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Tiki Tiger Studios: Big long Egyptian trip report!
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Posted: 2012-05-01 12:28 am   Permalink

Howdy Mike, thanks for taking a peek and commenting...been a while hasn't it? Yeah really Jules Verne is actually my favorite author, but I have to wonder what kind of horribly wrong versions I have been reading over the years. I found out the large majority of his books have suffered badly in translations, for instance unless you have the special edition of 20,000 Leagues that was re-translated in the 70's by a small publishing house, you are missing an entire chapter and quite a number of paragraph passages. This is mainly because the original translator had religious biases against some of what Verne wrote (specifically dealing with the Captain Nemo character) so he just left them out. Plus many of his lesser known works have either never had English translations, or only had one from the original print and never went back into print again. He wrote a lot more than most people realize, and not all of his books were "Les voyages fantastique".

I came very close as a joke of sticking a primitive tiki idol in there, you know like it fell down into the bowels of the earth along with all the prehistoric fossils and such, but I knew I would get too many people asking about it and didn't want to ruin the theming.

I guess the reason "Journey to the Center of the Earth" is my favorite book, is because it is so highly optimistic in attitude despite all the terrible misfortunes that happen the Professor never gives up. Plus it is the one book of the "Fantastiques" series, that really hasn't been fully proven wrong or right through actual real exploration. We know the kind of submarine Verne envisioned is mostly possible, same thing with traveling around the world in 80 days, and rockets to the moon. But we still have yet to have mankind make that real attempt at penetrating the mysteries of the deep earth in the same way envisioned by Verne. I suppose this book really is the reason that I came very close to trying to get an archaeologist degree, everyone presumes these days it's because of Indiana Jones but to me this book has one of the first pop culture archaeologist heroes. I have to wonder too if Spielberg and Lucas didn't have this in mind as well, especially in consideration of some scenes in the 1950's movie adaption. How they find the correct tunnel to go through with the marking of the sunrise is HIGHLY reminiscent of the map room scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark (even the music is VERY similar), and later on there is a scene where there is an underground earthquake and a rolling boulder chases our heroes down a tunnel very much like the opening of Raiders. Hmmmmm....

Alright now the next art piece should be something tiki, or poly pop to get things back on track so keep an eye out... well not literally that could hurt.

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