our Hostess Parties and always is soooo friendly. Her M.O. is to bring a used, best-up, chipped casserole dish filled with a fluffy desert concoction or something similar. She carries this in a nice little corduroy caddie (grey with cute pink poodle emblems on the sides...with cotton ball tails). Well, needless to say, everyone goes gaga over the caddie and that is when she makes her move. "Hey girls, let me help you clean-up," and she heads to the sink and sings as the bubbles fly and she scours the dishes. She casually loads one of the really nice "collectible" casserole dishes in her caddie and unsuspectingly leaves hers still soaking in the sink...then she is gone before you know it. It isn't till after the party, when folks start looking for their dishes, that they realize what happened. It is usually weeks later during casual conversation between friends that the news of her activity gets around. She never moves in the same circle either so that is how she doesn't get caught. I am sadly missing a very expensive Jadite "Fire-King" casserole dish. Thanks for sharing your experience with the rest of us victims here wuuufffffy!!!! I am eyeing eBay to see if my dish pops up there. "Pyrex Princess...be dayumed."

Edited to add this picture of my missing dish.

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