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Mastercarver tools
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Joined: Feb 27, 2006
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From: Fabulous Houston
Posted: 2013-10-08 11:19 am   Permalink


On 2013-10-07 17:19, amate wrote:
I lot will depend on what type of wood you are carving. If you are carving seasoned hardwood, your chisels and mallet will both take a pounding. (not to mention your shoulder). tools designed for "light mallet work" are not going to hold up. As Aloha mentioned, better learn to sharpen your tools. That helps.

Allen, good point! The funny thing is I broke my flexcut gouge on pine!! LOL

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Joined: May 10, 2013
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From: Sunny Phoenix
Posted: 2013-10-08 12:50 pm   Permalink

So the mallet set looks beefier and stronger, but the power handle set has *MORE TOOLS*!!

It's a quandary. I need to figure out which one to put on my Christmas list. I'm pretty sure I can't rationalize both (or the 10 piece mallet set) to my wife...

Flexcut should offer a 'build your own' set where you get, say, six mallet gouges, but you get to pick out which six you want...

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Joined: Sep 18, 2013
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From: Turlock, Ca
Posted: 2013-10-08 1:13 pm   Permalink

I like that build your own set idea. I wonder if the only difference between the mallet tools and power handle sets is the handle? The blades look very similar. My power handle set will be here first of the week and maybe I'll order a mallet tool not in the set to compare.

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From: Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Posted: 2013-11-03 4:58 pm   Permalink

I would get the set Buzzy recommended and add to it as you see fit. The chinese set is actually pretty good steel but more fragile than the flexcuts. You uesd to be able to buy these in the set without handles for 99$ for that big set but they came un sharpened so you had to grind them down and sharpen and hone them to a polished edge,,, TOO Much work. The other thing about them that was irritating was the fact that the set contains "Typically" these 20 pieces but they may vary from one set to another so you never know what you will get. So for $200 you get this set which has maybe these chisels and you won't know what you bought until it shows up at your door.
Stay with the Flex Cut or find some Ashley Isles, or Swiss made or 2 Cherries.

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Sunset Mike
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From: Sunset Beach, California
Posted: 2016-03-07 6:05 pm   Permalink

On 2013-10-07 11:38, pjc5150 wrote:
yeah, no shit... that set of Pfeils is pure TIKI CARVER PORN!!!

I have some of the Swiss pfeils. Yes they are Great and worth every penny. They will hold up to a mallet but care should be used with Hardwoods. But get the hard green rubber like mallet. You have to use some more effort, but the wood mallets begin to wear out quickly.

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Posted: 2016-08-14 08:46 am   Permalink

Didn't know where else to put this and this seemed as good a spot as any...

Anyone else see this?

ArborTech Tools at Rockler

And downloadable project plans of a Moai.

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