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Tiki Central Forums » » Tiki Drinks and Food » » my homemade allspice syrup/pimento dram tasting experiments
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my homemade allspice syrup/pimento dram tasting experiments
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Posted: 2014-04-07 10:29 am   Permalink


On 2014-04-07 03:47, poutineki wrote:
A half cup of whole allspice doesn't weigh anywhere close to 4 oz. I'd have to weigh some to be sure, but I'd be surprised if it weighs more than an ounce. I didn't use Lemon Hart 151 to make mine. I used 80 proof rum and just let it steep longer. I also don't add as much syrup as most recipes call for. I use what I need to keep the final result no lower than 25% abv. I can balance that in a drink with additional simple if required but rarely find it necessary.

I just measured out a dry ingredient that filled a spice jar the same size as the one I priced (since we're talking about volume, not weight). It would take around three of the containers to fill 1/2 cup, so closer to $12 for the allspice. Still more expensive than buying the St. Elizabeth when you add in the other costs.

Maybe some of you have lower prices than here, but I still can't imagine the total cost being less than buying a prepared product. I was frankly just shocked at how much those little berries cost!

I am undeterred; at some point I'll simply buy the St. Elizabeth. The consensus seems to be that you should halve the amount called for in most recipes, so that means it'll last even longer.
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When I made pimento dram, a couple years back (2 bottles, very strong taste, still haven't finished it), I bought the allspice berries ("pimentoes") at a Mexican-type grocery store. They had a variety of spices on a wall rack, in cellophane bags, for 99¢ each. And I used Everclear for extraction, then some Cruzan 80. Not only is LH151 expensive, but I think it would intrude into the taste too much. Also, used Demerara sugar (from Walmart!).
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Yeah, shop around for the allspice. I got it in bulk at the local healthier foods grocery and it was minimal. I also think Lemon Hart 151 is a complete waste here. The base for any sort of infusion is just a high proof liquor with minimal taste like vodka, everclear or overproof rum. The reason is, it will then be cut with sugar syrup at 50/50 to get it down to about 80 proof. I used vodka a lot or Everclear or Wray and Nephews Overproof rum.

Second, brown sugar or demerara is not required either. You can use white if that's what you want or use regularly.

Third, the base can be reused many times. Once you strain the liquid from your allspice, seal the jar back up and put it in the fridge. It will keep and you just add more high proof liquor and do it again. If it tastes weaker, let it steep longer.

All that being said, $30 is also high for St. Elizabeth's and you should look around to find it closer to $25. I buy it now instead of making it to have a very standard flavor for mixing and just ease.

And it is not a rare ingredient for just a recipe or two like Stroh 80. Alspice Dram is one of the most used mixers in my bar along with Falernum, cinnamon syrup and honey syrup. Most of the recipes that call for it are also som eof the best recipes (IMO).

1) Jasper's Jamaican (cut lime in half)
2) I put some in a 151 Swizzle. (Swanky Swizzle)
3) Rum Barrel
4) Three Dots and a Dash
5) Nui Nui


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