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On This Day in Tiki History - 2019 Ready for download
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Posted: 2017-01-17 7:13 pm   Permalink

Click here to go to a download page for the free calendar graciously hosted by AceExplorer (Thank you Ace). Thanks to all who contributed dates and suggestions, especially Dusty Cajun. It is a PDF file, right click on the download link and "save as"

You can print it with your color printer with both sides of some cardstock and have it spiral bound. Or submit it to a printing. The best price I found for a single calendar was at Staples. Double sided 32 lb paper, black spiral binding, submit online and pick up at your local store for about $20. If you find a better place to print, let me know. The Staples version is adequate, not high gloss and 32 lb paper is not very heavy. But the back cover is black vinyl. Use a heavy hole punch to make a center hanging hole and flip the black vinyl around to the front, it will give great support to hang from.

Directions for the Staples website have changed. Click on the Staples Pro Presentations and Manuals (first row, right side). Click Add Files, Upload File, Upload, Done. You need to add a Job Name in the upper left or it won’t let you place the order. IMPORTANT – GO TO THE “SIDES” TAB ON THE LEFT Color: Black and white cost half as much but I like to color. Media: I chose the thicker 32lb paper. Sides: Double sided head to toe. Orientation: Portait. Collate. Binding: Black coil. Tabs: None. Stapling: None. Front: Clear plastic. Back: Black vinyl. Hole Punch: None. Use the arrows at the bottom to review before you print. 1st page is a greyed cover to represent the clear front cover, 2nd page is the printed front cover, then starts the calendar. Add to Cart bottom right. Then Check-out. You will need to register if you don’t already have an account. You have to choose your shipping options or store pickup before you can check out. Let me know if there is something unclear about these directions.


I know it's a little late in the year but I have an idea for a Tiki Calendar. Since calendars repeat, 2017 is the same as 1961. My idea is a 1961 "this day in Tiki" calendar. But since I'm a lousy capitalist, my plan is just to release the MS Publisher file in the wild - you find a way to print it yourself

Looking for input on important dates in classic Tiki, mostly events before 1961 or birthdates of people who influenced Tiki before 1961 (although I did include Sven's birthday ) Here's what we have came up with collectively

1-Jan 1962 Samoa Independence Day
1-Jan National Hangover Day
2-Jan 1888 Drink straw patented
2-Jan 1990 Alan Hale, Gilligan's "Skipper" dies
9-Jan 1924 Marvin Chin born, Chin Tiki restaurant
9-Jan 1935 Bob Denver "Gilligan" born
12-Jan 2000 Tiki Central founded
13-Jan 1950 Kon Tiki movie released
15-Jan 1979 Ralph Tyree died, Polynesian artist
16-Jan 1914 George "Pete" Wimberly born, architect Waikikian, Don the Beachcomber, Canlis, Taharaa
16-Jan 2014 Russell Johns, Gilligan's "Professor" dies
17-Jan Hot Buttered Rum Day
18-Jan 1778 Capt James Cook arrives in Hawaii
21-Jan 1998 John Joseph Patrick Ryan (Jack Lord) dies
22-Jan 1968 Duke Kahanamoku dies
22-Jan 1974 Leon Lontoc dies, Don the Beachcomber bartender
30-Jan 1962 Kon Tiki Restaurant Tucson opens

1-Feb 1933 Arthur Lyman born, Exotica composer and artist
2-Feb 1917 Eldon Davis born, architect of Tahitian Village, Kona Kai, Humphrey's
5-Feb 1908 Moon Lueg born, Moon Islander and Moon Garden restaurants
6-Feb 1985 Steven Crane dies, Luau and Kon Tiki restaurants
6-Feb Waitangi Day
7-Feb 1916 Steven Crane born, Luau and Kon Tiki restaurants
7-Feb 1953 Edgar Leeteg dies, black velvet artist
7-Feb National Pisco Sour Day
8-Feb 1961 Ports o' Call restaurant Long Beach opens
11-Feb 1934 Tina Louise, Gilligan's "Ginger" born
12-Feb 1964 Charles McKirahan Sr dies, architect Mai Kai
14-Feb 1779 Death of Capt James Cook in Hawaii
20-Feb 1703 Mount Gay Distillery founded
20-Feb 1908 Leon Lontoc born, Don the Beachcomber bartender
20-Feb 1918 Phil Moore born, Exotica artist
20-Feb 1959 Tahitian Studio City opens
20-Feb 1961 Kahiki opens
21-Feb 1931 Hangover helper Alka Seltzer introduced
21-Feb 1953 Waikiki Restaurant Minneapolis opened
22-Feb 1907 Ernest Gantt (Don the Beachcomber) born
22-Feb 2008 Jack Thornton dies, Mai Kai founder
23-Feb 2004 Joe Scialom dies, mixologist and creator of the Suffering Bastard
24-Feb 2002 Arthur Lyman dies, Exotica composer and artist
24-Feb 2016 Pagan Idol San Francisco opens
25-Feb 1913 Jim Backus, Gilligan's "Thurston Howell III" born
27-Feb National Kahlua Day, make a Mr Bali Hai

2-Mar 1953 Don the Beachcomber Palm Springs opens
2-Mar 2005 Martin Denny dies, Exotica composer and artist
4-Mar 1964 Trade Winds Oxnard opens
4-Mar 1995 eden ahbez dies
4-Mar 2012 Frank Walls dies, founder of Omni Hut Smyrna TX
4-Mar 2017 Reef Palm Springs opens
5-Mar National Absinthe Day
5-Mar Missionary Day (French Polynesia)
6-Mar 1958 Molokai Bar at the Mai Kai opens
8-Mar 1921 Alan Hale, Gilligan's "Skipper" born
8-Mar 2011 Herb Kane dies, Tiki artist
13-Mar 1919 Wesley Herron, Kon Tiki chain contractor born
14-Mar 1922 Les Baxter born, Exotica composer and artist
14-Mar 1935 Sandy Warner born, exotica girl
17-Mar 1967 Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean opens
19-Mar 1934 Havana Club introduced
19-Mar 1958 South Pacific movie released
20-Mar 1919 Charles McKirahan Sr born, architect Mai Kai
24-Mar National Cocktail Day
26-Mar 1957 The Traders Chicago opens
26-Mar Prince Kalanianaole Day (Hawaii)
27-Mar 1961 Mr Magoo goes to Hawaii - "Hula Magoo"
28-Mar 1903 Elmer "Bud" Bachtold born, General Manager and VP of Don the Beachcombers
28-Mar 1924 George Nakashima born, interior designer for many Polynesian restaurants

2-Apr 1963 Last episode of "Hawaiian Eye" airs
4-Apr 1989 Robert Thornton dies, Mai Kai founder
5-Apr 1722 Capt Jacob Roggeveen arrives in Easter Island
5-Apr 1980 Final “Hawaii Five-O” episode airs
6-Apr 1965 He Ke Lau, Chicopee MA opens
6-Apr 2018 He Ke Lau, Chicopee MA closes
10-Apr 1911 Martin Denny born, Exotica composer and artist
10-Apr 1991 Natalie Schafer, Gilligan's "Mrs Howell" dies
12-Apr 2019 First Arizona Tiki Oasis
13-Apr 1904 Edgar Leeteg born, father of American black velvet painting
13-Apr 1958 Trader Vic's NY Savoy opens
13-Apr 2017 TikiCat Kansas City open
14-Apr 1913 Lewis VanDercar born, "Tiki's Andy Warhol"
14-Apr 1995 Sandy Warner dies, exotica girl
14-Apr 2007 Don Ho dies, Hawaiian musician
15-Apr 1908 eden ahbez born, Exotica composer and artist
15-Apr 2011 First Mojave Oasis event
15-Apr 2018 Don the Beachcomber Huntington Beach closes
17-Apr 1967 Final “Gilligan’s Island” episode airs
18-Apr 2002 Thor Heyerdahl dies Kon Tiki sailor
20-Apr 1919 Frank Walls born, founder of Omni Hut Smyrna TX
20-Apr National Pineapple Upside Down Cake Day
21-Apr 1962 Seattle Worlds Fair opens
22-Apr 2006 Forbidden Island Alameda opens
22-Apr 2011 Eldon Davis dies, architect of Tahitian Village, Kona Kai, Humphrey's
26-Apr 1906 Bobby Butago born, 3 time world champion Tiki mixologist
27-Apr 1521 Magellan dies in Battle of Mactan by Chief Lapu Lapu
28-Apr 1947 Kon Tiki sails from Peru
28-Apr 1961 Tiki Ti opens
29-Apr 1959 Hilo Hut Palm Springs opens

1-May 1940 Don the Beachcomber Chicago opens
1-May Lei Day (Hawaii)
2-May 1929 Jack Thornton born, Mai Kai founder
2-May International Scurvy Awareness Day - "It's not just a cocktail, it's a cure"
3-May May is National Luau Month
4-May 1911 Francis Cabang born, owner and bartender Royal Hawaiian Laguna Beach
5-May 1949 Pago Pago Tucson opens
6-May 1966 First Official Aloha Friday
8-May 1903 Paul Gauguin dies, French artist
9-May 1886 Facundo Bacardi dies, founder of Bacardi distillery
9-May 1930 Leland Henry born, Kahiki
9-May 2008 First Tiki Caliente Palm Springs
10-May 2002 George Cates dies, Exotica Artist
13-May 1942 Skipper Kent's Zombie Village opens
13-May 1987 Phil Moore died, Exotica artist
13-May 2015 Robert Drasnin dies, Exotica composer and artist
13-May World Cocktail Day
16-May 1994 Milan Guanko dies, Tiki carver
20-May 1959 Lanai restaurant San Mateo opens
21-May 1963 Hawaiian Luau opens Fontainbleau Hotel, New Orleans
26-May 1937 Don the Beachcomber Hollywood opens
26-May Lamprey Appreciation Day

1-Jun 1984 Moon Lueg dies, Moon Islander and Moon Garden restaurants
4-Jun 1862 Tonga Emancipation
4-Jun 2017 Wesley Herron, Kon Tiki chain contractor dies
6-Jun 1925 William Westenhaver born, Witco founder
7-Jun 1848 Paul Gauguin born, French artist
7-Jun 1989 Ernest Gantt (Don the Beachcomber) dies
7-Jun 2015 Moai Barge sunk off the coast of Florida
8-Jun National Name your Poison Day
8-Jun 2018 Lost Rivers Chicago opens
9-Jun 1957 Don Blanding dies, artist and founder of Lei Day
9-Jun National Gin Day, make a Singapore Sling or Suffering Bastard
11-Jun Kamehameha Day (Hawaii)
12-Jun 2003 Francis Cabang dies, owner and bartender Royal Hawaiian Laguna Beach
14-Jun Bill Sapp born, Kahiki restaurant
14-Jun 1959 The Grass Shack burns down, Columbus Ohio
14-Jun National Bourbon Day, make a Tropical Itch
15-Jun 1990 George Nakashima dies, interior designer for many Polynesian restaurants
17-Jun 1960 Clifton's Pacific Seas closes
18-Jun 1906 Milan Guanko born, Tiki carver
19-Jun 1910 Joe Scialom born, mixologist and creator of the Suffering Bastard
20-Jun 1960 Ren Clark's Polynesian Village opens
21-Jun 1928 Herb Kane born, Tiki artist
21-Jun Summer Solstice, plan a rum sacrifice to the Tikis
23-Jun 1960 Samoa Restaurant Cocoa Beach opens
23-Jun 1963 Enchanted Tiki Room opens
23-Jun 1928 August Holland, Tiki Artist born
24-Jun 1961 Royal Tahitian Ontario opens
25-Jun 1956 Oceanic Arts opens
27-Jun 1969 Tur Maikai restaurant Kalamazoo opens
27-Jun National Pineapple Day
29-Jun 1969 The Hawaiian restaurant Long Beach closes
30-Jun National Mai Tai Day
30-Jun 1921 Ralph Tyree born, Polynesian artist

3-Jul 1935 "Hawaii Calls" radio show first broadcast
3-Jul 1962 Mainlander restaurant St Louis opens
3-Jul 1989 Jim Backus, Gilligan's "Thurston Howell III" dies
4-Jul 1958 Islands restaurant Phoenix opens
5-Jul 1937 Spam production starts
7-Jul 1929 Ben Wilson born, Tiki carver and El Tiki owner (my father-in-law )
10-Jul National Pina Colada Day
10-Jul 1961 Pub Tiki Philadelphia opens
11-Jul National Mojito Day
11-Jul 1961 Tahitian Village Downey opens
13-Jul 1961 Kona Kai Philadelphia opens
13-Jul 1970 Elmer "Bud" Bachtold dies, General Manager and VP of Don the Beachcombers
14-Jul National Grand Marnier Day, make a Flaming Kona Coffee Grog
15-Jul 1958 "Cinerama South Seas Adventure" premier
15-Jul 1966 Hop Louie's Latitude 20 Torrance opens
15-Jul Orange Chicken Day
19-Jul 2002 First Hukilau - Atlanta
19-Jul National Daiquiri Day
22-Jul National Mango Day
23-Jul 1959 Tiki-Jo restaurant Santa Monica opens
25-Jul 1953 Beverly Hills Luau opens
28-Jul 1955 The Hawaiian restaurant Long Beach opens
29-Jul 1960 Ports 'o Call Dallas opens
31-Jul 1970 Black Tot Day

4-Aug 1965 Cook Islands becomes self-governing
6-Aug 1962 Kon Tiki Ports Chicago opens
7-Aug 1947 Kon Tiki arrives Tuamotu Islands
8-Aug 1958 The Reef Restaurant Long Beach opens
11-Aug 1955 Traders Beverly Hilton opens
12-Aug 1907 Mariano Balmeo Licudine born - "The Houdini of Liquids", Don's and Mai-Kai bartender (may have been born Aug 12)
12-Aug 1921 Wallace Turnbow born, Islands Phoenix manager
12-Aug 1967 Mauna Loa Detroit open
13-Aug 1930 Don Ho born, Hawaiian musician
15-Aug 1945 VJ Day
16-Aug National Rum Day
16-Aug 1963 Benny Chan's Polynesian restaurant Salt Lake City opens
17-Aug 1877 Bill McCoy born, Prohibition rum runner
17-Aug Hawaiian Statehood Day (3rd Friday of August)
17-Aug National Thrift Store Day
18-Aug 2001 First Tiki Oasis - Palm Springs
18-Aug International Mermaid Day
19-Aug 1933 Debra Paget born, exotica girl
21-Aug 1959 Hawaiian statehood
22-Aug 1950 Kowloon opens, Saugus MA
22-Aug 1965 Trader Vic's NY Plaza opens
23-Aug 1965 Kon Tiki Cincinnati opens
24-Aug 1890 Duke Kahanamoku born, Hawaiian surfer
25-Aug 1957 Polynesian Restaurant Torrance opens
25-Aug 2000 Kahiki closes
27-Aug 1955 Sven Kirsten born
28-Aug 1998 August Holland, Tiki Artist dies
29-Aug Chop Suey Day
30-Aug Trader Vic's Mai Tai Day

2-Sep World Coconut Day
2-Sep 2005 Bob Denver "Gilligan" dies
3-Sep 2016 False Idol San Diego opens
4-Sep 2012 Wayne Coombs dies, Tiki artist and Mai Tiki gallery owner
4-Sep National Macadamia Nut Day
12-Sep 1981 Eli Hedley dies, Tiki carver and beachcomber
11-Sep 2018 Inferno Room opens, Indianapolis
13-Sep 1922 Yma Sumac born, Queen of Exotica
16-Sep 1975 Papua New Guinea Independence Day
18-Sep 1945 Tonga Room opens
18-Sep 2009 First Luau at the Lake - Lake George NY
19-Sep International Talk Like a Pirate Day
20-Sep 1968 First “Hawaii Five-O” episode airs
20-Sep National Rum Punch Day
22-Sep 1972 Brady Bunch "Cursed Tiki" episode first airs
22-Sep 2015 Leland Henry dies, Kahiki
26-Sep 1918 Harry Yee born, mixologist Hilton Hawaiian Village
26-Sep 1959 Kon Tiki Portland opens
26-Sep 1964 First “Gilligan’s Island” episode airs
26-Sep 1967 "I Dream of Jeannie" travels to Hawaii
27-Sep 1966 Trader Vic’s St. Paul opens
29-Sep 1972 Brady Bunch "Pass the Tabu" episode first airs
30-Sep 1999 Ray Buhen dies, master mixologist Don the Beachcomber's, The Tropics, Luau, Tiki Ti

1-Oct 1971 Disney's Polynesian Resort Village opens
1-Oct 1996 Bobby Butago dies, 3 time world champion Tiki mixologist
5-Oct 1962 Mauna Loa Hollywood opens
5-Oct 1977 Webley Edwards dies, host of "Hawaii Calls"
6-Oct 1914 Thor Heyerdahl born, Kon Tiki sailor
6-Oct 1972 Brady Bunch "The Tiki Caves" episode first airs
7-Oct 1959 1st Episode Hawaiian Eye
8-Oct Lotu-a-Tamaiti (Samoa)
10-Oct 1914 Louis Armet born, architect of Tahitian Village, Kona Kai, Humphrey's
10-Oct 1966 Gilligan's Island "Voodoo" episode first airs
10-Oct National Vodka Day - Make a Chi Chi or Blue Hawaiian
10-Oct Fiji Day
11-Oct 1965 Explorer East restaurant Syracuse opens
11-Oct 1981 Louis Armet dies, architect of Tahitian Village, Kona Kai, Humphrey's
11-Oct 1984 Victor Bergeron (Trader Vic) dies
12-Oct 1963 Polynesian Cultural Center opens
12-Oct 1870 Dr. Johann Siegert dies, creator of Angostura Bitters
12-Oct 2018 Omni Hut closes, Smyrna TN
14-Oct 1814 Facundo Bacardi born, founder of Bacardi distillery
16-Oct National Liqueur Day
17-Oct 1970 Scooby Doo "A Tiki Scare Is No Fair first airs
18-Oct 1938 Dawn Wells, Gilligan's "Mary Ann" born
19-Oct 1911 George Cates born, Exotica Artist
23=Oct 2016 Jungle Bird opens, Sacramento
26-Oct 1962 Hawaiian Room Emerson Hotel Baltimore opens
28-Oct 1835 Maori declaration of Independence
28-Oct 1949 Wayne Coombs born, Tiki artist and Mai Tiki gallery owner
31-Oct 1903 Eli Hedley born, Tiki carver and beachcomber, grandfather of Bamboo Ben

1-Nov 2008 Yma Sumac dies, Queen of Exotica
5-Nov 1900 Natalie Schafer, Gilligan's "Mrs Howell" born
6-Nov 1956 Kon Tiki Palm Springs opens
7-Nov 1894 Don Blanding born, artist and founder of Lei Day
7-Nov 2016 The Grass Skirt San Diego opens
8-Nov 1935 Mutiny on the Bounty movie released
9-Nov 1909 Ray Buhen born, master mixologist Don the Beachcomber's, The Tropics, Luau, Tiki Ti
10-Nov 1924 Russell Johns born, Gilligan's "Professor"
11-Nov 1902 Webley Edwards born, host of "Hawaii Calls"
12-Nov 2016 New Clifton's Pacific Seas opens
14-Nov 1924 William Krisel born, Mid-Century Modern Architect
17-Nov 1927 Robert Drasnin born, Exotica composer and artist
17-Nov 1934 Hinky Dinks opens
17-Nov 1961 Aloha Jhoe's restaurant Palm Springs opens
18-Nov 1960 Mr Magoo shipwrecked - Robinson Crusoe Magoo
20-Nov 1905 Frank Bowers born, muralist
21-Nov 1961 The Tahitian Pasadena opens
21-Nov 1996 Andres Bumatay dies, Tiki sculptor
22-Nov 1796 Dr. Johann Siegert born, creator of Angostura Bitters
23-Nov 1923 Bill McCoy arrested for Prohibition rum running
24-Nov 1980 Mariano Balmeo Licudine dies - "The Houdini of Liquids", Don's and Mai-Kai bartender
27-Nov 1935 The Tropics Beverly Hills opens

1-Dec 1962 Don the Beachcomber Las Vegas opens
2-Dec 1953 Kalua Room Windsor Hotel Seattle opens
2-Dec 1962 Marina Lanai Apartments opens Seal Beach
4-Dec 2008 Frankie's opens Las Vegas
4-Dec King Tupou I Day (Tonga)
5-Dec 1933 Don's Beachcomber Café opens in Hollywood
5-Dec 1933 Repeal Day
5-Dec 1963 Trader Vic's St Louis
5-Dec 1964 Gilligan's Island "Waiting for Watubi" Tiki Episode first airs
7-Dec 1913 Charles Ward dies, the "nephew" of J. Wray & Nephew
7-Dec 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
8-Dec 2009 Smugglers Cove opens San Francisco
10-Dec 1902 Victor Bergeron born (Trader Vic)
10-Dec 1969 Trader Vic’s Detroit opens
11-Dec 1964 Frank Bowers dies, muralist
14-Dec 2016 William Westenhaver dies, Witco founder
15 Dec 1988 Lewis VanDercar dies, "Tiki's Andy Warhol"
18-Dec 1931 Andres Bumatay born, Tiki carver
18-Dec 1940 Trader Vic Waikiki opens
18-Dec National Roast Pig Day
21-Dec Winter Solstice, summer is comin' back!
24-Dec 1959 South Pacific Hallandale opens
25-Dec 1733 Molasses Act alters rum history
26-Dec 1939 Monte Prosers’s Beachcomber New York opens
28-Dec 1956 Mai Kai opens
29-Dec 1974 John Lennon signs papers ending Beatles at Disney Polynesian Village Hotel
30-Dec 1920 John Joseph Patrick Ryan (Jack Lord) born
30-Dec 1948 Bill McCoy dies, Prohibition rum runner
30-Dec 1995 George "Pete" Wimberly dies, architect Waikikian, Don the Beachcomber, Canlis, Taharaa
31-Dec 1954 Skipper Kent's Polynesian Village opens

Looking for info on:
Bob Van Dorpe - first General Manager of the Mai Kai
Bob (Robert F) Thornton - date of birth (1931) co-founder of the Mai Kai
Appleton Estate founding 1749
Wray & Nephew founding John Wray died 1870 Charles James Ward (his nephew) born in Kingston Jamaica in 1837
Smith & Cross founding 1788
Myers's founding 1879 Fred L Myers born England about 1854
Dick Moano Tiki Cocktail author
Barney West, born about 1919. Birth name Cecil Westerberg?
Jim Casey - Carver
Richard Ellis - Carver
J. "Popo" Galsini - Kona Kai Bar Tender, creator of the Saturn
Andy Tonata - Mai-Kai Maitre'D
Tony Ramos, Don the Beachcombers
Dick Santiago, Don the Beachcombers
Bob Esmino, Don the Beachcombers
Ray Barrientos, Don the Beachcombers
Mike Gildea, "beatnik sculptor" and giant Tiki carver from El Porto CA
Omni Hut, Smyrna TN opened on what date in August 1960?

FOUND Mount Gay Founding 1703
FOUND Charles Foster McKirahan Sr death February 1964
FOUND Leland Henry death
FOUND Mariano Licudine, Mai Kai 11/??/1980 death
FOUND Birth and death of Facundo Bacardi
May we all get to have a chance to ride the fast one
Walk away wiser when we crashed one
Keep hoping that the best one is the last one

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