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Tiki Central Forums Beyond Tiki Have you unexpectedly met someone famous?
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Have you unexpectedly met someone famous?
Atomic Cocktail
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 25, 2002
Posts: 927
From: Land O' The Next Big One-L.A.
Posted: 2003-08-08 11:31 am   Permalink

About 1981 I saw then Mayor of NYC Ed Koch across the street. Someone in the building behind me shouted "Koch Sucks!". His group turned and looked at me as if I had said it. The years later I saw the Reverend Al Sharpton across the street in the industrial hell-hole of Long Island City with a GIGANTIC entourage. He had the best hairdo of any 'celeb' I had ever see so I shouted "WOW, I Fell Good, Dananananana...!" then ducked into the subway.

Rex Reed tried to pick me up when I worked as a sales person at Macy's. He gave me his card and I posted it in the stockroom with "For A Good Time" written on it.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 01, 2002
Posts: 1676
From: next stop Hulaville!
Posted: 2003-08-08 11:34 am   Permalink

Met? I don't think I have ever met anyone famous, I have road in an elevator with Gene Hackman, sat at a red light next to Sara Gilbert, passed Tim Burton and girlfriend Lisa Marie on the street while shopping in LA. Saw Wierd Al at Dublin's while eating upstairs in the dining room, he went into a private room to eat. Sat next to Anna Nicole Smith with some guy at Dar Magrheb's that was a memory! My first tip to Hawaii, I saw Sheryl Ladd, she was on the same plane as I was. The big one was John Houston and Angelica at the Tiny Naylors in Costa Mesa, I was just a kid but I knew he was the voice of God.

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Tiki Rider
Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 05, 2002
Posts: 497
From: South Orange County, CA
Posted: 2003-08-08 12:13 pm   Permalink

One day In 1984 while on routine patrol, I was perched at the top of southbound Indian Canyon Dr on ramp at eastbound I-10, I saw a New white Corvette go by at an estimated 100mph, I pulled out and followed it for aways and stopped it for exceeding the speed limit. I walked up on the vet and as I asked for the driver's license...who did I see in the drivers seat...Hey now!!!Here's Johnny! Johnny Carson. yes, I obtained his autograph.
Others: met Jeannie Buss in a crash in San clemente, Kiana driving her Porsche on Newport Coast Dr, Sitting next to Adrianne Barbeu on an airplane, the wrestler one man gang on a stop, Ike Turner, Oriville Redenbacker, Reggie Jackson, Pat Boone on a car stop, met Larry wilcox at Disneyland, met Bob Hope in L.V. there's more (who cares) blah blah blah.

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Feb 18, 2003
Posts: 893
From: Bay Area
Posted: 2003-08-08 12:31 pm   Permalink

well, everything pales in comparison to meeting tikibars at his book signing in Vegas...

but as a little girl, I went on a ski trip to Big Bear with my parents and neighbors. Me and the neighbor's girl were watching their puppy, and some nice man talked to us for a bit about the puppy. Turns out it was John Travolta, fresh from "Grease" fame.

I also went to see a play in Berkeley in the early 90's. William Ragsdale, who played Herman in the tv show "Herman's Head" (and later, the pizza delivery boyfriend on "Ellen" - oh yes, and "Fright Night,") was in it, and I asked him out after. We had lunch at the Thai House, and that's all I'm sayin...

ps my bartender sweetie lived in LA a while ago and offered to smoke out Charlie Sheen, who in turn offered him a drink in his limo; he also took a photography class with Alicia Silverstone, who is nice but apparently a TOTAL airhead...
May the power of Tiki compel you!

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Official Mixologist

Joined: Mar 29, 2002
Posts: 3059
From: http://www.smugglerscovesf.com
Posted: 2003-08-08 12:37 pm   Permalink

This has got me thinking- most of my encounters are fairly pathetic.

Just last week, however I met Steven Colbert from the Daily Show and that rocked my world. He is so brilliant.

About four years ago I was driving to work in Marin and I got stuck behind a jackass in a big BMW. There was no traffic, but he was in the fast lane going slow as hell, looking in the mirror, picking his nose, etc. I don't normally do this kind of stuff, but I decided to let him have it. I gunned up along side of him and rolled down my window to yell, "Move over jackass!" at him. When I got the window down and stuck my head out, he looked at me at it was George Lucas. So I went "eek!" and just let it go. It was before I would have had the opportunity to scream, "Phantom Menace sucked!".

Met Patrick Stewart once, who was very nice. No- not at a convention.

Met the Greg himself, Barry Williams, at a book signing in Torrance years ago. Nice guy.

I really almost lost my shit last year meeting Johnny Marr backstage. He's so very short. But I was totally awestruck.

Plus Gorilla X humped my leg last week.

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 2989
From: Tradewinds Apartments, Alameda, CA
Posted: 2003-08-08 12:44 pm   Permalink

In college I worked for National Car Rental at the Arcata/Eureka airport in Humboldt. I rented a car to Meredith Baxter-Burney. She was doing a film with Malcolm McDowell who I also spotted in the airport. Dinah Shore rented a car from Avis next door a few times as she had a house on the Humboldt coast. She really looked like a movie star with her scarf on her head and dark glasses. I also went to use a pay phone (what people used before cell phones kiddies) and Andy Garcia was in the phone booth.

I walked by Dennis Hopper on the Venice Beach boardwalk a couple years ago.

No celeb meetings unless musicians count. I thought it was real cool when Leonard Graves Phillips of the punk band the Dickies partied with us at my apartment after a show. He was the nicest guy.

I guess the best musician story I have is when I was at the Spirit nightclub in San Diego to see a band called the Checkered Past . I went outside to take a leak on a wall and Steve Jones came up and took a piss as well. We exchanged a few words like "hey howzit goin'?" or something like that.

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Joined: Aug 06, 2003
Posts: 8
From: The Atomic Lounge
Posted: 2003-08-08 12:54 pm   Permalink

My most starstruck celeb encounter was meeting Keely Smith at Coco's coffee shop in Palm Springs this past January. I wasn't sure it was really her, so finally, as she was getting ready to leave, I asked if she was Keely. When she smiled and said "Yes, I am," tears actually sprang to my eyes (god, I'm a dork!). She gave me a huge hug, and we chatted for a while. When she found out my husband and I were entertainers, she squealed girlishly and slapped my husband on the back...HARD! A couple of months later, we received a little package from her, containing her 3 recent CDs. What a peach!!

Here's a pic from that fabulous encounter:

I also had the privilege of singing under the direction of Dave Brubeck when I was 18, but that wasn't an accidental encounter. He was quite aloof, but I was too awed to care.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Jun 24, 2002
Posts: 1345
Posted: 2003-08-08 1:08 pm   Permalink

No A-listers here, which is odd for having grown up in SoCal. Guess I needed to get out more. I was, however, on both "Wonderama" and "The Banana Splits" shows as a tyke.

Having worked at Lucasarts in the mid 90's, I've had a few George Lucas sightings, which were a bigger deal to me before those awful new movies came out. All Lucas company employees are under orders to not talk to or otherwise bother George - kinda like the Pope! But he's a pretty common sight around Marin.

Incident #1: We had a moving party when Lucasarts moved to a new facility and George popped by to say a few words. I was dealing with a horrible computer crash and missed most of the party, so I raced outside to grab something from the food table. This being a games company, the food was nearly all gone, but there was one hot dog left. I searched quickly for a plate, and just as I reached for the dog, George literally grabbed it from under my hand and didn't even look up or say anything.

#2: At the Lucasfilm 4th of July picnic, watched Robin Williams play a pick-up soccer game with a bunch of dudes. Man, he's hairy! Later in the beer line, saw George beaming while talking to Robin as a bunch of kids eyed the two. One kid sheepishly wanders over and George perks up, then deflates when the kid says, "Can I have your autograph, Mrs. Doubtfire?" George walked away in disgust as Robin cheerfully signed autographs for all the kids. Many friends report that Robin is a very nice guy.

#3: My favorite. While having a drink with a friend in a Marin restaurant, which was about to close, in walks George with two hottie asian 20-somethings. They are led away to the curtained "Lucasfilm" booth in the back. Soon we see the bartender mixing a few elaborate, labor-intensive coffee drinks (after she had cleaned and shut down the bar area). We asked what the drinks were, she looked up, eyes rolled, and said with disgust, "They're for his-HIGHness".

Strangely (or not), once also saw SF mayor Willie Brown at a table next to us with 2 hottie asian 20-somethings.

During a "60 Minutes" segment on the new non-smoking laws (at Tosca, a bar in SF), my friend walks up and interupts interviewer Steve Croft by asking Willie Brown for a light. Willie laughs and smiles big and grabs his shoulders, "Somebody arrest this man!"

While at Lucasarts, I did a number of tv interviews. The weirdest ever was for some nationally syndicated science magazine show that had Charles Fleischer as a "correspondent". He's an actor/comedian who voiced Roger Rabbit. A very smart guy, but also a horrible, whiny, destructive person. He messed with one of my artist's shelves in his office til the unit collapsed and broke everything on it. He just shrugged and walked away. His producer and cameraman openly bashed him (not in a friendly, kidding way) when he wasn't around, which was alot of the time. When they were ready for him to do the interview, they had to send out a search team to find him sleeping on a couch in a darked room on another floor that wasn't our space. A true weirdo.

On the other hand, I was interviewed a couple years prior to that for a tech segment on Good Morning America by Spencer Christian. He was an absolute gentleman and sat with me and asked a LOT about what I did so he could ask intelligent questions on camera. I've never seen a more professional crew or air talent than those GMA folks.

Other randomness:
Met Denver Pyle and Catherine "Daisy Duke" Bach on the "Dukes of Hazard" set during a private tour. (Cat needed a LOT of make-up to hide the cellulite and coke & booze wear & tear). Also ran into "Bionic Woman" Lindsay Wagner (very nice & pregnant).

Had dinner with "hottie stripper" Jordan from Big Brother 1.

Met and chatted with Daphne Zuniga ("Melrose Place") after the Vagina Monologues in SF. She was dating a childhood friend. Polite, but probably because my friend asked her to meet me. Seemed like she's probably kind of a bitch.

Saw a totally trashed Goldie Hawn being carried by two men out of a private Soho club and down the street, her feet dragging on the ground.

Music props:
Sat with DJ Bonebrake of "X" at club while watching a friend's band he produced.

John Doe of "X" ordered a beer behind us at Edinburgh Castle just before a Knitters show.

Roadied a SF show with Clarence Clemmons - truly bigger than life character, and very nice.


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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Feb 15, 2003
Posts: 3006
From: San Diego, Ca.
Posted: 2003-08-08 3:11 pm   Permalink

I met quite a few celebs & not quite celebs while a Movie/Video Caterer in L.A. back in the mid-80s:

One of my partners delt ALOT of coke to Bob Englund during 3 of the Nightmare on Elm St. shoots.

Catered Wheel of Fortune for several years: Pat Sajak's an ass, but Vanna's a sweetheart. She liked Chocolate Silk Pie & would sometimes have 2 pieces (we'd joke that that was 'cause it tasted good 2ce). Jack Clark (the announcer at that time) was a class act, always wore a monogrammed sports jacket.

I discovered that I used to beat up the lead guitarist from White Lion on the bus back in High School. He went to Farrell H.S. & I went to Richmondtown Prep. (You have to be from Staten Island to get that reference). I discovered this while serving him lunch during a video shoot while the rest of the band was being interviewed by some hard rock rag; Screaming "Farrell Faggott!" & laughing maniacally probably didn't endear me to the band.

I worked with Jan Michael Vincent on a movie shoot: he was either just starting on a buzz or coming off a hangover throughout the whole shoot.

I ran into Timothy Leary at Abbie Hoffmans wake: I was covering it for No S.H.I.T. Magazine, and he was incoherent & slightly stumbling and wanted to sit in the Journalist's area & not the "star's" area. I also met Wavy Gravy there, he was M.C.ing & being a total control freak.

While interning at KROQ I screamed "Get the F**CK away from that bike!" at Johnny Rotten, 'cause he was signing autographs too close to my bicycle.

The nicest celebrity I ever met was Ian Astbury, who said "please" & "thank you" constantly, and answered fans telephone calls for 2 hours at KROQ.

But the BEST celebrity encounter I ever had was catering U2's "Where the Streets have no Name" video! On the roof top! With LAPD, LAFD, & SWAT all trying to get up on the roof to stop'em! Great guys, great music, great food, & their crew ate alot (but the crew always does).

I've got dozens more, but since I was usually working, I often just remember them as being at just another day at work. I didn't even remember 1/2 of these 'til reading these posts. Until then I could only think of running into the guy who played Igor on M.A.S.H. at Disneyland!

Rev. Dr. Frederick J. Freelance, Ph.D., Th.D., D.F.S

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Grand Member (first year)  

Joined: Mar 25, 2002
Posts: 2989
From: Tradewinds Apartments, Alameda, CA
Posted: 2003-08-08 3:18 pm   Permalink

John Doe of "X" ordered a beer behind us at Edinburgh Castle just before a Knitters show.

After that Knitters show we went to Annie's Cocktail Lounge and Dave Alvin came in and sat down next to me at the bar. Annie is friends with the members of a lot of the old bands like X and the Blasters.

Rumor is it that Lux and Poison Ivy always go to the Tonnga Room before they do a Cramps show in San Francisco.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 24, 2002
Posts: 1799
From: Ocean Beach, San Francisco
Posted: 2003-08-08 4:53 pm   Permalink

I ran into Diane Amos (The Pine-Sol Lady!) in the bathroom at a comedy club. She does stand-up when she's not doing commercials, and she was the opening act that night.

I was walking on Grattan Street (in SF) one evening when a large black luxury car turned into the driveway in front of me. Terrence Hallinan (SF's D.A.) got out of the car and walked into his house.

I've had plenty of other celebrity encounters (book-signings, for example) that weren't really unexpected. Also, there have been many sightings where I didn't actually talk to the person, like when I saw Chelsea Clinton at Studio 54.



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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Mar 31, 2002
Posts: 1528
From: MD
Posted: 2003-08-08 4:55 pm   Permalink

Here's my couple brushes with greatness...

1. Cal Ripken at a local mall
2. John Waters at a bookstore in Baltimore (a common event if you live around Baltimore)
3. Charles Barkley walking through the casino at the Bellagio in Vegas
4. Tom Hanks at the World War II Memorial dedication
5. A bunch of reggae artists I met before and after shows (None as big as "The Bush Doctor")- Mutabaruka, Eek A Mouse, Yellowman on many occasions, Joseph Hill from Culture, the late great Dennis Brown, etc.

That's about it...

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Sep 01, 2002
Posts: 1676
From: next stop Hulaville!
Posted: 2003-08-08 5:19 pm   Permalink

Oh! And Corey Feldman stood in front of me in a line at Disneyland about 10 years ago, he was with a very young, very thin girl, they kissed alot, he had his little brother with him too. Corey looked very unkept, like no soap and water had touched him or his clothes in awhile, I also remember how incredibly sweet he was to his little bro. You could tell he loved him very much. It was really sweet.

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Tiki Socialite

Joined: Oct 02, 2002
Posts: 2765
From: The Coast of Kauai
Posted: 2003-08-08 6:27 pm   Permalink

I met God in a cowboy bar in Chico and then again a few years later in a parking lot in Long Beach at a Grateful Dead concert. He looked different but his breath was the same. He is very nice but he is to hard to understand and not that good of a dresser.

Stoke & Flow

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Official Man-About-Town  

Joined: Mar 26, 2002
Posts: 323
From: Sunnycupertoga, CA
Posted: 2003-08-08 6:56 pm   Permalink

I am LOVING this thread, this is AWESOME! Mine are:

-- 1990, Century City Mall in LA: gave my table at the food court to Jerry Seinfeld. It was his first season (I think) so I didn't know who he was until my friend pointed it out afterward. "Are you done with your table?" "yeah dude, go for it"

-- Maury Povich. Ahem.

-- Got a picture of Gorilla X with Marilyn Manson. Also with No Doubt. Pics are on gorilla-x.com.

-- Trader Vic's Beverly Hills, circa 1998: saw both Pauly Shore and the blonde daughter from "Too Close For Comfort" there at the same time (but not together). I haven't been back since. Oh, and after a bunch of drinks, Pauly careened off in a giant BMW, like a 700 series or something.

-- Saw John Waters speak last December. I was with Frenchy Polynesia. She loves him; I'm ambivalent. The next morning, he and I backed into each other, Scooby Doo style, in Amoeba Records on Haight. I called her to tell her... she was jealous.

-- My favorite one lately: I got to meet Captain Sensible (from The Damned) a couple weeks ago. He was a TOTAL dick to me. But he's a washed-up, old fogey now. Gone are the days of peeing on fans (Bamboo Ben has a story about that, I think... he was present, I mean, not that BB got peed on)-- anyway, gone are those days. Instead, he now goes off on explanations about how lots of Subway restuarants are starting to toast their sandwiches now, due to the success of Quiznos.

My fave stories in this thread so far: TikiBot, you should have kicked Robin Williams's ass. I can't stand that jackass! I secretly pray for a gig where I'm gorillacizing at some function he's at, and I will just go and kick his ass good... and everyone will think it's being staged so they won't jump in to save him. God I hate that guy!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH must...control... self....

And Larry Lava: MaryLava RULES!!! I NEED to tell you guys my Hasselhoff story sometime.

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