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Joined: Feb 05, 2014
Posts: 3
Posted: 2014-03-12 9:22 pm   Permalink

Long long LOOOONG time lurker ... but after years of dreaming I finally got around to doing my first Tiki updo.. Been planning on doing up my home office years.. basically based off of a Tiki office I saw some time ago I believe from Bamboo Ben.. if memory serves it was someone's office at Pixar

for those that are Tiki purists ..like I've seen in some posts.. afraid that is not going to happen in this room as I like my Japanese robots and comic books far too much .. and I'm far too fond of my computer desk..

So The Green I found that matched the above pic was Martha Stewart's Basil .. OMG I have Martha Stewart in my house..

here are a couple before photos..

UNGH textured white ceilings.. I really really wanted a Tiki bar with a white ceiling though!!!... but I HATE popcorn!!!

After FINALLY my Bac bac matting arrives from Forever Bamboo.. here we are treating it with our Flame stop in the garage.. yes there's a foot of snow right outside the door so it's FREEZING ..

putting up the framing for the bamboo border along the wall..

two inch half round sections for the wall.. we ordered 3" and 4" half rounds as well but Forever mixed up our order and sent us a couple packages of 4 inch half round and OMG they are HUGE so we ended up using just the 2" for the entire project ..

the Half round sections going into the framing ..

Bac Bac matting going up .. WOWO this is some VERY stinky stuff .. def do not care for the smell but after applying a coating of varithane sating sealer over it the smell seems to be less.. so hopefully the smell will go away over time..

aaaand ok I'm skipping a BUNCH of steps but here is our somewhat finished product ..

so did a lot of micro work with a dremel router attachment only to find the fantasia ceiling fan pretty much blocks it all out unless you really really look hard.. so the little ceiling pendant I did is mostly hidden :/

also apparently due to some regulations light kits only come with these horrible candelabra lights any more.. so had to pull part the fan and change out the sockets to it would work with HD CFL bulbs...

still have some wall space to decorate as well :0 perhaps a nice puffer fish lamp or some nautical lighting..

OK.. well that's it so far.. anxious to hear your comments...

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 11, 2011
Posts: 929
Posted: 2014-03-12 10:10 pm   Permalink

Looks nice so far!

Are you also a tiki collector--i.e. masks, mugs, etc--or are you going for a more tropical theme?

Bamboo Ben is actually in town this week (Emeryville, CA) working on that office at Pixar. Glad you found some inspiration!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Apr 12, 2008
Posts: 1192
Posted: 2014-03-12 10:34 pm   Permalink

Looks cool! Coming along great, but where do you serve mai tais in a home office?

I really like the ceiling pendant... are you planning to do more details like that in other places in the room?

Thanks for posting... welcome to Tiki Central!


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Atomic Tiki Punk
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 19, 2009
Posts: 7048
From: Costa Misery
Posted: 2014-03-12 11:37 pm   Permalink

Check out Tikiskip's,Kahaka's & TikiPops lights here on TC
a few would really bring it home!

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Pele Paul
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 26, 2008
Posts: 714
From: San Dimas, ca
Posted: 2014-03-13 08:32 am   Permalink

wow, that's an awesome build!!!!! it looks totally professional too!!! great job!!! cant wait to see more!!!!!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 03, 2011
Posts: 1315
From: NJ
Posted: 2014-03-15 7:09 pm   Permalink

Welcome to Tiki Central. Thanks for posting.

Love your tiki office. The entrance is AMAZING! You're off to an excellent start. I think you need a few more tikis. (Everyone, pretty much, can use more tikis.)


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jul 18, 2010
Posts: 7893
From: Las Vegas
Posted: 2014-03-15 7:32 pm   Permalink

Like the green, reminds me of another cool room I've seen around here somewhere
Looks good, but if that was my office I wouldn't get any work done.
Have fun and cheers


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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Nov 23, 2006
Posts: 6161
From: Sun City Lincoln Hills (NorCal)
Posted: 2014-03-16 5:40 pm   Permalink

Very impressive, the green is fabulous and the bamboo is gorgeous. Nice job on the ceiling too. Looking forward to more pictures of your work.
"Oh waiter, another cocktail please!!!"

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 04, 2003
Posts: 2385
From: Vista, CA
Posted: 2014-03-16 8:44 pm   Permalink

do it... nice

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forgotten tikiman

Joined: Aug 18, 2011
Posts: 0
Posted: 2014-03-16 9:00 pm   Permalink

That is very cool. I like it.
A.K.A THE MADMAN!! Long live the TIKI-TI. I'll have another green lizard please!

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 13, 2006
Posts: 1434
From: San Diego
Posted: 2014-03-17 11:28 am   Permalink


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Tiki Centralite

Joined: Mar 11, 2014
Posts: 24
Posted: 2014-03-27 10:32 am   Permalink

Wow! This is the coolest office I've ever seen. It looks like a lot of work and great job


[ This Message was edited by: MissClaireTiki 2014-03-27 10:33 ]

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Pele Paul
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Aug 26, 2008
Posts: 714
From: San Dimas, ca
Posted: 2014-04-07 08:59 am   Permalink

I want your office!!!!!

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