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Tiki Central Forums Locating Tiki The Islander, Stockton, CA (restaurant)
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The Islander, Stockton, CA (restaurant)
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Joined: Sep 15, 2002
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From: Costa Mesa
Posted: 2003-08-04 6:18 pm   Permalink

Name:The Islander
Street:6623 Pacific Ave

This was, at one time, the place to be in Stockton. If you had to be in Stockton in the first place. The Islander boasts some of the coolest and most collectable mugs around.
I've often wondered if Chris Isaak ever went into the Islander, seeing how he was raised in Stockton and went to college at the University of the Pacific. He would have been around there before the Islander was torn down.
I'd love to hear from anyone that has been to the Islander and has memories of the place since I never got to see it. Leroy from OA told me that the reason that the Islander was eventually torn down was because the asian owner, who had a severe gambling problem, lost it in a majaan game. Ain't that something?

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Joined: Nov 11, 2003
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From: ripon: almond capital yet no orgeat
Posted: 2003-11-11 9:44 pm   Permalink


the stockton islander was one happening place back in the 60's. it was closed in the late 70's (i believe) and remained on pacific avenue for a few years. it did in fact close due to tommy lee's gambling problems. he recently passed away two years ago...still living in stockton.

the building of the islander still exists though. it was moved in the 1980's to the frontage road of highway 99...slightly north of stockton. it is now known as "pollardville - the chicken kitchen". i went to the restaurant just to check out the inside and see if any tiki reminants were still intact. the bar is still there, although used for single diners. across from this area was the most exciting find, a tiki pole--which must be an architectual staple for the place to stay up! it is intact...and quite "out of place" due the horrible kitchy western decor. (there is a covered wagon you can eat inside of in this restaurant!) (NOT KIDDING)

even though it is disheartening passing by the old islander due to the pollardville mess it assumed, it still is neat to see the old building and the polynesian architecture. i myself never went to the islander for i was not born in stockton, but it has been my fascination for five years now. the mugs are still surfacing around here and are becoming quite valuable.

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Joined: Mar 25, 2002
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From: Tradewinds Apartments, Alameda, CA
Posted: 2003-11-12 11:55 am   Permalink


On 2003-11-11 21:44, tikicleen wrote:the bar is still there, although used for single diners.

Before anyone gets too excited, the bar itself is much older than the Islander was. I think it was moved to the Islander from a turn-of-the-century era bar, so it's Victorian in style, not Polynesian.

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Joined: Mar 31, 2005
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From: Oakland
Posted: 2006-08-02 08:36 am   Permalink

Chicken Kitchen to close!

I heard from my mom this morning (who lives in Stockton) that the Pollardville Chicken Kitchen (which inhabits the old Islander building that was moved to its current site) will be closing in 2007. I know the building itself is tiki, and I heard rumors that there might be a tiki or two inside (although I have been there twice and never seen one). How can we find out what the plans are for the building?

...and then there was a duck.

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Joined: Jul 22, 2004
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From: L.A. baby!
Posted: 2007-01-18 09:10 am   Permalink

Just happened upon this picture from Getty Images (a stock photography library), thought you all might enjoy:

The caption reads:
75-year old woman sipping 'Husband Killer' at new Exotic South Sea island-type restaurant called `The Islander'.

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Joined: Jun 16, 2006
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From: Sacramento
Posted: 2007-01-18 10:49 am   Permalink

That's a great picture. Lots of intrigue. Now that he's dead it's time for a tiki drink.

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Joined: Nov 11, 2003
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From: ripon: almond capital yet no orgeat
Posted: 2007-01-18 11:22 am   Permalink

this is a great photo! however, this was taken at the L.A. Islander, which was on la cienga blvd.

those spurlin mugs are zazz!
got tiki?

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Joined: Mar 25, 2002
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From: 37? 47' N, 122? 26' W
Posted: 2007-01-18 2:31 pm   Permalink

"75-year old woman sipping 'Husband Killer' at new Exotic South Sea island-type restaurant called `The Islander'."

It does look like she's up to something! Again too, I'd say. Yep, she's done this before, and it keeps getting easier. Notice the cool reflection, the ease at which she contemplates the deed, already done or forthcoming. She's downed a lot of cocktails too, look how she deftly suspends that pinky. Those mugs are big beasts and she handles it like a pro. I bet those life insurance premiums were up to date.

Yeah Cleen, it's a Stella Bodey piece. Her work for Spurlin Ceramics is top drawer stuff. Hard to get, but if know what to look for, they're still hard to get. Stockton's Islander had the best selection of mugs on the West Coast, but LA's Islander did have some fine Spurlin oferings.

Honestly, this picture deserves its own topic in another forum. Photographs of patrons during that period enjoying a cocktail in an actual Tiki mug are so very rare. Not many "in situ" shots of original tiki mugs. Plus, she's hot.

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Joined: Oct 23, 2008
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Posted: 2008-10-23 8:16 pm   Permalink

Only one year late, but I spent grades 2-7 in Stockton in the 60's. The Islander was my favorite place to eat. I can remember going there for my birthday when I was about 11. My favorite thing to order was "chicken in foil." Yummy!

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Tacky Tiki
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Joined: Mar 27, 2002
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From: Tackyville, N. CA
Posted: 2008-12-03 12:23 pm   Permalink

I drove by The Islander over Labor Day-it's closed and it looks like it might be slated for demolition. I wanna go back down there to get some pictures before it's gone. You can still see the general shape of the building and it still has a tiki aura about it. Bummer that we can't reopen it in it's former tiki splendor!

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uncle trav
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Joined: Apr 27, 2005
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From: Kalamazoo
Posted: 2009-02-15 12:48 pm   Permalink

I thought this post needed a couple of images so here we are. What it once was and what it became. Any updates on the building?

"Anyone who has ever seen them is thereafter haunted as if by a feverish dream" Karl Woermann

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Joined: May 18, 2004
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From: The Exotic Port of REDONDO BEACH, CA
Posted: 2009-02-15 6:51 pm   Permalink

Easily one of the coolest Tiki signs of all times....

MCM and Tiki...perfect !

Zoom all the way in to see the building.


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Joined: Aug 29, 2009
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From: Lodi, CA
Posted: 2009-08-29 10:40 pm   Permalink

I was there this morning treasure hunting, I posted the brief story and pics on this General Tiki thread, Its the one on "The lost chapter: Hop Louie and the Stockton Islander" by tikicleen


Be fore warned the pictures are sad and may make you cry!!


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Joined: May 29, 2011
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Posted: 2011-05-31 1:59 pm   Permalink

When I first moved to this area in the mid-1970's, The Islander was indeed the hottest spot in Stockton, CA. It was a very popular hangout located off Pacific Avenue, particularly for peace officers and correctional workers of the area. I do not know why the business closed, but the building was not torn down, it was moved in whole to Pollardvile off Morada, east of Hiway 99, where it became their Chicken Kitchen! (I went there once after it moved, but the ambiance was gone and the chicken was very greasy). After that, the coolest spot to hang out was Black Angus off March Lane, east of I-5. The movie Saturday Night Fever brought about Disco Fever and they had a huge wooden dance floor and lights similar to the movie!

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Joined: Aug 09, 2011
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Posted: 2011-08-09 4:26 pm   Permalink

Looks like the Stockton Islander/Pollardville Chicken Restaurant building has been torn down. Hard to tell for sure since I whizzing past on the 99, but I swear I used to see that building from the freeway. The big tower topped with the Pollardville sign is still there and there's a for sale on the lot.

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