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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Gallery Eric October's insane tiki art. Update 04.14.13 Page 6. Ceramics, black paper drawings & nuttiness!

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Eric October's insane tiki art. Update 04.14.13 Page 6. Ceramics, black paper drawings & nuttiness!
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Posted: 2010-03-02 7:43 pm   Permalink

Here is all my tiki art... it's kinda a lot of stuff! New work is posted at the beginning of this original thread!

Thanks fer lookin'!
Yer pal,
Eric October

NEW WORK ADDED 06.16.2012

Marq War Club Platter

Marq Mugs (tall)

Marq Mug 2

Mary Blair inspired PNG crocodile bowl (with PNG bird fire chamber)

Tiki Outrigger bowl (with fire chamber)

PNG Platter

PNG bird mug (green eyes, tall)

PNG bird mug (green eyes, small)

Tiki Bob's Bowl

Tiki Tik Paper Drawing. 8x10 colored pencil on black paper

Bahooka, Rosemead Ca Paper Drawing. 8x10 colored pencil on black paper

The Traders Beverly Hills Black Paper Drawing. 8x10 colored pencil on black paper

The Luau Beverly Hills

Mauna Loa Detroit Black Paper Drawing. 8x10 colored pencil on black paper

Cassowary's Kick. 8x10 acrylic on canvas (Mary Blair tribute)

Duk Duk Diorama (Mary Blair tribute)

Aloha Jhoe's mug (with fire chamber lid)

Koteka (penis gourd) Mug

Koteka drawing. 5x7 Acrylic on paper

Bowman's Shield Bowl

Bumatay Bowl

Marqu Bowl No.2

PNG Tiki Tongue Mug

PNG Bird Mug

Rapa Nui Birdman Bowl (Large)

Moai Bowl with top knot fire chamber

Marq Mug

NEW WORK ADDED 03.05.2012

Changitos coconut tiki mugs. Valentine's Day gift for Manuel... Changitos (little monkeys in spanish) is the name of our home tIki bar.

Artwork for Monsters On Bikes show opening March 31st at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum at the Chicago Academy of Sciences.
One piece is tiki: Bike Tour Of The Islands (All acrylic on Paper, 8x10)

Pieces for Sven's Modern Idol show:
Spirit Board 1. Ceramic, 14" high.

Spirit Board 2. Ceramic, 14" high.

Aloha Jhoe's Redux. Ceramic, 14" high.

Birthday "Tonga Hat" for Amy. Cardboard and foamboard.

Amy wearing her "Tonga Hat" (photo courtesy of Tonga Tom)

Birthday Card for Amy (Queen Kamehameha)... it's one of the Tonga Hut bowls I made standing in for a birthday cake!

Birthday card for Erik Link (as a moai)

PNG Valentine's Day card linoblock print

NEW WORKS ADDED 01.18.2012

Aloha Doctor Trader Tom Card

Tonga Hut New Year's Eve Hats

Plus Fedoras provided by Amy, Tongafied

Christmas Kon Tiki Raft Ornament (based on our Christmas Card)

Manuel and me in Kon Tiki Raft Christmas Card

Tonga Hut Fountain Bowl


On Fire! (photo courtesy of Tonga Tom)

Tonga Hut Moai Bowl


On fire! (photo courtesy of Tonga Tom)

Tonga Hut Cookie (based on Tonga Hut Reopening Poster... original photo courtesy of Tonga Tom)

Tonga Hut Grand Reopening Poster 11x17

Tiki Menorah

Bumatay Blowfish Mug

Based on a painting I did of a Bumatay-mug-looking blowfish (and the fact that Bumatays are very fish-looking!)

Marq Bowl

Shapeshifter Post Christmas Card Painting, 11x14, acrylic on Canvas

Things With Tongues Black Paper drawing, 8x10 (for Merry Krampus show. Plus other show pieces)

Bowman's Shields Halloween Costumes

Birthday Card for Manuel (based on our Halloween Costumes)

Front tab opens to reveal us... Card inside

The Mabbutts (Joe Bank's parents, along with their tiki)

Agent Joe Banks!

Island of Lost Souls Sign

In Situ

Trader Mort's Black Paper Drawing (for Mike Mania benefit event)

Anniversary Drawing of Psycho Tiki D and TikiHammer (Gift from SandraDee)

Caveman Birthday Party II decoration

Goin' Primitive Tiki Oasis Room Crawl Party Poster image

Tiki in HAWAII Vinyl 9x22

Hawaii Vinyl Map 9x22

Tiki Name Tags

Rapa Nui Birdman Pendants

Trader Mort's Pendant

Trader Mort's Black Paper drawing Version 2 8x10

Aku Aku Book Mug

PNG Bird Mug

Trader Mort's Mug

Trader Vic's Beverly Hills Tiki

Bowman's Shield Mug

Tiki Mouth Mug


PNG Shotglasses

Rapa Nui island Fire Bowl

Rapa Nui Racer 11x14 acrylic on paper

Mini Pendants


Tiki Hut photo frame

Superdeformed Mini Plush Tikis
Duk Duk




Lambrettiki Moaiped 11x14 acrylic on canvas

Aloha Jhoe's black paper drawing 8x10


Kon Tiki Raft Bowl

Rapa Nui Birdman Bowl No.2 (No.1 blew up in the kiln)

Ring of Fire Bowl

Top comes off to add rum. Ring-shaped fire chamber on top!

Orator's Stool Bowl No.2

Kon Tiki Book Mug No.2 (which was actually made before No.1, but just now finished!)


Kon Tiki Book Mug
Awesome photos by Bigbrotiki... Mahalo fer making my art look cool!

"Page" side shot

Orator's Stool Bowl

Mini Flaming Birdman Bowl


Tiki Bob mug and Diorama

Tiki Bob Mugs (photo courtesy of GROG!)

Tiki Bob's Restaurant 11x14 black paper drawing

Tiki Bob Mug 11x14 black paper drawing

Bob Bryant in the style of Alec Yuill Thornton 5x7 each, ink on paper

Li'l Red (Formerly Big Red)

I'll Shrink to That!

Mojave Oasis 20" Pillow (front and back)

Tiki Valetine (for Manuel)

Plush Tiki Bob Valentine

Tiki Bob Valentine card

Tiki Bob Mug 8x10 black paper drawing

Manuel as Bali Hai Restaurant ornament (Based on our 2010 Halloween costumes)


Tonga Hut black paper drawing, 8x10

Silent Night, Quiet Village black paper drawing, 8x10

Christmas cards featuring Silent Night, Quiet Village, 5x7

Tiki Christmas cards, paper cutouts and corrugated cardboard, 5x7

Tiki Bob Christmas stockings, 16" in length.

Tiki Bob Santa hats, 15" high.

Kahiki black paper drawing, 11x14

Royal Tahitian black paper drawing, 8x10

Kona's Curse framed vinyl tiki, 11x17

7 Stranded Castaways

Photo-op display for Tikiyaki Orchestra's 3 Hour Tour at the Mayflower club, North Hollywood on 11.20, foamboard, 3' x 6'

NEW WORK ADDED 11.10.10:

Halloween costumes: Manuel as Bali Hai restaurant, I'm the Stockton Islander!

Stockton Islander black paper drawing, 11x14.

"I'll Drink to That", 11x17, acrylic on paper

Birthday card for Tony from Martini Kings

Shapeshifter Christmas card painting 11x14, acrylic on canvas

Manuel's birthday and our wedding anniversary card.

Party Hats

Tiki Cookie Bags

Big Tiki Cookie "Cake"

Table Toppers

Concept drawing for Hawaiian islands set of 6 serving bowls.

Tiki Island above the Silverlake framed vinyl map, 8x10.

Welcome to the Tiki Party, created for the Book Of Tiki Ten Year Exhibition. 11x14, acrylic on canvas.

Tiki Bob's restaurant 8x10 black paper drawing.

Alameda vinyl map. 8x10:

Caveman Bithday Party cards and table toppers:




Kelly (Hiphipahula) Tonga Hut 1 year anniversary table topper, card and moai chocolate cookie.


Don's black paper drawing, created for the Mariepalooza silent auction. 11x14

Plush Don's Rum Barrel mug.

Wickedly Wedding pendant. Jason and Dannelle asked me to create 160 pendants for their wedding.

A look at some of the 160...

The original sculpture in a hand painted frame as a wedding gift (along with the original color painting)

Black paper drawing birthday card for Doug Horne's 50th Birthday. He's the TALLLL tiki, I'm the tiki barely poking in at the bottom, holding the flaming tiki bowl. The two flanking tikis are holding a 5 and a 0, done in a marquesan style.

Card for Polly, Rumpus Room hostess extraordinaire, for receiving her master's in Mathematics Education. I made a tapa pattern using mathematical symbols.

Card for Trader Tom, for receiving a doctorate in English.

Stockton Islander pendant and stand, with a piece of bamboo from the Islander restaurant.

Caliente Tropics black paper drawing. 11x14

Caliente Tropics tiki I black paper drawing. 8x10

Caliente Tropics tiki II black paper drawing. 8x10

Plush Caliente Tropics tiki.

Caliente Tropics tiki keychain.

Lei Lei Liz (Leleliz) black paper drawing.

Mahalo Card.

Sherriyaki birthdaycard.

Hiphipahula vinyl tiki patch.

TIki Mask (commission piece, based on It's A Small World TIki Mask).

Millefiore. 11x14 with and painted frame. Frame is decorated with faux-because-they're-not made-of-glass-millefiore pieces.
Created for Beyond The Reef, Tiki Magazine's 4th annual art show, held at San Diego's Freaky Boutiki

Plush PNG Spirit Figure tiki

Hanalei Hotel vintage sign black paper drawing. 5x7

Humphrey's Half Moon Inn vintage sign black paper drawing

Plush Tiki Bob - Tiki-Kate Edition. Created for the Tiki-Kate silent auction at Tiki Oasis 10. The doll is made from remnant fabric from Tiki-Kate's favorite dress after an Alteration. She gave it to me to create something, and I was thrilled to be able to use it to create something that would benefit her! The tag on the back is fashioned after the yellow lei that appears on the backs of some of the Tiki Bob mugs.

Trader Mort's pendant. Resin.

My first attempt at making mugs...

This one is done in my style.

And a face.

A PNG tiki.

An Abalam style tiki.

This one is based on a painting I did called "Beaky Tikis".

Hadn't had a chance to post in a few months... thanks fer lookin'

Yer Pal,
Eric October


Trader Mort's tiki, 8x10 black paper drawing

Stockton Islander pendant

Maori Racer, 11x14, acrylic on watercolor paper

Alameda framed vinyl map, 11x14

Tiki Drum Drummers, 11x14, acrylic on watercolor paper

Tiki Drum Playing Itself, 11x 14 acrylic on watercolor paper

Bongo Beatdown, 11x 14 acrylic on watercolor paper

Beaky Tikis, 11x14 acrylic on watercolor paper

Hawaiian Cha Cha Cha, 11x 14 acrylic on watercolor paper

8x10 prints of the Tiki Torch Song Trilogy paintings, and the Maori Racer painting, in hand painted tapa patterns on the frames

Stockton Islander painting, 15x22, framed with bamboo from the Islander

Birthday card for Kirby, in hand painted frame

Cover art for upcoming Tikiyaki Orchestra DVD Live at the Mayflower Club. Scott Mabbutt (Joe Banks) director.

Piece for the Hope Animal Shelter raffle at the Relight the Night event at the Kon Tiki in Tucson on April 10th.
Kon Tiki sign 11x14 black paper drawing. The Kon TIki liked it so much, it's their new avatar on Facebook! Sweet!

Rarotonga Map. 11"x17" vinyl.

4"x 6" hand-rubbed linoblock print of the map and 2" resin tangaroa face pendant.

iTiki painting for promotional giveaway. 11x14, acrylic on canvas.

Their idea was to have a human-sized iTiki and a pin-up type girl in a tiki bar surrounded by memorabilia from classic tiki establishments.
Here's a link to the website:
If you click on the "Tell" link in the lower left, it will take you to a page where you can see the painting!

8x10 frame made from Stockton Islander bamboo (courtesy of Abstractiki) and vinyl Bumatay Islander mug.

Vinyl plush 11" Marquesan Tiki.

Plush marq tikis.

Moai Bob pendant

Moai Bob 11x14 acrylic wash painting.

Artwork for Lush Goes Latin show at Tonga Hut on May 1st.

Artwork for Keep A Breast project.

I decided to keep the plaster surface a rough as when I received it, and tried to do the image in a loose, brushy fashion to match the surface. Since every side could not be seen at once, I wanted there to be little vignettes on the sides: tikis on one, and an out rigger and an A-framed fishing pier on the other.

Plush Bumayay Islander mugs. The dolls stand 7.5" high, and are 5" in diameter at the top, tapering down toward the bottom.


Birthday Card for Atomikitty, Suzy Mosher, 4x6 colored pencil on black paper.

Birthday card for Polly, Rumpus Room hostess!

Lush Goes Latin Table Decoration. 18" high, mixed media.

Lush Goes Latin Drink Menu Card. 4"x5.5"

Tiki Bob Keychain and Luggage Tags 2"x4", vinyl and fabric.

TIki Business Card Holder. 4"x6". Resin, wood base.

Holds both horizontal and vertical cards!


Mahalo fer lookin'!
Yer pal,
Eric October

TIKIZILLA (acrylic on canvas 20" x 24"), in July of 2007.

RODAN TIKI (acrylic on canvas 20" x 24").

TOBUNGA RISES! (acrylic on canvas 11" x 14").

A TIKI FROM A BLACK LAGOON (acrylic on canvas 20" x 24").

TIKI SUNSET 1 and TIKI SUNSET 2, both acrylic on canvas 11" x 14".

HITCHHIKING TIKIS (acrylic on canvas 20" x 24").

TOBUNGA'S REVENGE! Acrylic on Canvas 11" x 14"

EBIRA ESTA EBRIA. Acrylic on Canvas 11" x 14"

THE TIKI THAT CARVED ITSELF. Pencil on paper 9" x 12".

In A Tiki World: Eiffel Tiki and Arc De Tiki

In A Tiki World: Transtiki Pyramid and Golden Gate Tiki

In A Tiki World: Leaning Tower Of Tiki

In A Tiki World: Big Tiki Clock Tower

In A Tiki World: Tiki Mahal

In A Tiki World: The Great Tiki and Pyramid of Tiki

In A Tiki World: Chrystiki Building

In A Tiki World: The Great Wall Of Tiki

In A Tiki World: Tiki Opera House

March of the Tiki Gods. (16x20 acrylic on canvas)

8" high table-top displays for the Tonga Hut 50th Anniversary

Kuddly Ku

Tonga Hut 50th Anniversary print

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