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Tiki Central Forums Bilge Austin owes me a liver...
Austin owes me a liver...
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From: San Diego
Posted: 2013-03-18 5:02 pm   Permalink

So I went to this concert thingie, sxsw.

I don't post anywhere else or tweet or fb, so it seems ok on bilge...

I didn't take pictures of every band, not even a fourth. But I did take some.

If I could recommend one band that I think that the tiki community would like it would be Allah-Las. They sold out the Casbah down here not too long ago and I saw them a couple more times in Texas. I think a lot of you guys would like them. The best way I can describe them is 50's style/surf sound. They all used to work at Amoeba in LA, so you can find their stuff there.

Cloud Nothings was it for me on Tuesday. They are real rockin. Their earlier stuff was pop punk, but their new album is just rock. Fun and loud.

Wednesday was the Thrasher party!!!

Saw the Adolescents who are great of course. Wish I had a skateboard with me. Then luckily snuck out before they were done to the side stage for FIDLAR!

It was super full and stupid hot in that little shack. So full the bouncer didn't let the Adolescents singer in until someone told him who he was. Haha. This could have been the best show of the week! If you like punk and you don't like FIDLAR, you should buy some Birkenstocks and start wearing potchuli (don't care if I spelled those correctly). One of my favorite new bands out there! I get to see them again on Thursday, opening for the Wavves tour if yr interested.
After that it was Allah-Las, Strange Names and a couple others before the sun went down. I was having more fun talking to my friends than worrying about bands, and that happens some times. Some days you want to eat and skip a few bands that you wanted to see, you CAN'T see all the bands you want to so just accept it.

So I talked some friends into going to see the Specials. Wow, what a great show that was! I was never a ska fan always punk. I am not sure if it was my location or age, but I always associated ska with nazis. But they put on a great show, and I am going to get an album or 2 now.

So good that I saw them again, and I might have to check them out on tour. I would recommend that you do the same if you are thinking about it.

I ran across town to see Flight Facilities.

They are a great Austrailian dj duo. But they are not actually like those djs you are thinking of. They actually come up with their own songs and have guest singers all the time. Great live, my second time seeing them. Too bad that bar Haven sucks and cut off their last song.

Thursday we went back to Haven and got charged $6 for a super small bottle of water. Haven still sucks! So we left Anna Lunoe to them and went to see another band next door, Kamp! They were good. Then to Lambert's for Brothertiger. Good little show and shared our booth with Tropics so they could eat. Tried to get into Snoop Lion :| but no luck. Not easy to get into big shows -Prince-Snoop-Depeche Mode- with only a wristband. So we went to the British party to see Flume. No Ceremony was right before Flume and they were awesome!

This is the fun part of sxsw, seeing a band you have never heard of and loving them!

Flume was getting a little dubsteppy, and dubstep is the worst excuse for music ever, so we left.

Almost forgot the daytime fun. Went to Hotel Vegas and there was a line 3 blocks long. We were just there to meet up with people, so we didn't want to wait in line, and didn't. Allah-Las was putting on a good show, and it just so happened to be sponsored by Mount Gay! They had the spendier bottles, the extra old, but they also had Mexican Coke. I pounded down 4 of those, since it was the best rum I had seen all week. Then the Black Lips played, but I didn't care about them.

Friday we sadly missed TV Ghost at Beerland. Went to the Mowhawk again and saw Disclosure which was really fun. Saw Gemini Club and had to tell the sound guy how bad he was. Then Goldroom put on a good show.

Then we went over to the Madison for Nguzunguzu. That place is super strange like a fun house. I should have taken a picture. The music was strange, and I don't go to Texas for dance parties so we left. Tried to see Pictureplane but couldn't get into Maggie Mae's. Sorry Witch house That is when we went to that Specials show at Stubb's. Last Calla Valhalla.

And I am making a new rule for me, no whiskey after last call...

Saturday I recovered and we spent most of the night at Maggie Mae's for the Aussie BBQ. Saw the Creepy Creeps, Gold Fields, Mitzi, Flume and Alison Wonderland. Mitzi was good, the best of those electronic bands in my opinion.

Alison Wonderland was a mash-up dj and she was one of the best I have ever seen! Mixing seamlessly through different genres. Very cool. Then I went to Prince Paul and then the Pharcyde. Both good but I was getting too tired to fully enjoy them by that point.

Then I flew all day home and only had 1 Guinness to celebrate the holiday.

Had Amarillo burgers 6 out of 7 days there. And I would have made it to 7 if it wasn't for the after hours Whiskey! Best burger in the world!

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Joined: May 09, 2012
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From: San Diego
Posted: 2013-03-18 5:08 pm   Permalink

I left out tons of bands. I did see Thurston Moore's band though. Sounded like Sonic Youth

And Dave Grohl's too.

And like 50 others I forgot to mention...

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lucas vigor
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Posted: 2013-03-18 6:34 pm   Permalink

Two-tone, ska and originally, skinhead, actually had nothing to do with Nazis...in fact, they were the opposite. Ska bands were some of the first racially integrated bands.

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Joined: May 09, 2012
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From: San Diego
Posted: 2013-03-18 7:51 pm   Permalink

I know that Lucas, now. But when I was a young teenage punk, in the early 90s in Minneapolis, 95% of skins were nazis. Kind of gave ska a bad name for me. I was friends with some skinheads that were the old school and not racist after awhile. But I couldn't go to a Ska show or even Flogging Molly type Irish pride bands without seeing so much hate. That originally swayed me away from the genre.

But I have an open mind, and I know not all skinheads are bad. I just don't condone hate. And I had tons of fun skankin at the Specials!

And obviously the Specials were not promoting hate. I was not trying to insult them or any of their fans. It was just my outlook when I was young, because of what I saw. I am pretty sarcastic and none of my comments should be taken too seriously.

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