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Tiki Central Forums Tiki Drinks and Food Fassionola?
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Posted: 2014-07-13 1:52 pm   Permalink

Except that a super-taster also prefers blander food (typically) since they get overstimulated too easily. Unlike other enhanced senses, theirs does not offer a practical application in modern society (such as if they were a flavor designer). The theory behind STs is that the trait is a left over evolutionary mechanism that allowed the species to survive during the foraging years. Since toxic plants tended to be bitter, those with stronger aversions to the plants were better suited to survive.

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Chip and Andy
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On 2014-07-13 05:25, AceExplorer wrote:

On 2012-07-04 12:49, MadDogMike wrote:
Refrigerate after mixing? Self life? Add a little 151 to extend shelf life?

With regard to shelf life, I never use any 151 as a preservative because it comes with some flavor regardless of brand. I have been using grain neutral spirits (Everclear) for years with great success. When I make Falernum, for example, I add 4 ounces of Everclear as the very last step before I bottle it. Many have told me in the past to just "add an ounce of Everclear"

The goal of proofing a syrup/flavoring/creations is to get it up around approximately 10% alcohol content by volume. That is a high enough proof to kill off most things that would grow in there that would turn your creation bad. It gives your creation several weeks of storage under your bar (if you keep it capped and relatively stable in temperature) or several months of storage potential in the chill-box.

Using 151 makes the math a bit easier because it is 75% alcohol. Everclear is pretty close in proof, generally, so that works too. To do the math you need 10% of your total volume times the amount of alcohol in your proofing choice. If you made 20 ounces of Fassinola and you want it shelf-stable you need at least 2 ounces of alcohol. Divide the volume needed by the ABV (151 proof is 75% alcohol by volume) as a percentage and you get 2.6 ounces, 2 .75 = 2.6. Round up for easy pouring and you would add 3 ounces of Everclear/151 to your mix.

As with all homebrew and homemade creations, your mileage will vary. I've had batches last for months and I've had batches turn sour in just a couple of days. Cleanliness is next to godliness, wash your hands, sterilize your bottles, hope for the best, and a dozen other helpful cliches and tips.

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Posted: 2014-07-15 08:34 am   Permalink

Chip and Andy - great follow up and advice! I don't see many folks mentioning the need to sterilize bottles before bottling homemade syrups, so that's a great reminder to me and others. I have in the past been baffled by simple syrup sometimes having a very short shelf life in my fridge despite the low temperature. Bottle contamination must have been involved. As a result of that experience I haven't completely bought into the belief that high enough sugar content in a syrup will prevent spoilage.

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