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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Drinks and Food Kohala Bay Rum
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Kohala Bay Rum
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Posted: 2016-11-27 5:12 pm   Permalink


On 2016-11-17 06:50, Quince_at_Dannys wrote:
I posted this on the Mai Kai thread, but it probably bears repeating here...

I've been playing with blends for awhile. I had been playing around with a Coruba/Hamilton Pot Still/Appleton Signature mixture, but when I found out the Mai Kai was using Appleton Reserve, I immediately altered course and came up with the following:

5 parts Appleton Reserve Blend
1 part Lemon Hart 151
1 part Hamilton Black Pot Still Rum

The Reserve delivers most of the rich flavor and the Hamilton brings the funk. It's possible Kohala Bay actually contains (contained) some of the same rums as Appleton Reserve with the addition of funkier pot still varieties.
The LH 151 in the mix is basically to get the ABV in the ballpark without disrupting the overall flavor profile.

The net result: a 91 proof Dark Jamaican that is very close in flavor to Kohala Bay and mixes like a champ. There is a missing high note, but it's a subtle difference. The original Kohala Bay would have been proofed down from higher proof barrels of rum instead of incorporating a foreign element like Lemon Hart, so that accounts for the difference.

[ This Message was edited by: Quince_at_Dannys 2016-11-17 06:52 ]

Just because part of Tiki is tinkering.

All I have is the Appleton Signature, so I used that and I did 2oz of Hamilton 151 instead of the 1 oz. A little more kick with a really good flavor.

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Posted: 2016-12-13 07:35 am   Permalink

Thought I'd give this mix a try along with some variations, as I have a sole bottle of Kohala Bay left here to test against.

While the mix with Appleton VX came out fairly close, for my tastebuds I think I hit on a combination that's even a little closer to the classic Kohala Bay, by switching out the VX and using Coruba instead, namely:

Five parts Coruba
One Part Smith & Cross
One Part LH 151 (Red Label)

Side by side with the KB, I couldn't tell which was which in either a Trader Vics Grog or a Dr Funk, feels very close. Testing will continue, and of course, your results may vary, but wanted to throw that out to everyone.

Anyone have any favorite KB cocktails to taste test the new mix against?

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From: Austin
Posted: 2016-12-13 8:18 pm   Permalink


On 2016-12-13 07:35, Scaramouch wrote:

Anyone have any favorite KB cocktails to taste test the new mix against?

Atomic Grogs 151 Swizzle (v4) and Cobra's Kiss tribute recipes.

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From: Redondo Beach
Posted: 19 days ago; 9:39 pm   Permalink

Santa came through big time this Christmas!

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Posted: 18 days ago; 4:52 pm   Permalink


On 2016-12-29 21:39, Tikimeister wrote:
Santa came through big time this Christmas!

Santa really planned ahead, nice score. Cheers!!!

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From: Falls Church, VA
Posted: Yesterday; 3:52 pm   Permalink

Tonight i decided to once more dip into the stash of Kohala Bay.

My second Black Magic of the evening sits before me.

God I love this drink.

Life's Too Short To Drink a Bad Mai-Tai.


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