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Tiki Central Forums Ľ Ľ Bilge Ľ Ľ Has today's TC crowd lost it's original warmth?

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Has today's TC crowd lost it's original warmth?
Hau 'oli Tiki
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 03, 2005
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From: Lamegoona Hills, CA
Posted: 2009-04-19 08:41 am   Permalink

This is regarding the awesome show we attended last night at the fantastic Don The Beachcomberís. Tikiyaki Orchestra was awesome! (love their karate PJs!) And Donís was brilliant with an essence of vintage tiki I havenít felt since the Royal Hawaiian. The drinks were great, the food was fab, the music was superb.


I wasn't sure I should say anything, but maybe I'm not the only one. I'll stick this in bilge, as I'm sure quite a few members will believe it to be so.

I hate to cast a disparaging word, but not everyone was having a good time. I was really kinda surprised (and sad!) to see so many sour faces! Sitting at the tables, waiting for the music to begin. People out at the main bar, waiting for drinks looked especially annoyed. I was seated at the bar and when I tried to talk to them, I was (somewhat) politely ignored.

I had met a few new people that happened to be there (not TCers) and was filling them in on everything. They commented that we didn't seem to be a very happy group. One gal from Colorado asked if we were a bereavement group! Like cancer survivors or something! I thought to myself she was nuts. But as I really looked around, I could see how she came to that conclusion.

I went up to different people that were sitting around, not chatting, and said hi. I received lukewarm hellos, half hearted hiís and one cold stare! Two people told me their TC screen names were something outlandish and false. Very aloof and remote! My husband sat alone a few times, saving my seat as I visited the restroom or made runs to the bar for us. Usually, on my return, I would find him engaged in conversation with someone. He said not one person said hi or spoke to him as he sat there alone. This is unusual.

OK. I get that maybe I donít look just like themÖI donít wear the spiffy 50s mod clothes or the BC glasses that make me look like a cool nerd. I also donít wear the vintage bark cloth gowns, or anything vintage for that matter. I am not a rockabilly, surf punk, 40s wannabe or pretty much tiki wearing anything. But that used to never be a problem. I wasnít wearing smelly, torn clothing. I did not look like a dirt bag. I was not inebriated to the point that I was obnoxious. I didnít look any where out of the norm. Whatís up with this?

Iíve been hearing a few grumblings from people that events are overcrowded, impersonal, and somewhat snooty. Itís like a lot of people have become standoffish and inaccessible. Superior acting. Even elitist.

I was drawn to this crowd over 4 years ago because of the warm, friendly, all encompassing manner displayed by each and every one of the lovely citizens of TC. They were just happy to meet and greet any one from any walk of life, no matter what they were wearing, what there job was, or their station in life. I thought it was the mai tais and rum, at first. But as I got to know them, I found it to be a genuine affability that ran through this crowd. We always felt like we could step back to a time when people were civil, polite and welcoming to each other. THAT is swanky.

What gives? Donít get me wrong. Itís not everyone! But it sure is hard to meet new people nowadays! Is it the economy? The National mood? Is there a conspiracy I'm not aware of to curtail the welcoming of too many of the masses?
I canít figure it out. I'm kinda heart broken.

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