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Leo's Surf Shack
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Joined: Mar 11, 2011
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Posted: 2014-01-29 3:16 pm   Permalink

Can't wait to see how things progress!

I know that a few people I am friends with that have kids have "tiki-fied" their bedrooms--mug collections around the top of the room in lieu of a wallpaper border for example, tiki printed bedding--you can find many designs on Spoonflower.com, etc..

I hope you keep posting

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Posted: 2014-01-30 09:25 am   Permalink


Yes, the key is potential. As for including one or more tiki (don't worrya bout that), I have a theory of genres that's pretyt long but breaks down to the idea that it's not a single thing that defines a genre but a group of things. You can usually leave out any single item and still be within the genre, but the more you leave out the more you move away from that genre's center, until you reach the point where it's arguable whether something belongs or not. Add in genres that re-use the same elements, and that's where the arguments typically start.

But you might want to look at that picture again. I think there's a surfboard in it.


It's mot messing up the thread at all. Threads are like conversations. Someone else reading the thread for inspiration would want suggestions, as do I. Some of what I want to do I have planned out, but I'd take a good suggestion in a heartbeat.

And great minds think alike. But I was going to go with a stuffed Moai.

Atomic Tiki Punk,

No problem, though I was hoping to wait until I had more pictures. The bed part of the project in on a time limit, and having to make progress so I could post pictures ought to keep me moving. So far, I have these plans:

The Bed
This is a big thing that has to get done, as we're giving away the crib. The KURA bed is mostly square pine posts, and hardboard pices to fill in the non-structural parts. There's a panel along the side and foot. I'll be filling that in with bamboo (which I already have). The headboard portion rises up to where there's bars that sort of form a canopy when the bed is low, and the bed stands on them when the bed is high. There's 4 hardboard panels there, and those will get the surfboard shapes I showed. I'm still painting those, and his sister is helping. She's gotton good at pulling off masking tape. I very much like the routered/carved molding that a lot of people do for their projects. But I can't carve the bed posts, because I don't want to mess with the bed structurally. So instead I'll be making a bunch of woodburning tools from sheet steel and burning the patterns in. That will result on a dark on light pattern. I have a lot of steel and tools for working that, so it should go fairly quickly when I can get out to the garage. I'll also be welding some wire to the tools for handles. The trickier part will be to keep them flat. Not too hard, but requires working slightly more slowly that I might otherwise.

The bed has a tent canopy, too. It's like a little tent that covers 3/4 of the bed and snaps to the uppermost rails. His is green. I don't think a thatch/grass roof is good for him at his age. My alternative is to get some green plastic grass skirts and sew those to the canpoy to get that grassy feeling.

I'm not sure on the bedding. He'll be picking that out because he's the one who has to sleep under it.

I have a half-planned idea of taking some large white PVC pipe and some old LED lights I don't use and carving tiki into the pipe, puttng the lights in, and attaching that to the bottom bed rails. If I get it right, what you'll see when the lights are on in the dark are the lines I carved into the pipe. Might or might not work. I need to do some more research (and find where I put the lights). I may try for a tinted wash on the white.

His trash can is goiing to be his old diaper pail, as he's nearly potty trained (which also means that his changing table will just be his dresser). It's stainless steel and cylindrical. I plan to use some pinstriping tape to make it into a tiki. Sure, I could paint it like a palm log, but I know from extensive experience that trying to paint stainless is a waste of time. It'll be a bit modern looking, but still cool, as long as I don't mess it up.

I'm thinking of getting some fish netting and putting floats along the top and putting that somewhere on a wall. This netting would be used for putting pictures on. You can stick the corners of the pictures through the netting. Knowing how his day care works, this will be a constantly changing display. It might go well in the corner between the window and the closet door.

I'll be leaving the mural, but moving the photos and souvenirs to another wall. I think I'll be making some sort of frames for the photos. The frameless look is a bit modern. Not sure if I'll do anything with the souvenirs other than hang them again.

I need to do something with the window wall. I can't say whether the stars will stay or go. I highly doubt that the shades will be replaced. That leaves the curtains. I'll probably come up with something. SandraDee, I'm pretty familiar with Spoonflower, though I tend to use Fabric On Demand myself. Maybe I'll whip up some graphics and have them printed for curtains.

Similarly, I doubt that the carpeting will change. He does have a rug, which you'll get a picture of soon. More surfboards, and both thechildren pretend they're surfing with it.

He has a small rolling bookshelf that used to be his mother's nightstand. I think I can tiki that up a bit with some matting, etc. If I get really ambitious, I may go for shells and such in resin on the top. But I haven't done anything like that in 40 years or so.

So it won't be a total renovation. Mostly just stuff going in the room and on the walls.

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From: San Diego, CA
Posted: 2014-01-30 1:24 pm   Permalink

Granted, this might be a little late due to his age, but a nice tiki addition for a baby would be to put a "XXX" on "RUM" label on the bottle. I'm sure someone's done that before...... ?

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Joined: May 20, 2010
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Posted: 2014-02-04 8:06 pm   Permalink

Took sick with a fever last weekend. Didn't get much done. I did get a couple of the wood-burning tools done.

The wife told me that we're also giving away the diaper pail, so there goes the stainless steel tiki.

The net I ordered is pretty small. I'm still going to try to make it work.

I got a set of the float lights. The floats are OK (I wanted plastic because I didn't want glass ones in his room), but apparently all lights now come with massive green wires like they're all for Christmas trees or something. Fortunately, the floats come off. Unfortunately, I could have paid less for transparent plastic balls.

So not so good for the acquisitions or the progress. And I don't get much time during the week.

The bottle idea is hilarious. For someone else. I got in trouble for letting my daughter taste bourbon off my finger when she was 6 months. She liked it way too much. There couldn't have been more than half a drop, just enough to wet my finger, and it was evaporating furiously.

To expand on the idea, how's about a whole bar of nothing but baby stuff? That's kinda like what Atomic Tiki Punk suggested, isn't it? But I'm rather amused by the idea of a bar full of baby bottles of different varieties (lord knows they're colorful enough these days), sippy cups, containers of various topical medications, etc.

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Joined: May 20, 2010
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Posted: 2014-02-08 09:33 am   Permalink

Got some work done so far today. Leo is out of the house with his mother. And since grandma is here, his sister isn't interested in me.

Here's the rug. The children love to pretend to surf on the surfboards:

Here's one of the rails for the bed. I'd gone online and searched for tapas cloth patterns, and sketched out some of the simpler ones. This is about as simple as it gets. So I used it as my experiment, and it's mostly going to be buried in the carpet anyway. You can see the woodburning tool mid-right of the picture.

Here's more of a close up of both the rail and the tool. A little steel and piece of wire. Yes, I used galvanized wire, but I did sand off the zinc for a half-inch or so before welding. And the weld looks awful because I used the flux-core wire feed on it, which has a very limited selection of settings. But it's fast, and all it has to do is keep the wire handle on the tool.

To do the burning, I put some random stuff on our counters so I could get the rail up off them and across the front of the stove. Put the tool in the flame of a burner and then onto the wood. RInse and repeat a bunch of times.

I'll be doing a lot more of the woodburning, but won't be posting pictures of all of that, now that you can see what I'm doing for the frame.

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From: Sun City Lincoln Hills (NorCal)
Posted: 2014-02-08 12:59 pm   Permalink

I really think this is a great carving as it meets so may needs. Just sharing, but think something like this would be a good fit for your room if you decide to add a real Tiki. I love your room, keep up the great work.

1. It's a Tiki
2. It's carved from a tree
3. Would be a happy design for a child
4. Has a beautiful tile top
5. Serves as a table to set things on when you are working with the baby


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