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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Drinks and Food so how do you measure your dashes (of bitters etc)?
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so how do you measure your dashes (of bitters etc)?
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Joined: Aug 03, 2011
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From: Potomac Falls, VA
Posted: 2014-07-23 09:44 am   Permalink

If you're afraid you'll use too much, you can dash into a barspoon and then dump that in the drink.

I keep Herbsaint (which I prefer to Pernod) in a bitters bottle (on the left, next to the jiggers):

David J. Montgomery
Professor Cocktail

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Joined: Jun 23, 2006
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From: Stuart, Florida
Posted: 2014-07-23 2:17 pm   Permalink

For me, it's always been a flip of the wrist. Pernod & Absinthe . . .I use a dropper.
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Joined: Jan 23, 2011
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From: Tampa Bay
Posted: 2014-07-23 4:59 pm   Permalink

for pernod et al I use either a 1/8 t or 1/4 t mearuing spoon.

for Ango et al I observe about 4 good droplets sploosh/stream out per dash.

but, i linked the above article bc i thought the comments were hilarious examples of internet human nature...

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Joined: Jun 16, 2013
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From: Wolverhampton, UK
Posted: 2014-07-24 10:39 am   Permalink

I go for the flip of the wrist method.

I often dash more than once with Angostura, unless I have made the cocktail a few times & found it requires just the one dash - I think the natural variance between dashes is likely to have a negligible effect.

Angostura are a supremely balanced bitters IMO. If you were to use Fees Bros, you need to take caution as they have some overly strong notes (Bitter Truth can also be strong).

If I'm making something like an Old Fashioned, ill count out 5/6 drops of 'tradition aromatic' bitters or dash away with Regans or Peychauds.

After seeing it on TC a while ago, I now put pimento dram in an angostura bitters bottle - works fine for drinks requiring small amounts (but then again my homemade stuff is softer than shop brought). Grenadine is unlikely to overpower a drink so I would think that would work fine in a dasher bottle.

I agree with an earlier poster a 'light dash' & a 'hard dash' are possible with bitters bottles, IMO making a drink over & over combined with taste should dictate what you do.

With Pernod, I use an eye dropper & either count the drops or use a full load (which is 1/8 tsp in the particular dropper I have). I have recently being trying out 2 or 3 sprays of absinthe from atomiser which I found works well (I use Absente Absinthe).

I'm looking to try white absinthe (which is apparently softer & sweeter). Can anyone recommend a good herbsaint to try too?

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