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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Drinks and Food who has used mini hibachis
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who has used mini hibachis
Chuck Tatum is Tiki
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Posted: 2012-01-31 07:37 am   Permalink

Just some info for those not in the know, Never! use charcoal indoors, it releases a lot of carbon monoxide when
it burns & can be deadly in a closed room.

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Posted: 2012-01-31 09:52 am   Permalink


On 2012-01-30 20:28, old band alum wrote:
Good point maddog. I was also wondering if it would be safe to pour some of the gel on a charcoal to get it started quicker since I would not like to use lighter fluid. I also wonder if it is safe to use even 1 charcoal indoors.

It's generally considered to be a bad idea to burn even a small amount of charcoal (1 or 2 lumps) in any enclosed space (i.e. indoors) because there is generally not enough air circulation to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. Large amounts of carbon monoxide can overwhelm you very quickly, and some people are affected more quickly than others. Also,if you have pets, the smaller they are, the quicker they can succumb.

For indoors, I'd stick to products meant for indoors. If you want to use charcoal in your hibachi, do it outdoors. I have done this by lighting the charcoal in my kettle grill the "girl scout way" (crumpled newspaper as kindling under charcoal lumps), let them get to smoldering (no flames, grey ash just forming), and then I use tongs to transfer them to the hibachi. Mine is footed, so I don't have a huge issue with heat, butI still place it on a heatproof trivet to be safe.

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Posted: 2012-02-07 02:34 am   Permalink

Anyone know what's the pink jelly fuel Trader Vic's puts in their mini-hibachis with their tidbits? It burns a great hot flame that'll "cook" the food a bit and doesn't add any chemical taste.

Took this photo just now: my current collection of miniature cast-iron hibachis. All have little feet; those with solid wooden base are screwed to the base, with a gap between the hibachi bottom and the wood.
Front row, L to R:
Konro rectangular, wood base w/ holes for toothpicks (Edit: See very bottom of post)
Faceted round w/ hanging rings on sides, wood base w/ toothpick holes, slightly rusty
Gorgeous rectangular w/ hand-carved wood feet, side handles and grill handles. In perfect shape
Back row, L to R:
*Round w/ chunky wood handle, grill missing handle, wood base w/ toothpick holes, says "miniature broiler"
Square w/ wood handles on sides (no screw hole to mount wood base)
*Same but with dark-stained wood base, no toothpick holes
*Faceted round w/ thin wood handle, six flat & one rounded side, says "miniature B-B-Q," wood base w/ toothpick holes

Those marked with a * were bought at various times for about $10 each at thrift stores. The other four were bought three days ago at a yard sale for a dollar each. I'll be setting ALL out for display at my next party. I've used one of these as a place to start charcoal tablets for smoking hookah, to let them go gray before using 'em. Sadly I no longer have the round mini I had as a kid, which had "eager beaver mini-bachi" cast into it. Oddly, I've never seen a mini that had just "hibachi" cast in, the way the full-size cast-iron hibachis did; they always have something different, or nothing. Some of these are from Japan, a few from Taiwan. Only kind I'm missing is one with a face on it!

If anyone here ever finds a regular-size cast iron hibachi of a specific kind, let me know. You all know the standard ones sold until the 90s: two wood feet, two wood handles, "hibachi" on the front, grill w/ three height notches. Usually you'll see a single (one square grill) or double (two square grills side-by-side or one rectangular one w/ two handles). I'm after the triple (three separate square grills side-by-side w/ handles)!! I KNOW they were made, I saw them in stores in the 80s.

Edit: I've known already that a Hibachi, in Japan, was a cooker/room heater (traditional Japanese houses were extremely well-ventilated, so burning charcoal indoors was not a problem) consisting of a cast-iron insert set inside a wooden cabinet. But I've just learned that the proper term for what we in the States call a "hibachi" is "konro," translation 'portable stove.' Hence the name on this guy.

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