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Bora Borisí Intercontinental Journeys to Annoy People He Doesnít Know*
Sabu The Coconut Boy
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Joined: Aug 20, 2002
Posts: 2793
From: Carson, California
Posted: 2009-09-03 7:43 pm   Permalink


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Bora Boris
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Joined: Mar 25, 2005
Posts: 2599
From: Boogie Wonderland
Posted: 2010-05-21 12:27 am   Permalink

So after a couple of false starts late last year I was finally able to make it to Smugglers Cove and it was worth the wait because... I LOVE THIS PLACE and canít wait to get back! (Picture Martin shuddering)

So let me tell you about Smugglerís Cove - you know the Kick-Ass Rum Bar! Oh sure Captain Hook would feel at home here but so would Captains Cook, Bligh and Crunch as well as John Paul Jones (Both the Revolutionary War Hero and the Led Zeppelin Bassist) I did see some Tikis in there and they looked very much at home but Iím going to call it a Kick-Ass Rum Bar I really donít think you can go wrong with that.

When I walked in I was greeted by friends - The Midnites, Tikitastic, Notch, Rum Runner and Coco Loco they all agreed that I needed a drink (Keep in mind I was only going to have 2, oh and that I was in a bar.) So still working on my collection of Mai Tai pictures I started with a Mai Tai Ė

Reza: What can I get you? (Or something like that)

Me: Just a Mai Tai.

Reza: Oh it wonít be "Just a Mai Tai"

and it wasnít, it was a magically delicious Mai Tai - Thank you Reza!

With my Mai Tai in hand Notch gave me a tour, it is an amazing place, on the upper deck I really like looking out at the armada of fish float lamps, in my opinion it's the best view in the city.
On the main deck the hunt for the 6 skulls kept me busy for part of the night, on the lower level I was greeted by both L.A. friends (Bigbro, Naomi, Kevin and Jody) and San Francisco friends (Mai Tai, Rebecca, Martin and Otto)

My drink was finished and it was time for another - The Rum Barrel was chosen and didnít disappoint it was tasty and lasted a while. - Thank you Reza!

Things get a little blurry after that - a Fog Cutter - Thank you Reza! Somewhere near the end there was a Cuba Libre - Thank you Reza! And I think a glass of water - Thank you Reza! I remember spilling swizzles in the street as everyone had loaded me up with them, I was a little top heavy but got them all back to my room safely. What a great night, thanks everyone I look forward to going backÖbut maybe not on the ridiculously awful Bay to Breakers weekend!

Stay turned for the next chapter ÖWhat was I doing there?

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 20, 2004
Posts: 1772
From: 3 hrs 33 mins to paradise
Posted: 2010-05-21 10:18 am   Permalink


What was I doing there?

Ooo, can I play? Let's see...

You're a North Korean spy and you heard the oft-repeated rumor that this was a ... ahem ... "pirate" bar and you were scouting for another ship to sink.


Lou Dobbs sent you there because he thought that must be where they hide all the illegal aliens.

Strike two?

You heard they had bucket mugs.


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Joined: Nov 16, 2007
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From: Santa Barbara, CA
Posted: 2010-05-21 5:52 pm   Permalink

Bora Boris,

Nice entry, sounds like a good time was had. At least four custom cocktails and an abundance of swizzles. Look forward to the next installment.......


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 10, 2004
Posts: 8962
From: Anaheim,Ca.
Posted: 2010-05-21 11:24 pm   Permalink

I'm Jealous,
I was in Nor. Cal. for the Tikiyaki event.
but there wasn't enough time for a SC visit,
so close yet so far away.

I hope to get up there sometime this summer.


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Joined: Jun 21, 2006
Posts: 6920
From: Tujunga
Posted: 2010-05-21 11:39 pm   Permalink


What was I doing there?

You were in town for the porn and fetish convention?

GROG miss Tiki-Kate

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Bora Boris
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 25, 2005
Posts: 2599
From: Boogie Wonderland
Posted: 2010-10-11 8:16 pm   Permalink

Oh yeah what was I doing there?

Tiki-Kate and I were summoned to the North to witness the ancient ritual of marriage between two of our friends Humuhumu and Trott, it was a fabulous wedding - on the coldest day of the year but when youíre surrounded by good friends and people you care about it was Ö. STILL FREEZING! Iím really happy that Kate was able to attend the wedding and also visit Smugglers Cove, I know it was important to her.

While at the wedding we attended what Iím calling the Ultra-Soft Opening of Rich and Humuís home bar the Balhi Hai. If the preview was anything like it'll be once completed, it will be pretty special, Iíve heard it was decorated in a hurry by Non-Tikiphile civilians and they did a great job, Iíve only seen some of Humuís collection but I know she has a fantastic eye for things and even as it was with only some fish nets and a few wall pieces by Woofmutt itís fantastic! Throw in cocktails from Reza Esmaili, a punch conjured up by Martin Cate and there is no way this place could go wrong, there were even super delicious appetizers floating around. I canít wait to get back.*

*Iím not sure if Reza and Martin will be there every night (I don't see why not?) but I would hope that if they heard I was in the area theyíd drop what they were doing to head over and make me some drinks.

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